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Martha Colmenares quoted in her blog US Subsecretary of State, Mr Burns, saying that “Iran is the first world bank of international terrorism” and that it is possible that “South-America is one of the places chosen by Al-Qaeda terrorists to place their terrorist activities“.

Today I was reading Fausta’s blog and one of the preferred places is … Venezuela:

The group, the Saudi arm of Osama bin Laden’s terrorist network, claimed responsibility for a thwarted February 2006 suicide attack on the world’s largest oil processing facility at Abqaiq in Saudi Arabia’s eastern province. The group also is believed responsible for other attacks against the Saudi energy sector.

Last week’s message is contained in Sawt al-Jihad (Voice of Jihad), the group’s online magazine. A feature article, titled “Bin Laden’s Oil Weapon,” encourages al-Qaeda operatives to continue to follow directives from Mr. bin Laden to strike oil targets not only in Saudi Arabia, but elsewhere, according to a translation by the SITE Institute, a non-profit U.S. group that monitors terrorist websites.

Three western countries are singled out in the call-to-arms — Canada first, followed by Mexico and Venezuela. Would-be attackers are instructed to target oilfields, pipelines, loading platforms and carriers.

As Fausta says, Al-Qaeda’s terrorists are not very moved by the Bolivarian revolution.

(Read Fausta’s link: shortage of doctors, mid-class people fleeing from Venezuela, drug trafficking… A very interesting summary of the real portrait of Venezuela today).

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The other day I wrote about some bans which had been considered (or passed) by Spanish and EU Governments.

Looks like EU legislators are disobeying their own smoking ban:

“A complete ban started on January 1. In practice this was not working too well, people were not obeying it,” said a press officer for the EU parliament in Strasbourg.

The vote comes two weeks after the EU’s Health Commissioner Markos Kyprianou said he would seek a comprehensive ban on smoking in public places across the bloc’s 27 member countries.

“It certainly is an odd message. Everywhere else in the world, smoking bans are respected,” said a second parliament official.

Very coherent.

Los eurodiputados, coherentes que son ellos, aprobaron un Ley prohibiendo fumar excepto en los espacios reservados. Pues bien, la están incumpliendo….

“Es ciertamente un mensaje extraño. En cualquier otro lugar del mundo, las prohibiciones de fumar son respetadas”, añadió un funcionario del Parlamento.

Me pregunto qué pasaría si eso ocurriera en un bar. La multa que les iba a caer…


And then I find in Le Mount de Sysiphe that EU wants all European countries to apply commonly the smoking ban in the public places. It would not be a directive allowing each country to decide how they will do it, but only a common recommendation.

People should fulfill this ban as the EU legislators… 😉

Básicamente, la Unión Europea quiere aprobar una recomendación común para que en los 27 países de la UE se prohíba fumar en los lugares públicos. ¿A que suena cómico? Cuando menos…

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The problem with the new Blogger is that most of the blogging clients do not recognise the Google Accounts. But Zoundry does. This post is only to see if the post, once sent over to the blog, looks good.

(And they have added a button to justify the posts, that was what I thought was missing…).

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