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Mr López Aguilar was the late Spanish Minister but he is Socialist Candidate for the Autonomous Community of Canary Islands. So Zapatero had to name another Minister of Justice.

The moment is very important and very difficult at the same time: the terrorist attacks against Barajas’ airport 4th terminal, commonly known here as T4, put the Government in a very bad position, as Mr Zapatero had said the day before that 2007 was going to be a lot better for Spain and for the peace process. The demonstration Socialists made last month, was not very succesfull, while the Foro of Ermua’s one was huge.

But the photos of ETA bloody terrorist De Juana in British newspaper The Times, were a bomb aimed at the weakest base on the Government: the so-called “peace process“. The photos shew a slimmed De Juana and the terrorist said that he was mistreated at hospital and was constantly tied to the bed.

However, reality has shown that De Juana goes to make phone calls, drinks coffee with his doctors and his girlfriend sleeps with him in the same room. He is emaciated but not as he should be, after nearly 100 days of hunger strike. Also the Penitentiary Institution did not let the police, who were guarding the terrorist, make them any registries. But after the Times’ photos, orders were changed and a pepper spray was found on the girlfriend’s terrorist (via Prevost).

Even Amnesty International has rejected any kind of support for the terrorist, because he has killed people.

Today the Supreme Court has reduced the sentence of this bloody terrorist to only 3 years. On 2005, De Juana menaced the Director of the Penitentiary Institution and several Prison’s Directors. But the Supremes have thought that, although he menaced them and he is a reknown member of ETA, the menaces he made are not considered as terrorist ones, and so they are not the ones condemned in article 571 of the Penal Code. So as phestar says -above link, in Spanish-, the menaces made by a terrorist convincted to 3.000 years in prison -of which he has only fulfilled 18, redeeming the other 12 because of “good behaviour“, even he has not repented or asked for forgiveness- are just like the ones I or any other ordinary citizen can make.

Terrorist Victims’ Association has called the people to protest about this sentence on Saturday, February 24th at Colon’s Square (Madrid) at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. During the act, the De Juana’s Victims will be hommaged.

Popular Party says that they respect but cannot support this sentence.

And De Juana,is he happy about the sentence? NO, he wants to be set out free just now and as he has not, he is going to continue his hunger strike, because, as his lawyer has said, “he does not want the 3rd grade -that is, he would only have to go to prison to sleep, being free the rest of the day-, because those type of things are not accepted by ETA members“. Of course, and I do not accept to pay taxes and so, I do not pay them. Magnificent logic…

Also, tomorrow the criminal process about the March 11th bombings will begin. At this hour we do not know what was the explosive used for the bombings. Experts have done a first exam and cannot rule out Tytadine as the explosice used, something which would change all the summary work, because Tytadine is a very well known ETA explosive and the summary has been writing considering the one used is Goma-2 Eco. (NOTE: Does this mean ETA was author or just collaborated in the attack? What we know now, does not support this fact, but if ETA says -even if it’s not true- that they have been the authors, is not going to be funny for the Government, who has denied their involvement once and egain…)

So, the momment is a delicate one. You would think that Zapatero should employ someone who can dialogue with people from all the tendencies, to make everything easier.

WRONG: He has named Mariano Fernández Bermejo, a Supreme Tribunal prosecutor, known by being an extreme leftist in all circles. He said that “we have fought against their parents and we are not fearful of the sons“, referring to the PP politicians, considered by him as sons of Franco’s supporters.

Wonder who is the son of a Franco’s supporter and afterwards a very active militant of PP? He himself. So he has been fighting with his father and now he is not fearful of … himself. Well, of course, as the contrary would be … ackward at least…

Today, Fernández Bermejo has promised (of course, because if you swear, your witness is God, the Father…. ) his nomination before King Juan Carlos and President Zapatero. In the speech he made after the promise, he has said that the moment is a delicate one, because of “the strategy of those who, not having swallowed their defeat at the elections, want to use Justice for things that only belong to political debate“, referring to PP. That is said by the same person who stated that he “was a leftist and from that perspective he acted“.

His speech also had a reference to De Juana’s case saying that “Judges should be just with every one, and also with the people accused of terrorism“. Look at the expression:even if this bloody terrorist has said he himself, that he was a terrorist and that he was very proud of that, Spanish Minister for Justice calls him an accused of terrorism.

