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There is a very important legend in Spanish Medieval History related to Santiago Matamoros (Santiago Kill-the-Moors). In the battle of Clavijo, it is said to have appeared and have helped the Christian Castillians against the Muslims to achieve victory. Since then, a lot of Spanish Catholic churches have contained portraits or sculptures of the Saint riding a horse and with a sword in his right hand, in a not very multicultural way. Santiago is also the Spanish Patron.

So the Islamist threats have ended calling for the dissapearance of these traditional Spanish figures. Last one has been the portrait in the Chruch at Ortexa (found at Al otro lado de la Galaxia).

The neighbours at Ortexa are totally opposed to a possible displacement of the image that the Church of San Jaime has in its altar, a Santiago Apostle, as asked by a alleged Muslim citizen in a letter sent to the Major, Vicente Llinares Sellés.

In that letter, signed by Hasán Alí ben Zayyán ben Ibrahim and received by the Major’s office last Monday, the portrait is considered as “offensive to Islam” because the Saint is on horseback and over a Muslim. “That image is not favouring the dialogue between us, the believers of the sacred religion preeched by Mohammed and you, the believers of Jesus, who is also considered by us as a great profet, the second after Mohammed” the letter says.

That is why he asks for the image “to be put away from the altar and changed for other more respectful”. If that’s not accomplished, the sender says “we will think it is a direct attack to Islam similar to the irreverent cartoons that the anti-Muslim Infidels made of our Saint Profet. Just reflect over all this“, it continues.

But the Major does not fear these menaces, and has diminish the importance of it, considering that it is not very serious. The Socialist Vicente Llinares considers that is a consequence of the polemic that surrounds the Moors and Christians’ holidays, whose elimination has been demanded by some Muslim representative.

I do not see anything offensive in the image of Santiago Apostle, an sculpture that has been here, between us, all our lives. If it would be my own decision I would never take it off. A lot of other villages have similar images“, he says. “In fact, the Church of the near-by village of Relleu, has the same image. But the decision depends of the Bishop, as the Major says. Yesterday he did not make any statement on the issue.

But the menaces and demands of Hasán Alí ben Zayyán ben Ibrahim have provoked a deep bad feeling in the neighbours if this little village of the Marina Baixa. “This image has been in this church all our lives, When we were born, it was there. We do not like that someone coming from abroad tells us what to do. We would not like it to be taken away“, they say.

With only 800 inhabitants and a great number of foreign people, Ortexa is a very quiet village where “people from here with foreign one, and there is no racism nor xenophobia. We all respect and love our Catholic Priest, Juan, who comes from Ruanda. This is a good proof of what we say”, they continue.

I should say we could do a campaign for supporting the Mayor and to ask the Bishop not to take away the image. If some people like this please leave a comment and we can prepare a campaign about this.

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I write in The Anti-Jihad Pundit -it’s exactly about what its title says- and Toasted Bread -about any other thing that crosses my mind-.
I am also blogging in other group blogs, such as Infidel Bloggers Alliance and Hyscience and Freedom’s Zone.

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From The Daily Mail (via CUANAS):

One of the country’s leading hospitals is throwing aborted babies into the same incinerator used for rubbish to save only £18.50 each time, it has emerged.

Addenbrooke’s Hospital, in Cambridge, said it was no longer able to afford the dignified disposal at a local crematorium of foetuses from unwanted pregnancies.

Instead, they are being burnt in the hospital’s main incinerator – which is normally used for rubbish and clinical waste.

The revelation sparked anger and distress among church leaders and pro-life groups, as well as women whose pregnancies were terminated at the hospital. (READ MORE)

Adosinda (link en español) wrote some days ago that violent acts had taken place against pro-life Associations. After leftist newspaper El Pais attacked AVA (Abortion Victims’ Association), which tries to help women who have had an abortion, now this same asociation has received letters menacing them with death. They have even tried to hack their web page. Also, some unkown fellows entered the Pro-life Association in Valencia, twice in recent times.

Traducción -del artículo en inglés que no tiene desperdicio-: Uno de los mejores hospitales [del Reino Unido] está tirando bebés al mismo incinerador que usa para eliminar la basura para ahorrar dieciocho libras y media de cada vez, según se ha sabido. El Hospital Addenbrooke, en Cambridge, dijo que no podía pagar un destino digno en el crematorio local para los fetos de embarazos no deseados. Por tanto, y en vez de ello, los están quemando en el crematorio del hospital, que se usa para eliminar la basura y los desechos clínicos. La revelación ha levantado críticas desde líderes de la Iglesia y grupos pro-vida, así como de mujeres que abortaron en el hospital.

