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Now that they have succeded in the De Juana Chaos’ subject, they are asking:

Askatasuna’s speaker considered that it is “in the hands of the Spanish Government maintain the position of confrontation as it is now or put everything to resolve politically this conflict, that is, respecting all the rights that assist the imprisoned men and women”. So he reclaimed “the inmediate freedom” of 6 ill prisoners “who are in a grave situation”, the deactivation of the Parot’s doctrine and the reagroupment of the Basque political prisoners in Euskal Herría”.

He has also asked about the “circumstances in which the prisoner is going to live from now on”.

[…] The sanitary personnel from Doce de Octubre Hospital has said that he was not […] as slim as the Times’ pictured him. His grilfriend, 2 agents from Civil Guard, a sanitary worker and 2 other people, probably policemen not in uniform, took the prisoner to the ambulance, in which 3 other people were with him.

[Image from etb, the Basque TV].

Also on Sunday, De Juana was in the shower 40 minutes with his girlfriend…

The people are outside the Ministry of Interior singing “ZP Hear, Spain is not on sell”, “Zapatero, dimission”, “coward”, “With ZP, killing is free”. They are also carrying Spanish flags and placards with the photo of PP councilman Miguel Ángel Blanco, followed by the question “Was it worth that the Government (Aznar’s) did not cave into appeasement?”.

Mariano Rajoy speaks: “ETA has achieved to dominate the Government; I ask Spanish people to repair this Justice debt“.

Socialist Antonio María Aguirre has called on fellow partisans to make an “ethic rebellion against this Government and the directives of this Government“.

DENAES(The Fundation for the Defense of the Spanish Nation, founded to protect Spain from radical nationalists) has declared that this Government “does not represent the Spanish society who is just nervous because of a decision that shows the extent of the appeasement of this Government to terrorists“.

More reactions: The Basque Government considers it a very good decision from a humanitarian point of view [the Government belongs to Basque Nationalist Party, one of whose leaders, Arzalluz, said referring to ETA’s terrorists: “They are moving the tree, we will receive the fruits”]. United Left [errr, that is, that party who wants to indict Aznar as a war criminal because of Iraqi war] also considers this a very good decision and that PP is a “hypocrite“.

Madrid Major, Alberto Ruiz Gallardón, considers this “the worst error of Zapatero since he was elected“. Autonomous Community of Madrid’s President, Esperanza Aguirre, said “that today is the saddiest day of the Spanish democracy since 23-F” [when Tejero -and some others- directed a coup d’état against democracy].

The speakers from Police and Civil Guard Unions have also expressed their rejection of the measure but that they have to fulfill is as it comes from the Law, the Tribunals and the Penitentiary Institutions.

ABC points the finger at Zapatero:

ETA is going to receive a message that hits the basis of the State: blackmail functions, the Government is caving in and the violence is efficient. From December 30th, day in which 2 Ecuador citizens were killed by ETA -tragedy that we have to underline as this two victims have dissapeared from the Government’s speeches-, all the chapters of the “appeasement peace process” have been re-born: the constant impunity of Batasuna, the certainty that the will be in the next elections -May 27th-, the PSOE’s support for the release of De Juana Chaos, the n-time Otegi has been rehabilitated by the President, the anti-democratic margination of PP, the consideration of the proposals from the Abertzale left about the new political situation and, as it is clear, the abscence of a true anti-terrorist policy, that unites legal reforms, judicial action, policial operations and international initiatives.

AVT feels that they have been “gravely slighted” by the Government and adds that this could have “umpredictable consequences“.

Blogger Politeia writes:

Some bombs explode in Atocha and we just run off Irak. An ETA prisoner did not want to eat and Rubalcaba sends him home. Our killed people and the State of Law will not suffer this last cession. He did not have any illness, simply he said that he did not want to eat and he had penitentiary privileges that are denied to all the rest of the prisoners.

From Anghara’s blog:

Penitentiary Center for Preventive Detained (Melilla)

Personal Data

Surname: De Juana Chaos (Basque Political Prisoner)

Name: Iñaki.

Solicited item:

Considering the forced retirement of the Fraco’s supporter, Anti-Basque, Tomás Caballero Pastor, as an extraordinary celebration, I ask if I can be given:

1 bottle of champaigne (French)

1 cake

1 kg of seafruit.


Run! Run! Go to tell ABC newspaper. I am very happy.