He has never had the support of the his fellow prosecutors and every time that he has been promoted (1st time: O votes from fellow prosecutors, 2nd time 3 votes..), it has been just because of his political ideas.

(NOTE: Today was yesterday. I did not have time to correct that..)

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Some years ago, when Aznar was Spanish president, a ship, called Prestige, which transported crude oil and fuel, had an accident and a lot of tons of (huge lot of) that most polluting substance expanded through the sea, killing marine life and leaving a lot of people without work for some time. Some leftist organizations, who were so interested in outing Aznar -or his party- from presidency, began a campaign called “Nunca Mais” (Never again, in Galician), in which they denounced that Aznar’s Government had given the Harbour Authority an order to move the boat from the coast, and considering that that order was the main cause of the bad state of the sea. A huge number of volunteers arrived there to help people cleaning the coast and leftist TV Telecinco-owned by Italian millionaire and politician Berlusconi- made a lot of programs from there to denounce the bad gestion of the crisis by the right-wing Government. Most people received the adequate compensation before Aznar finished his term.
Everything changed when Socialist Zapatero won the elections. Two summers ago, 11 firemen workers were killed in Guadalajara because of a forest fire, after Socialist Government from Castilla La Mancha refuse to accept some anti-fire helicopters from Madrid because … Madrid President Esperanza Aguirre was from PP. A lot more of irregularities happened on the process, and a social revolt took place because both Spanish Government and Autonomous Government insisted that everything had been under control, even when the number of helicopters there were not sufficient to end the fire.

Last summer we could witness how Galicia was burning without any control, also people lost their works -4 people their lifes- and the ecological damage was huge. So huge, that not only the land was damaged but also the see, as the ashes from the fires were carried to the sea by the rivers and killed all the plants and animals (mostly, crustaceans which live down in the sea). No news about “Nunca mais” platform were heard and Socialist Autonomous Government said that their behaviour in the matter had been perfect, even when some firemen were fired (yes, fired) because they did not speak Gallician.
So nowadays Algeciras has seen a ship called “Sierra Nava” made the same huge “deposit “ in the see as Prestige did. President Zapatero, Minister in charge of Harbours Álvarez had not gone there, Autonomous President, Mr Cháves (known as “Arriquitao” 😉 ) went yesterday -for Thursday Feb 8th- to say “he was not in a competition to make himself a photo and that he was not letting volunteers help the workers to clean the coast because they would not let the latter do their work”. Of course, when Prestige disaster, Socialist were calling for international volunteers, so they would tell in front of the international MSM how bad the situation was.
Socialist Governments have all three (the Major of the city is also a socialist) lied. First the said only 1 km of coast was affected, but both PP and ecologist groups said that at least 4 km are totally polluted. Then they are destroying all the remnants (beach sand and stones) of the catastrophe badly: they are putting them just on the floor so all the polluted contents are going to be transferred to the soil and to pollute the below-ground rivers. Of course, they are denying that possibility. Of course, “Nunca mais” or any other similar group have not said anything about it.
Also the tapes in which the SOS call from the ship to the Harbour authority were recorded, had been erased, according to the Government, because “electricity failed due to the storm”. Well, that is good. Less proofs we have of what happened…. and least proofs against the Government mismanagement.
But if all of these facts are most inconvenient, the visit of definite catachlysm’s defendant, US Ex-Vicepresident Al Gore, is much more comical. Because this man is proposing that Spain should be the leader of the climate defense. Of course, Zapatero did give him all the support he can (he has bought even his film to show it in all the Spanish public schools), saying that climate change is the main of all the challenges nowadays Humankind has. Not the defense of Human Rights, see? That is most inconvenient.
Well, that is cynical at the most: how on earth he is going to lead anything when nowadays he is NOT doing what is needed to diminish that ecological disaster?
Of course, I would like to know what is the idea of Al Gore about the situation in Algeciras. He had not said anything about that -that I know of-. Was he afraid of losing the contract about the film? Or is not politically correct to tell someone who is supporting you that in fact he is doing it only to feel himself better? Or is AlGore a coward to tell that to the PM? Or is he just in this for business -he has earned a lot ofmoney with the film…-? Has he been informed about it?
You know, I do not like pollution and I would like to see the oil companies change their business and began producing new sources of energy, not only because of pollution, mainly because its a suicide, strategically speaking, to be debtor of people like pro-coup d’etatist Chávez -you see, Almodóvar, he made one-, Saudi kings or lovely Ahmadinejad for something that is necessary even to transport food or to maintain alive people in hospitals.
But please, do not tell me that you are fighting against climate change IF you are just kissing the ass of someone so unworried with ecology as this Socialist Government, whose only real consideration is to perpetuate them in power. They are just ecological hypocrites as I said some days ago.
By the way, PP, don’t be idiots or cowards and demonstrate against this behaviour. And do not wait 3 centuries to make it because then the political effect will be totally lost.