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July, 1994. A bomb explodes in Buenos Aires and 85 are killed and 151 hurt. Objetive: Jewish-Argentine Mutual Association (AMIA) community. Result: the 7-floor building is totally destroyed.
Now, the prosecutor of the case has asked for the international capture of the ex-president of Iran, Alí, Akbar Hashemi Rasfanjani and other 8 Iranians, The list also includes Alí Akbar Velayati, Iranian FM; Alí Fallahijan, Minister of Information and Security; Mohsen Rezai, ex-security chief of the Revolutionary Guard, Imad Fayed Moughnieh, ex-security Chief of the Security service of Hizbullah; Ahmad Vahidi, ex-leader of Quds Forces; and Moshen Rabbani and ahmed Reza Ashgari, both civil servants from Iranian embassy in Buenos Aires -diplomats-.
In the report it is said: “It was a decision taken by the highest authorities of Iran, who gave the job to the terrorist group Hizbullah.
His report has been considered as very good and to the point, and as a result, it’s been considered that Argentina should “denounce this situation in all international forums and specially should be asking for sanctions in UN”.
Of course, Iran has denied the charges, considering it a …, yeah you guessed it, a Zionist plot.

Mr Hoseyni [Iranian FM spokesman]said the charges were intended to divert “world attention from the perpetration of crimes by the Zionists against women and children in Palestine”.

The Center Simon Wiesenthal has issued a statement asking also for international orders against these same leaders.

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I wrote some weeks ago about this ETA terrorist process and about his hunger strike, something that later was discovered it was fake: he ate pork jam, honey,milk and chocolate.
Today he mDe Juana Chaos declaró el miércoles como testigo en el juicio a la etarra Belén González Peñalva. (Foto: EFE)ust go to declare before the Judge. The Prosecutor in charge of the case, Jesús Alonso, has renounced to the case.  He asked for 96 years, for a crime of menaces against the Director of the Penitentiary Institution and other Civil servant’s from there and the National Court’s Judge Bermúdez. His petition stopped the resolution of Judge Santiago Pedraz, who tried to set him loose. This same Judge was wordly famous, because he wanted to try the US soliders who were accused of killing Spanish cameraman José Couso -who had what we called here a “rubbish job contract“: temporary, with no life assurance and TELE5, property of Italian millionaire Berlusconi, sent him to Iraq in those conditions. If you know Spanish, you should read the link for a real different version of what really happened from a Spanish journalist who has been in different dangerous conflicts in the past, -.
After the Prosecutor’s office considered that the Alonso’s petition was rightly made, they changed their mind afterwards, and thought everything was a political issue. So Alonso has showed his independence in the case and renounced.
But the petition of 96 years of prison for bloody terrorist De Juana will continue existing: the lawyers from Terrorist’s Victims’ Association are going to keep it alive, whatever the new Prosecutor Fernando Burgos does in the case.
I dedicate this cartoon from Spanish cartoonist Mingote, a real genious, to all these appeasers:

ETA terrorists’ relatives: “We want them [the terrorists] back at home”.
Eta victims’ relatives: “We want them back too”.

UPDATE: El Paraiso Perdido makes some reflections. There is now a gathering of ETA victims’ relatives near where this affable terrorist. is been judged.

More photos in Prevost’s blog.
De Juana Chaos denies that his letters were menacing. He was only putting in context ETA’s situation in prison. So writing “take out your hands from Euskal Herría, because if not the future will end by showing you, without doubt, that you have lost them”, or giving names of several Penitentiary Institution’s civil servants have, according to him, tortured ETA terrorists, is not menacing coming from someone who has been condemned for 11 terrorist attacks. Of course, this peaceful guy is a political prisoner. 😦
Since ETA begun, one of the principal accusations from these terrorists is that “hey, they are torturing us”, so they could gather more international support from other States and also from NGO.
It is curious that the Judge who imprisoned him for these amiable words is Judge Grande-Marlaska, who has been so effective this last year in the fight against terrorism.

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