Tomás Caballero Pastor was UPN speaker in the Majorship of Pamplona (Union of the Navarra’s People, similar to PP, center-right) who was killed by ETA the same day De Juana was asking for a special celebration. He said in the Majorship from Pamplona (Navarra):

“All the ideas should be said freely and defended by the word and the reasoning. They want us to be in fear and to run away from here, but they are not going to succeed. It is necessary that all democratic people unite themselves to confront the murderers and their supporters. We are not going to let them rule the majority of this society by fear and murder”.

Oh, yes, as you see a very dangerous man… This is his photo:

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If yesterday I was writing about the sexual encounters between De Juana and his girlfriend, today the Government has freed De Juana by giving him the second grade. The Associations Pro-Amnesty are preparing to receive him as a hero. Association Foro de Ermua asks for the dimission of the President and the civic rebellion.

UPDATE: He has been received with Basques flags by some people in favour of Basques imprisioned [terrorists]. Looks like he knew he was going to be at home by February.

Victims saythey are angry and in grief.

Popular Party accusses the Government of humiliating the victims to save the “appeasement peace process”. It is possible they will call people to a demonstration for the first time against the Government.

De Juana leaves the hunger strike. Oh, so he was in one? So where did he get the strength to communicate with his girlfriend?

Bloggers’ reactions:

At last, De Juana will be able to maintain “intimate conversations” in his home (anghara)

De Juana ascote (incompetencia.com): “When he will be at home, will he send his lover to the supermarket or will the taxpayer’s money paying for him?”

Black lace for Spain. Spanish Government caves into ETA terrorism (Cartas y artículos).

ZP, terrorist gang collaborator (El Cerrajero).

The moral lowness of the Socialists (Desde el Exilio). Luis links to other people who express the same blunt lack of understanding as me and others. For example:

-I take this as the most important proof that the Government has just caved into the murderers/killers gang (Batiburrillo).

-The elections will speak about this. What we cannot doubt now is that the soft Spanish leader has been kissing with the blackmailing killer (Luis de Amézaga).

-Lists the names of the 25 victims of this serial killer (Ajopringue).

-Zapatero has made a hero of De Juana (Huber).

This is one of the news that have angered me most since I began this blog (Jaime Arenas).

Now, Spanish criminals, you know what you have to do to go free (Zp no es bueno y lo sabeis).

Treason has name and face (Esto no se puede aguantar).

Mortal blow to State of Law (Zp el Espantajo manda España al carajo).

They have done it (Derecha y República).

They freed De Juana Chaos, the responsible for 25 killings (El Blog de Martha Colmenares).

Event today outside the Interior Ministry in Madrid at 20.00 to protest this decision (Elentir).

Ummhhh! What peace I am breathing? (A la calle que ya es hora)

Here comes De Juana (Zapaterías Rimadas).

Civic rebellion, now! (Ciudad Real, hoy).

Where was PSOE (Socialists) when De Juana was killing? (Reflexiones de la era ZP).

Considering this decision, Foro de Ermua asks Zapatero to resign and calls for an extension of the civic rebellion (Foro Liberal).

Gathering before the Interior Ministry (Liberales Irredentos).

A video against the decision (Prevost).

There are no legal or humanitarian reasons for this measure. And the fact that Popular Party also freed some terrorists -this time by humanitarian reasons, I add- is not the reason to do the same if it’s wrong (Amor, Patria y Libertad).

March 1st, Day of the Martyr San Ignacio De Juana Chaos -ironically, of course- (Soy Español y no me avergüenzo de ello).

The value of the PSOE’s swears (Caballero ZP).

Foro de Ermua asks the people who are going to attend the gathering to bring something to sleep on (La Tortilla de Patata).

The beginning of the end (El desgobierno que viene). Zapatero has made no comments…

When killers are set loose in the streets and the honourable people is indicted (Alianza entre Mamones).

What is the debt? (Criterio).

And International MSM:

BBC: ETA hunger-striker returning home (Ughhhhhh) A ver españolitos, una carta para la BBC que tiene el MORRO de no llamarle si no “prisionero en huelga de hambre” o “Prisionero separatista vasco”. La página para hacer la protesta aquí.

The same title is made in The Times. The Times también recoge lo mismo. Me cagüen…

In this moments I love Blas de Lezo. And forgive me all the British decent people…

Spanish MSM: El Mundo, ABC,

Other posts on De Juana:

De Juana will be freed for humanitarian reasons.

