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If some months ago I wrote about Gadaffi wanting compensation to stop immigrants coming from Europe, today Gadaffi wants compensation for Lybia being non-nuclear:

Col Gaddafi says the West has not properly compensated his country because it has failed to transform its nuclear weapons programme into nuclear power.

Speaking to BBC diplomatic correspondent James Robbins, Col Gaddafi said this meant the West had lost bargaining power with countries like Iran and North Korea.

“This should be a model to be followed, but Libya is disappointed because the promises given by America and Britain were not fulfilled,” he said.

“And therefore those countries said ‘we are not going to follow Libya’s example because Libya abolished its programme without any compensation’.”

Mr Gaddafi said that the US and Britain had a duty to help Libya develop civilian nuclear power plants.

“They said if you abolish your war programme we will help you to develop your nuclear abilities into peaceful ones. This has not happened.”

Our correspondent says the Libyan leader may have been bargaining for foreign investment, but a return to hostility does not seem to be on the cards.


But ¿is North Korea disarming itself or not? Ehhh, well, we don’t know. What we know is that they are going to began receiving the benefits for their disarmament. The United States, for one, has trashed its previously assertive position with the north and is now considering early provision of fuel aid. The south, meanwhile, will eventually be resuming rice and fertilizer aid as soon as the deadline for disarmament passes. I am sure the aid is not going to reach the needy -in Russian- (thanks to military photos -in English-).

And Iran wants Russia, China and … Turkey to help them because they are hoping US will just leave them to have their bombs.

Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki has been authorized by the Teheran regime to form a series of alliances that would neutralize any new sanctions imposed by the United Nations. Mottaki’s focus has been Iran’s neighbor Turkey, led by an Islamic government that has become increasingly anti-American.

Mottaki (Iranian FM) with lovable and loyal Erdogan

Mottaki wants to form strategic ties with Turkey based on Teheran’s huge crude oil and natural gas reserves. Borrowing a leaf from the book of Iraq’s late Saddam Hussein, Mottaki has offered Ankara a deal: energy for illicit trade that would bolster Teheran’s military and strategic programs.
Last week Mottaki outlined Iran’s offer in talks with Turkish leaders in Ankara. The foreign minister was blunt. Teheran would immediately increase trade from the current $6.7 billion by another $10 billion through the sale of Iranian energy to Turkey.

Hmm, yes, that convinces me more to deny Turkey entry in the EU.


Gadaffi pidió hace unos meses a Europa 10.000 millones de euros anuales para África, considerándolo la única manera de que se pudiera parar la inmigración masiva. Ahora ha dicho a la BBC que Libia no fue compensada lo suficiente por dejar su programa nuclear y que esto es lo que hace rechazar las propuestas de desarme a Corea del Norte y a Irán.

Ehhh, pero ¿no habíamos quedado que Corea del Norte se estaba desarmando? Lo del desarme no está claro, pero ya se sabe que USA Y Corea del Sur van a empezar a pagar por el desarme nuclear norcoreano. USA está pensando (ya) enviar una ayuda de combustible y Corea del Norte pronto mandará arroz y ayuda en fertilizantes. Estoy segura que no a la población no le llegará esa ayuda.

Pero, sin duda, lo peor es que Irán está intentando que TURQUÍA le ayude como Siria apoyó a Sadam. Si lo hace, Teherán le ha prometido a través de su Ministro de Exteriores Mottaki, un inmediato aumento del comercio mutuo de 6.7 billones de dólares al año a 10 billones por la venta de energía iranía a Turquía para que la venda al resto de Europa.

En cuanto a la relación Irán-Arabia Saudí, era algo cantado desde que visitó Arabia Saudí Ali Larijani y después el Príncipe Saudí Bandar al Sultan fue de visita oficial a Irán.

