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A marvellous song

My friend and ex-co-blogger Chesk asked me once what kind of music I like (I did not know the lyrics of a song by Queen, ūüėČ ).

So here is the kind of music I like. Enjoy: Josh Groban singing Don’t Give Up (You’re loved):

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Firstly, I read that Ken Livingstone “modest” trip to Cuba has costed London’s taxpayers ¬£20,000, including ¬£16,991 in flight tickets. Ken Livingstone also had plans to go to Venezuela to see his friend Ch√°vez -that now wants to nationalize food stores-, but the Major did not go, while his 4 assistants did it at a cost of nearly ¬£16,000, including ¬£12,948 on flights.

Result: 20 plus 16 thousand equals 36 thousand pounds, that is, if 1 British pound = 1.49757636 Euro, ‚ā¨53,912. I really think that is a terrible expenditure for a Major’s trip.

The London Major said that he was going to make an oil deal. I wonder who he was doing that oil deal for, Londoners or he himself.

And then I read this:

Four Britons detained in Somalia on terrorism charges have been been returned to the UK today, but could be back on the streets within hours.


The spokeswoman said the men were detained by the Kenyan authorities after crossing the border from Somalia.

Somalia is currently in the grip of a violent power struggle between Islamic extremists and government forces, who are backed by Ethiopian troops.

Last month, there were reports Britons had been fighting alongside the Islamic forces with some killed, injured or captured in the fighting. Somalia’s deputy prime minister also claimed some financial support for the Islamic militant movement in his country was coming from the UK.

What is happening with terrorism in Europe? Why on earth violent people are held with such respect while the normal innocent civilian is mistreated once and again?

I really think that the problem is not the people who come here who want to hurt our countries and freedoms, but the insiders, those people, that living here and being nationals -for example, the “modest” London Major-, are working against those same objectives. I do not think that violence is the solution, but, if things continue the same way, more people will cave into violence as the only respected ones are the violent. And that is a pity.

Because people are not really respecting each other, but fearing being hurt and killed. And Democracy, as the empire of Law and Justice, cannot fear anything. If people who believe in Democracy are fearful of the ones who doesn’t, then the powerful ones are the latter, and so Democracy has ended before normal peaceful citizen has taken that into account…

So some people are speaking for a Christian Jihad… No, they are not supporting killing anyone, but:

We should draw a line in the sand – defining our unique national cultures, while resisting the encroachment of unbending, imperialistic Muslims.

That would be excellent, although I would extent that to any other violent and imperialistic group. So, who is going to begin doing that?


And then I see this photo:

The new burka-ish fashion appearing just in the block next to you….

[More photos on IBA]

I am not going to wear that even if all people are using it. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Can’t Europeans be more idiot? I do not think so. After so many years to free women of all the veils and unconfortable garments (unluckily, heels are existing yet, but, luckily, they are optional…), now they are considering them fashionable. My goodness….


And here comes the burkini-fashion!!!! -very used by Australian Muslim women-:

The questions here are: do they know about the benefits of the Sun in the skin? And where is the bikini here? I personally prefer swimming-suit, not bikini, but this is somewhat exaggerated…

[Yes, I know Australia is not Britain, but it is also the fashion on your next block]

Read on Taking Aim, The Lone Voice and Right Truth 1 and 2. Also in Nuevo Digital.

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Windows Live Mail

I have been using Windows Live Mail for some time now. Considered the heir of Outlook for Vista OS, it can also be downloaded for XP OS.

It looks good and it works OK. You can download your POP and IMAP accounts and also it has a reasonable .

I only see an inconvenient: you must have a hotmail / msn account. If not you cannot use it.

You can read: Winplanet (E), Softonic (S).

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As I wrote some days ago, Amnesty International had refused to support bloody ETA terrorist De Juana because someone who had killed so many people could hardly be considered as a “conscience prisoner“.

As a result, the supporters of ETA terrorist organization are organising a boicott campaign against AI. As Elentir says, you are not alone in your quest against ETA terrorists.

But it is very grave that in this same day Socialist deputees of EU Parliament have presented a project -later removed because of lack of support- to remove Batasuna from the list of international reknown terrorist organisations. At the same time, Otegiannounces they will again be at the next elections with a great “electoral mark“, that is believed is going to be “abertzale left“, a very good way not to tell people what they are: marxist-lenninist organization who wants to build a new Cuba in the Basque Country.

Socialists can go no lower than they are now.

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