AVT will be demonstrating next Saturday.

ETA real victims, an intelligent quote and some stupid ones.

Batasuna bans Amnesty International.

The New Spanish Minister of Un-Justice.

The importance of ideologues.

Prosecutor renounces because he does not want to diminish punishment of ETA terrorist De JUana.

Bloody terrorist ends hunger strike and the Prosecutor’s office asks for diminishing his imprisonment.

Take care of the asleep lady [Spain]. You can not imagine her rage and fury” (Talleyrand to Napoleon, before the French invasion of Spain in 1808. You know, how everything ended…).

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Good news from Darfur as the International Criminal Court has begun naming the ones who had been committing attrocities in Darfur (Counterterrorism Blog).

Luis Moreno-Ocampo singled out Ahmad Muhammad Harun, now a state minister for humanitarian affairs who was state minister of the interior, along with Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman (also known as Ali Kushayb), a leader of the Darfur militia known as the Janjaweed, in a total of 51 crimes against humanity and war crimes. The filing marked the first accusations against named individuals as a prelude to a trial.

Anyway, Sudan has already said they are not giving this people to the Court.


Also the situation in Afghanistan begins to worry a lot of people -about time!- (Thanks to Epaminondas):

We know now that allowing al-Qaeda a safe haven can have terrible consequences for U.S. homeland security. And yet the Bush administration appears to be letting the threat develop again. For several months U.S. intelligence officials and independent observers have been telling journalists — most recently at the New York Times — that al-Qaeda has established several camps in the Pakistani territory of North Waziristan, along the Afghan border. Those camps are populated by Pakistani, Afghan and foreign militants; some may be Westerners who are being trained for attacks in Europe or the United States.

The camps have operated unhindered since at least September, when Pakistan’s military ruler, Pervez Musharraf, agreed to a separate peace deal with local Taliban leaders. Since then, cross-border attacks by the Taliban into Afghanistan have tripled, according to the U.S. military. Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders in Waziristan have developed a “complex cooperative relationship,” Lt. Gen. Karl W. Eikenberry, the outgoing U.S. commander in Afghanistan, testified before the House Armed Services Committee last week. Yet no action has been taken, either by the United States or by Pakistan, its nominal ally in the war on terrorism.

Spanish on-line newspaper Nuevo Digital, as brave and unprejudiced as ever, writes about the use of human shields by Taliban and insurgent forces in Afghanistan and Iran.

First in Iraq:

Boys on bikes cycle backwards and forwards on a footbridge over a small canal lined with houses and groves of date palms. Women in headscarves look anxiously in groups from windows. Men walk with shopping bags. A gunman, clutching an AK-47, bobs his head around the corner of an alleyway close to a school. Once. Twice. On the third occasion a child, a boy seven or eight years old, is thrust out in front of him. The gunman holds him firmly by the arm and steps out for instant into full view of the Bradley’s gunner to get a proper look, then yanks the boy back and disappears.

“That is really dirty,” says Specialist Chris Jankow, in the back of the Bradley, with a mixture of contempt, anger and frustration. “They know exactly what our rules of engagement are. They know we can’t fire back.” A few minutes and a few hundred metres later the performance is repeated. A woman and three small children emerge uncertainly from behind a building, little more than a shack. They stare at the approaching armour. After a few seconds they retreat from view; then the process is repeated. The third time they emerge, a fighter is crouching behind them with a rocket-propelled grenade aimed at Jankow’s Bradley. The group disappears.

Secondly in Afghanistan:

Taliban fighters used children as human shields to flee heavy fighting this week during an operation by foreign and Afghan forces to clear rebels from around a key hydro-electric dam, NATO said on Wednesday.

The Taliban have used human shields before, but never children, local residents say.

[…] “During this action … Taliban extremists resorted to the use of human shields. Specifically, using local Afghan children to cover as they escaped out of the area,” Colonel Tom Collins, a spokesman for the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF), told reporters in Kabul.

So, what is going to say now the anti-war crowd??? Are they going to demonstrate against these brave warriors?

He links to some interesting news: how Human Shields are preparing themselves to go to Iran and protect sewage plants and power stations -bet they’ll be around Iranian peaceful nuclear sites?- and how Spanish Socialists blamed Israel for civilian losses when Hizbollah were using them -both children and women- to protect the armed men?