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About climate change:

A former Canadian defense minister is demanding governments worldwide disclose and use secret alien technologies obtained in alleged UFO crashes to stem climate change, a local paper said Wednesday

“I would like to see what (alien) technology there might be that could eliminate the burning of fossil fuels within a generation … that could be a way to save our planet,” Paul Hellyer, 83, told the Ottawa Citizen.

Alien spacecrafts would have traveled vast distances to reach Earth, and so must be equipped with advanced propulsion systems or used exceptional fuels, he told the newspaper.

Such alien technologies could offer humanity alternatives to fossil fuels, he said, pointing to the enigmatic 1947 incident in Roswell, New Mexico — which has become a shrine for UFO believers — as an example of alien contact.

Yes, if there are no other people in this Universe, there would be a lot of unused space. And I am sure there are other inhabitants. BUT I am also sure that, by now, we do not have scientific proof of them being in the Earth, whatever some fool people as this Minister have said.


Un antiguo ministro de Defensa canadiense (a día de hoy tiene 83 años) ha declarado que “querría ver lo que los extraterrestres tienen para eliminar la utilización de combustibles fósiles en una generación, como una forma de salvar nuestro planeta. Como sus naves han viajado mucho hasta llegar a la Tierra, deben estar equipadas con sistemas avanzados de propulsión o deben usar combustibles excepcionales.

Hace años vio un OVNI.

pero no ha dicho cuántas se ha visto Independence Day… hmmmm,

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Terra reports that Irene Villa, a symbol against ETA terrorism, is leaving public life -although she will keep on her collaborations with the Terrorism Victims’ Association (AVT)-, because she feels “hurt, mistreated just for reclaim some rights“.

She was hurt by ETA terrorists on October 17th, 1991, when she lost her two legs and three fingers of one hand, at 12 years old. Her mother lost 1 leg and an arm. That same day ETA killed the Land Army Colonel Francisco Caballar and maimed gravely the Artillery Commander Rafael Villalobos.

Irene Villa, after the terrorist attack

Her appearance in all demonstrations against Zapatero’s negotiation with ETA and her public appearances and speeches on the radio had made of her a symbol for “memory, dignity and justice“, the slogan that AVT chose for the anti-negotiation demonstrations.

Both her and her mother are going into exile to Colombia and Canada, respectively.

Irene Villa, today, in one of the demonstration against the negotiation with ETA.

HT: Daniel Tercero.

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Fron Relief (HT: Eye on the World, from MNM):

The conflict in Darfur has spread to eastern Chad. Several thousand people have been killed. Thousands of women and girls have been raped. Entire villages have been pillaged and destroyed and their inhabitants have been forcibly displaced. Eastern Chad is in the grip of a human rights and humanitarian crisis, which has caused the mass exodus of entire populations.

Who is responsible for these terrible abuses? The main perpetrators are militias known as the Janjawid, some of whom come from Sudan, some from Chad, along with other Chadian armed groups.

The climate of insecurity is increasing tensions between communities considered to be “arabs” and communities considered “non-arabs”. At the same time, Sudan and Chad accuse each other of sponsoring, harbouring and arming opposition armed groups. Relations have deteriorated to the point that, on 28 November 2006, the government of Chad declared that it was in a “state of war” with Sudan.

This comes as the Janjaweed are massing to the north of el-Geneina, the capital of Sudan’s West Darfur state, an African Union military source said on Tuesday, corroborating a U.N. report.

For an idea of what is going on in Darfur -with the complicity of the rest of world in a war that IS a war for oil in all its extension, with the active participation of PetroChina, ABB. Ltd, Sinopec, Tatneft, Total SA, Marathon Oil Corporation and Lundim Petroleum-, read this report (pdf), this (thanks to LGF), this, this, and, of course, the best blog on Darfur crisis, Sudan Watch.

Precisely, from this blog I am linking the reality of the AU (African Union) mission. The African soldiers there have not being paid, at least from the last 3 months and there are some of them who haven’t from 6 months. At the same time they are subject of continous attacks from locals:

who are even menacing them of death.

