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ETA "negotiations" update

After yesterday’s vote (311 against, 321 in favour, 24 abstentions) in EU Parliament and the weapons stealing in France, the Government has said that everything points to ETA, but that they have to wait for the French Police to end their investigations. The two cars used in the robbery have been found in France. They were burned, something that is not helping in the search of the terrorists.[foto de la noticia]

This morning 3 youths -from ETA’s kale borrokahave exploded a hidden explosive in a bag in Vitoria.

Zapatero has announced consequences because of the weapons’ rob but has said that the negotiations continue. Batasuna -ETA’s political ally- has asked what consequences he is referring himself to and accuses the President of irresponsibility.

A dangerous ETA terrorist, Iragi, sentenced to 50 years in jail because of the murder of Public Prosecutor Daniel Portero and Medical Colonel Antonio Muñoz Cariñanos, has been judged. The National Court has considered that his menaces to three PenitenciarDetenido un miembro de Askatasuna que no se presentó a declarar ante la Audienciay Institutions’ Civil Servants cannot be judged as criminal terrorist offences, but rather as simply administrative infractions. Iragi told them “You are going to pay for this very highly”.

A member of Askatasuna, Jon Enparatza -left-, has been detained by Basque Police because he did not present himself to declare before the National Court. They consider National Court the National Spanish Guantánamo.

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From AP – Yahoo News (also in Financial Times, NYT):

President Vladimir Putin, barred by Russia’s constitution from running for a third consecutive term, signaled Wednesday that he expects to play a role in setting government policy after he leaves office in 2008.

The 54-year-old Russian leader again fended off speculation that he might be considering a way to serve another term. Supporters and various regional groups, including in Chechnya, have called for amending the country’s laws to allow him to stay in power.

“Despite the fact that I like my job, the constitution doesn’t allow me to run a third time in a row,” he told one questioner in a wide-ranging, three-hour, nationally televised broadcast.

With his popularity high, Putin sees the annual question-and-answer session from citizens around the country — his fifth since taking office in 2000 — as an opportunity to show he can respond directly to voters’ concerns. He said the trust Russians have in him will allow him to keep influencing the nation after his presidency.

“Even having lost the powers and the levers of presidential power, and not tailoring the basic law according to my personal interests, I will manage to retain the most important thing that a person involved in politics must cherish — your trust,” he said. “And using that, you and I will be able to exert influence on the life of our country and guarantee its development.”

Well, I would like to know what trust Putin has. After the murder of opposition journalist Politovskaya and a general bashing of opposition leaders with a grave situation of insecurity, Putin’s comments about the accusations of rape and sexual harrasment to the Israeli Prime Minister are not really a comfort for this future control of Russian affairs. (also in The Guardian, ABC International, NYT)

According to journalists and officials in the room and published accounts by Agence France-Presse late Wednesday and Kommersant and The Jerusalem Post on Thursday, Mr. Putin was heard saying, “Say hello to your president,” to Mr. Olmert, referring to President Moshe Katsav, who could face criminal charges that he raped and assaulted two former employees. Mr. Putin added, “He really surprised us.” The microphone was quickly turned off as reporters were ushered from the room, but the news organizations reported that Mr. Putin went on. “We did not know he could deal with 10 women,” he said, according to those in the room and the Post and Agence France-Presse accounts, apparently referring to the complaints by several women that Mr. Katsav harassed them or worse. Kommersant’s version — citing the remarks in Russian — was cruder. “He turned out to be quite a powerful man,” the paper’s reporter in the official Kremlin pool, Andrei Kolesnikov, quoted Mr. Putin as saying. “He raped 10 women. I never expected it from him. He surprised all of us. We all envy him.”

When I first read this statement, I really could not believe my eyes. So I read it again, and again. But no, it was real. So imagine my surprise when I read that this could be an example of “Russian humour” (via Global Voices Online):

I am more inclined to think that the manner in which a Russian would interpret such remarks is vastly different from how a westerner would.  Russian humour, often thought not to exist, is very dry and often exceptionally dark.  In many cases, it cares little for the sensibilities of those who are easily offended.  This is, after all, a country which within living memory deemed half of its citizens criminals and threw them into icy labour camps.  So my take is that Putin was simply making an exceptionally crude joke which would not cause the same offence to the Russian men in his entourage as it would to western journalists.