In the West Bank there is a campaign of rapes against Jewish women, according to the police who has detained already 6 suspects (Thanks to Fausta and Pamela). The rapes are a vengeance to the “deeds of the IDF in Palestinian territories“. The women -more teenagers- were raped at bus stops or in designated hitchhiking points.

This is no importance for Putin, that now wants International Community to lift the embargo on the Palestinian Authority whatever the situation and the ideas of Hamas on Israel.

Opinion Journal wrote about the relationship between Europe and the Iranian mullahs.

In the absence of an official embargo against Tehran, private EU companies have sought commercial opportunities in Iran. But the real story here is that these businesses are subsidized by European taxpayers. Government-backed export guarantees have fueled the expansion in trade. That, in turn, has boosted Iran’s economy and–indirectly by filling government coffers with revenues–its nuclear program. The German record stands out. In its 2004 annual report on export guarantees, Berlin’s Economics Ministry dedicated a special section to Iran that captures its giddy excitement about business with Tehran.

Coalition against terrorism is asking Egypt and Saudi Arabia to stop broadcasting terror.

“Removing the vile al-Zawraa broadcasts which incite violence against innocent Iraqis and those trying to build a peaceful democracy was a good first step by Egypt,” said Mark Dubowitz, the executive director of the coalition and chief operating officer of FDD. “But Egypt and Saudi Arabia, two of our supposed allies in the war on terrorism, must also pull Hezbollah’s and Hamas’s equally dangerous programming, roll back the Iranian regime’s propaganda efforts and disavow all terrorist controlled media outlets that use their satellites to recruit followers and incite violent attacks.”

About time, too.

So Israelis have overwhelmingly voted for “Push the button“, a song which is seen as an answer to lovely and peaceful Ahmadinejad.

First peacekeepers have entered Somalia. But I do not know how 30 Soldiers are going to change the bad situation that the country is living.


If yesterday I wrote about the re-arming of Venezuela, looks like Chávez is buying MORE weapons. El Diario Exterior reports that Venezuela is going to buy 9 diesel submarines. The doubt is whether they are going to be Scorpene (French-Spanish production) or Amur (Russian). And then Venezuela will have the greatest Navy in South-America.


US has detained some criminals (66) from a drug-related network. Mr Gonzales said the ring – allegedly run by Victor Emilio Cazares Gastellum – distributed cocaine, marijuana and other drugs throughout the United States.

El Tribunal Penal Internacional ha comenzado a determinar quiénes son los causantes de la masacre de Darfur y de la creación de los Janjaweed: entre otros, se señala como culpables, a Ahmad Muhammad Harun, ahora el Ministro de Estado para las Cuestiones Humanitarias, que era entonces el Ministro de Estado De Interior, junto con Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman, líder de las Janjaweed, de un total de 51 crímenes contra la Humanidad y otros crímenes de guerra. Sudán ya ha dicho que no va a entregarlos y que, al no haber firmado el tratado de constitución del Tribunal, no va a reconocer ninguna resolución que dicte al respecto.

También los periodistas -incluso el New York Times y el Washington Post- comienzan a preocuparse por la situación en Afganistán. Precisamente, después de que diversas fuentes señalen que este país se está convirtiendo en un paraíso seguro para Al-Qaeda y los Talibanes, que han desarrollado una relación compleja de cooperación según el General Eikenberry, el saliente comandante de las tropas de EEUU, en su declaración ante el Comité de Servicios Militares del Congreso. A pesar de eso, no se ha tomado ninguna acción.

The Guardian ha publicado un reportaje en el que muestra cómo usan los Talibanes y los insurgentes iraquíes a niños y mujeres para proteger a los bravos combatientes. A ver si nuestros queridos amigos de Telecinco y los del “No a la guerra, Sí a la Kultura y a la Manipulación para que me den más subvenciones y No a EEUU aunque sí a sus premios que son muy glamurosos, se manifiestan en contra de este tipo de comportamientos que también practica Hizbollah contra Israel y los Tigres Tamiles en Sri Lanka.

Se está produciendo una campaña de violaciones en la Franja Oeste. Las víctimas, en su mayoría adolescentes, fueron violadas en paradas de autobús o en puntos para realizar auto-stop señalados. ¿La razón? La venganza por lo que las Fuerzas Israelíes están haciendo en la Franja de Gaza. Muy bien: o sea, que como no puedo ganar la guerra, simplemente violo a unas cuantas mujeres…

Esto no parece importarle a Putin que quiere levantar las sanciones a la Autoridad Nacional Palestina, aunque continúe teniendo Hamas los mismos objetivos.