This is the state of Algeciras’ beach, full of chapapote. More photos here.

Thanks to phestar for the link to the photos.

UPDATE: Also you can read what has said about Al Gore, Vaclav Klaus -thanks, lumo for the correction- (via Cuanas). An excerpt:

Q: IPCC has released its report and you say that the global warming is a false myth. How did you get this idea, Mr President?•

A: It’s not my idea. Global warming is a false myth and every serious person and scientist says so. It is not fair to refer to the U.N. panel. IPCC is not a scientific institution: it’s a political body, a sort of non-government organization of green flavor. It’s neither a forum of neutral scientists nor a balanced group of scientists. These people are politicized scientists who arrive there with a one-sided opinion and a one-sided assignment. Also, it’s an undignified slapstick that people don’t wait for the full report in May 2007 but instead respond, in such a serious way, to the summary for policymakers where all the “but’s” are scratched, removed, and replaced by oversimplified theses.• This is clearly such an incredible failure of so many people, from journalists to politicians. If the European Commission is instantly going to buy such a trick, we have another very good reason to think that the countries themselves, not the Commission, should be deciding about similar issues.

Well, I think this is a matter that should be addressed much more carefully that Al Gore is doing.

But worst things are going to come: the environmentalists theories are going to be taught in schools, even when last month the Royal Society of Chemistry said that textbooks were out of date and that lessons had “omissions, simplifications and misrepresentations“.

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Update your bookmarks

As I wrote in the last post here, I have changed the blog back to blogger, because of the limited space now WordPress offers to bloggers. If you exceeds it, you will have to pay.

Sorry for the inconveniences, but I do not like to worry about the space I am using.

The new blog is here.

[NOTE: This blog will continue to be operative, I will not erase it].

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A year ago, Spanish Parliament passed a law which forbade smoking in public places, except where the owners told the public that it was not forbidden. I discussed the measure with some people, because I was not very against it. But Lord Acton told me something that made me think: he told me -more or less- that there were some bars or cafeterias that did not let you smoke (for example, Starbucks) and that normally they were full -yes, that is true, Starbucks is one of the most important growing non-smoking cafeterias in Spain-. So, in my view, what the law should have said is “we are going to help places where smoking is forbidden”.
After that, they “advised” Burger King not to make publicity about XXL burger because it contained a lot of bad ingredients for health. Results? More publicity for the burger and more people who went to eat it, just to contradict the Government.
Anyway, we have known in later days that the Government is going to present to Parliament a new law in which they forbid to drink any substance with more than 1,2º. The result is that they are going to forbid every alcoholic drink from vodka to beer. The prohibition is going to be so tough that, according to the law project, it will be forbidden for a father to give his 17-year old son a cup of cava.
So wine producers were angry about this new measure, because wine business employs a lot of Spanish people and is one of the most flourishing ones in Spain.
Some of my colleagues over at “Cómo ser de derechas y no morir en el intento” (translation: How to be a right-winger and not die trying) posted a comical video about this measure.
Mr Rodríguez Zapatero has said that he is not going to present that law if the affected sectors do not agree with the text. The producers have said that they trust him but I do not see them very convinced about it.
But the prohibitions continue: they also want to forbid the use of 4×4 cars in rural ways, because they pollute a lot. The curious thing is that these cars are made to circulate through these particular places…
And lately I have been aware that the EU also forbids to grow some species if they are not registered, thinking they are protecting the environment but really … damaging biodiversity.
The question is: is there something they are not going to forbid?
(Thanks to Cheska, And Englishman’s Castle, for the interesting links).

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