Whereas I understand humour is not basicly the same in all countries, I really think this is trully rejectable. It is not what “Western Journalists” could think of it, it is just what rape victims -and any normal people even in Russia- would think of someone who is joking about rape and sexual harrasment. What is more according to murdered Politovskaya, Russian army demands between 200 to 400 rubel not to rape civilian women hostages.

Well, it was better the reason the Kremlin gave about the joke: it was not meant to be overheard. Oh, well, errr, what????

La Russophope underlines that there is a coming Sucession crisis in Russia.

Lastly, the problems with Georgia and the lack of diplomacy to deal with EU members at Finland summit do not speak well also aout a future influence of Putin in the Government.

La Constitución Rusa no deja a Putin presentarse a una reelección. Sin embargo, dice que quiere seguir teniendo influencia después de que haya dejado de estar en el Gobierno. Dice que eso es algo que quiere cualquier persona a quien le gusta la política.

Lo que no creo es que sea bueno para Rusia que siga teniendo mucha influencia. La bromita sobre la capacidad sexual del Presidente israelí Katzav -a quien se está juzgando por violación y acoso sexual-, la reciente crisis de Georgia, la guerra de Chechenia y el acoso a periodistas -Anna Politovskaya hasta que la mataron- y a personas de la oposición desde luego no habla bien de esta intención del Presidente ruso.

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My patriotism

I see that I have been accused of not having patriotism because of writing this blog.

It’s curious that both Castro and Chávez accuse their opponents of not being real Cubans or Venezuelans. Or directly of being US agents.

Ronchonf asks what do I gain with this. Believe I do not earn a penny/dolar/euro with this. I do not need any king of “recognition” because of writing the blog. Most of the time is really depressing to see Spain really sinking in an abyss of political correctness by the same people who think they are so low that their opinion does not really matter. Just remember Moratinos selling the refreshment that made you vote yes in the European Constitution vote or singers “Los del Río” -remember Macarena, eihhhhh- saying in a TV program they were going to vote yes “because politicians know it best and they have told the positive vote is good for Spain”.

If democracy is something, it’s the government of the people. But that people should a) have knowledge of what surrounds them b) be responsible for their choices c) after that critizise reasonably.

In a democracy, the people is not to defend their politicians, but just the other way round. Politicians are to be critizised and controlled by the people, if not that regime is not a democracy BUT a huge dictatorship.

I really believe some people just would want to believe the Zapatero’s world is marvellous, Alice in Wonderland. If that gives you comfort that’s OK. But that is not going to stop me critizing things that I see are not good for Spain or Spanish citizens.

I also believe that that same people would prefer people who don’t like Zapatero not to speak any foreign language or to have foreign friends, so the only Spanish ideas to reach the media would be his supporters. Well, that is not the case.

If you want a democracy, just respect that other people think different and bear the critics. Anybody remembers “Aznar murderer“, the PP offices surrounded by “spontaneous” gatherings of people calling PP supporters [*] names and repeated attacks even supported by Zapatero because they were freedom of expression, etc? Well, no one has gone now to PSOE offices to call Zapatero names after ETA negotiation. People opposed to Zapatero have been much more moderate in our response. International MSM has never informed really well of the demonstrations that we have held here. Why? Spain is not important now.

Ronchof says that he is proud of Zapatero sending back Spanish troops from Iraq. Well there are several things that for me are very curious and totally rejectable: firstly, Spain was obliged to stay in Iraq till June 30th, and the return of the troops nearly 3 months before, was not fulfilling an agreement with an ally -yes, USA is an Spanish ally, even if some people would prefer Spain kissing the ass of Palestinians, Talibans, Castro, insurgents, etc- . Even, for example, Prodi said that he was not going to act like Zapatero.