Mientras los europeos seguimos subsidiando al régimen iraní. Resulta que a los Gobiernos se les nota a la legua la ambición de hacer negocios con Irán, país con el que no existe un embargo por parte de Europa. Así, empresas con garantía de los Gobiernos Europeos están llevando a cabo florecientes relaciones comerciales. Alemania, por ejemplo, tiene una sección especial de su Ministerio de Economía dedicada exclusivamente a hacer negocios con Irán… que considera a Europa un escudo protector frente a EEUU.

La Coalición contra el terrorismo ha iniciado una campaña para que Egipto y Arabia Saudí dejen de promover el terrorismo a través de la radio y la TV. Ya lo han conseguido con otras cadenas, pero quieren que dejen de emitir en estos países Al-Manar, la tele de Hizbullá, y Al-Aqsa, la de Hamas. A ver si lo consiguen-

Así que los israelíes no se han cortado un pelo y han votado masivamente una canción que se titula “Da al botón” para ir a Eurovisión. La letra es la siguiente:

El mundo está lleno de terror, si alguien comete un error, nos va a explotar hacia el reino que viene.

Hay algunos mandatarios locos, que se esconden y tratan de volvernos locos, con deseo demoníaco y tecnológico de hacer daño.

¿A quién me recuerda?

Los primeros “pacificadores” han entrado en Somalia. Claro que, con el alarmante número de 30, creo que por el momento, no van a hacer mucho…

El Diario Exterior informa de que Chávez va a comprar 9 submarinos Diésel, bien de marca Scorpene (fabricación franco-española …) o bien los rusos Amur.

Resumen: menuda mierda de mundo.

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After the concentration of last Saturday (which was really a success, see videos here and photos here), De Juana was found in his hospital bed having “an intimate communication” with his girlfriend -photo, below- on Saturday at 23.00. When they were reprimanded by policemen and asked to stop, they did not even consider paying attention so they were separated and the girlfriend was taking out of the room.

The Batasuna-ETA’s propaganda said that De Juana, in a virile and brave act, had retired his way to be fed from his nose, because he was protesting as freedom had not been granted to him … yet. The real cause was that he was separated in the middle of the “intimate communication”.

Afterwards, on Sunday they were again “caught in the act” at 16:30, but this time they obeyed the policemen.

Spanish Interior Minister has maintained after this that De Juana does not have any privileges. [Of course not, comparing with the rest of the imprisoned guys who have to ask for a permission for having sexual encounters and can only do it in places specially set for that purposes…]

Anyway, De Juana is going to be on the streets again before next Tuesday. The only reason for this is that Zapatero wants to minimise the effect the excarcelation of the bloody ETA terrorist could have in the Local and Autonomous Community elections which will be held on May 27th.

If you want to help decent Spanish people, please sign the petition Hazte Oir.org has made. The text says that the bloody terrorist has not ask for forgiveness, has not repented from his crimes and, nevertheless, he has had a lot of privileges in prison. The letter finishes asking that the terrorist should finish his punishment till the last day.

Thanks to Elentir (1 y 2).

And a lot of leftists are happy about this…. What a shame!

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Al Gore:

Last night, Al Gore’s global-warming documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, collected an Oscar for best documentary feature, but the Tennessee Center for Policy Research has found that Gore deserves a gold statue for hypocrisy.

Gore’s mansion, located in the posh Belle Meade area of Nashville, consumes more electricity every month than the average American household uses in an entire year, according to the Nashville Electric Service (NES).

The average household in America consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours (kWh) per year, according to the Department of Energy. In 2006, Gore devoured nearly 221,000 kWh-more than 20 times the national average.

Last August alone, Gore burned through 22,619 kWh-guzzling more than twice the electricity in one month than an average American family uses in an entire year. As a result of his energy consumption, Gore’s average monthly electric bill topped $1,359.

Al Gore has a rare manner of fighting the climate change.

No está mal: la casa de Al Gore consume ¡¡¡20 veces!!! lo que consume por media cualquier casa americana, según la Compañía Eléctrica de Nashville. La familia americana consume 10.656 kilowatios/hora al año y la casa de AlGore 221.000 kilowatios/hora.

Debe ser que gastando más energía ayuda a frenar el cambio climático


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