Ingrid, the blogger from Sudan Watch, has ended blogging in protest for this situation.

As I wrote before, two Sudanese officiales have been charged with genocide. Sudanese Interior Minister have threatened to BEHEAD any person who attemps to arrest them and take them to the ICC.

But in Spain, there will be demonstration critizising -just guess…- Israel, because of this summer war with Hizbollah, and USA, because US strategy is not producing any good both in Iraq and Afghanistan. Pardon me, but Afghanistan does not have the blessing of the UN? Is not Spain there? So, why is a US strategy? What are the rest of us doing in Afghanistan? Do we have a plan for that country? Isn’t the UN responsible for the disaster? Isn’t also responsible for this our Government?

And wasn’t the Government insisting that Afghanistan was no war? That it was only an humanitarian mission?

This demonstration has been presented by the Director of the National Library, Rosa Regás, actress Pilar Bardem -that not a lot of days ago calledson of a bitch” to a journalist from a TV that has critisized her for giving a white rose to a Batasuna’s lawyer- and Socialist Zerolo, the man who has done a political carrier of being homosexual.

This is not the first they do in this term against Israel and in favor of the “right to resistance of the Palestinian people“. Chesk wrote about another one, held last year, and added some photos:

No more Holocausts (the symbools are clear).

About Darfur, Chinese prisoners, Kareem’s freedom or homosexual repression in Islamic countries, for example, nothing of course…

[By the way, there is a Jihadist upsurge in Lebanon (HT: MNM) The incoming Jihadists are from Sudan and Yemen and probably there would be more attacks on Israeli people AND on UN forces].


El conflicto en Darfur se ha extendido al Este de Chad. Varias personas han sido asesiandas. Miles de mujeres y niñas han sido violadas. Pueblos enteros han sido sometidos al pillaje y destrozados y sus habitantes obligados a desplazarse. El Este de Chad está en el borde de una crisis humanitaria y de derechos humanos, que ha costado ya el éxodo a poblaciones enteras.

¿Quién es el responsable de estos abusos terribles? Los principales perpetradores son las milicias conocidas como “Janjaweed“, algunos de los cuales han venido de Sudán, algunos son del propio Chad, junto con otros grupos armados de Chad.

El clima de inseguridad está incrementando las tensiones entre los considerados árabes y las comunidades no-árabes. Al mismo tiempo, Sudán y Chad se acusan mutuamente de patrocinar, dar cobijo y armar a los grupos armados opositores. Las relaciones se han deteriorado hasta el punto de que, el 28 de Noviembre de 2006, el gobierno de Chad declaró que estaba en guerra en Sudán.

Esto lo dice Amnistía Internacional, entidad no sospechosa de apoyo a Bush, precisamente.

Mientras, nuestros imbécilesintelectuales“, el PSOE e IU han vuelto a convocar a la gente para una manifestación contra la guerra de Irak y la de Afganistán el 17 de Marzo. No, no es lo que parece: se manifestarán contra Israel por la guerra del Líbano y contra la “estrategia USA” en las guerras de Iraq y de Afganistán. Lo de la estrategia USA en la guerra de Afganistán me ha dejado helada. Vamos a ver: ¿no es una guerra auspiciada por la ONU? ¿Y la ONU no tiene nada que decir? ¿Y el resto de los países que están en la coalición? Entre ellos, el nuestro…

Por otro lado, ¿no habíamos quedado que no era una guerra? ¿Que estábamos allí en “misión humanitaria”?

¿O es que los americanos malosos están en guerra y nosotros vamos en misión humanitaria?

Y no, sobre Darfur, los disidentes chinos, la libertad para Kareem o la represión homosexual en los páises islámicos, de eso ni se habla…

[Por cierto, que hay un aumento exponencial de jihadistas, provenientes de Sudán y de Yemen, principalmente, en el Líbano. Se espera un aumento en los ataques a Israelíes Y a las fuerzas de la ONU].

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