Secondly, Spain was obliged to send more troops to Afghanistan, a country whose situation is far worse than Iraq. What happens? Spanish media are always telling about Iraqi causalties, how bad US Marines are… but nearly do not inform about the real situation in Afghanistan. Why? Because it is not good to say that Zapatero made the troops return from Iraq -where at that time there were not a lot of danger [**]- to send them to Afghanistan, where 17 Spanish soldiers died in an accident and other severals have died afterwards in other accidents that later have resulted terrorist attacks well, er no, by insurgents‘ attacks -such as the Peruvian soldier who served in Spanish Army-. Of course, the MSM are only saying we are there in a “peace and peaceful mission” and reject even to tell the name of the Soldiers who die by this insurgents. That way there is no kind of worrying about the soldiers who die, it is just another one, a number in an statistic.

But the news about the danger there are very suggestive, existing even real suicide terrorists -not like the poli-underpants suicide terrorist in March 11th bombings, which was a total lie-. Of course, afterwards even Spanish Defense Alonso had to recognise that we were there to “fight fundamentalism“. It is curious that Afghanistan is iraquizationing itself, acoording to General Secretary of NATO, even if this is a war that has the “approval” of that marvellous organization as is the UN. Of course, our Defense Minister denies any similarity with Iraq and does not inform about terrorist attacks. At the same time, Afghanistan has the same importance as Iraq in recruiting Islamist terrorists, accoring to Rayón, Spanish Chief of the Intelligence Police.

Thirdly, we send some troops to Lyban where even the Defense Minister has recognised there is a real risk of terrorist attacks to Spanish troops. Of course, it is a good place because then we can bash Israel and obey Hizbullah, who are another peaceful and affable insurgents just fighting against the beast of Israel.

And lastly, there is NO commitment to defend another people who are suffering greatly from another wars. Sudan, for example. Anti-war leftists has not even mention it [I am referring myself to SPANISH Anti-War leftist, such as Javier Bardem and his mother, the people who collaborated in fiasco wannabe-documentary “There is a motive”, etc]. Why? Because US -and Israel- have no commitment there. So there is no importance. If Sudanese Islamic Government sends Jajaweed to rape, kill, maim, etc. Darfurians, that is not interesting and so no demonstrations and no information. China is also beyond any criticism, even if now is conducting door-to-door death penalties.

What I do not like is to see MY COUNTRY kneeling in front of ETA terrorists, without ANY kind of regard for the victims and their relatives and bashing every ally who has the balls to confront their own terrorists. Yes, they can do things that even them can reject, but at least they are confronting them. Must I remember GAL in Spain? Zapatero was then in Parliament. Did he critizised HIS OWN PARTY for being involved in such things as STATE TERRORISM? NO. But we have to respect so much the President who has driven us to the present state, that I cannot use the languages that I can speak for not tellign the truth/the other side of the news. That is called censorship in my language.

Just see this video: she is the mother of Pagazaurtundúa, a Basque policeman who was shot in the neck by ETA terrorist, just about the same time Zapatero was treating with the Basque separatist and amiable group.

So who wants us as the brothrel of Europe? I really believe that we do not need any foreign country to convert us in that.

There is something that is quite relevant to me: to be a Patriot you have to have a “Patria”, a Nation before. I must ask what is MY present Nation, according to this Zapatero worshipper. Because according to Zapatero I have none at the moment. Socialist Maragall even said that now that Catalonia was a Nation, “the rest of Spain must search for a new name“. So where am I from? what is the Nation that according to our President by accident I should pledge allegiance to? [Something that PP is not free of charge, for example, now in Andalusian region and their qualification as “national reality”].

[NOTE: I know what MY Nation is, BUT I feel the need to ask Rochnof in view that he is a proud supporter of Zapatero]

[*] By the way, I do not belong to PP, I am not militant and do not have ANY relationship with them.

[**] March 11th bombings are now less clear than when it happened. So please do not tell me their cause was Iraqi war, because I just do not believe it.

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