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Galician blogger Alejandro de Llano has told in his blog that he has been charged with the great crime of supporting Israel and being against the Palestinian people.

Two years ago, the Galician nationalist Major of Oleiros (in the photo) began a campaign whose slogan was “Stop the beast. Sharon murderer” and “Stop to new Nazis”. The Major is known for his love for Castro (was watched over by CIA because of hImagen de la camiseta vendida en Oleiros.is friendship with Castro) and Palestinians. The campaign also included T-shirts with Anti-US and anti-Sharon for 6 € and it also pictured US flag in a higyenic paper with the legend “USAme”, which in Spanish is “USE me”. Very respectable.

When questioned about the campaign, the Major said that if the Spanish Government would ask him, he would remove the campaign because he did not want to “disturb the relationships between Governments“. He also said to EFE that he “will detain the campaign if the Government ask him that because of his personal respect to the Government and Moratinos, who has had “a very clean path in these Camisetas antiamericanas que vende el Ayuntamiento de Oleiras.issues“.

But he underlined that the initiative “would continue if nothing is said against it“, because “I am thinking the same“, and added that “what Sharon is doing can only be considered as terrorism“, because “how on earth there is a war in which some people throw stones and other shoot from tanks“.

Also, Seoane was not worried for a possibel measure against the campaign “because it is sufficiently proved that Sharon is a terrorist because he applies terror” against the Palestinian people and considered “that there will be none” because “Spain is democratic country“.

Moratinos, Spanish FM, rejected the attacks against Sharon but did not mention the anti-US campaign.

Spanish blogger Alejandro de Llano wrote the Major to critizise his campaign and to tell him that this could be even a crime of deriving public money to support international terrorism.

That was two years ago.

On October 13th, 2006, he has received a summons from a Criminal Judge announcing him that he is held responsible of the crime of supporting Israel and also of acting against Palestinian people. They did not give him a copy of the summons and they did not let him make any copies.

It is unbelievable that someone is charged with this kind of crime in modern and democratic Spain. But, wait, it is perfect to bash Israel here… and US. So will I be summoned also because I write supporting Israel? 😉

When there are new developments, I will post about them.

Some people have echoed these news: Elentir, Adosinda, Cristina Losada from Libertad Digital and Reportero Digital.

BARCEPUNDIT has written about this affair after reading a second post of the De Llano about this affair and he says that:

The blogger is understandably downplaying this, and maybe it’s right and the affair went to a judge as anti-Semitic as the mayor himself. Or maybe not, and the insults (and veiled threats?) [he is referring to the e-mail the blogger sent the Major] were real. It’s impossible to know with the information we have now. So we should reserve judgement on this issue until all information is available, I think.

According to Article 24 of Spanish Constitution, one of your main rights is to be told “about the crime you’re accused of”. In here he was not told he was accused of insulting / menacing the major but of supporting Israel and also of acting against Palestinian people. If later they charged him because of another crime, then that summons wouldn’t be rightly done.

Also the crime for “supporting Israel” is not considered in Spanish Criminal code, but as I also said here, they can be charging him for denying a supposed Palestinian genocide.

And as I said here, I prefer to blog about this and not to be quiet about something so serious than to let it happen afterwards.

UPDATE 2: I recieved yesterday an e-mail from De Llano. There is a correction to be made: he is a Cuban living in Spain. In the past Seoane has insulted Cuban dissidents living in Spain, but he did nothing. When he saw these news, he wrote Seoane. The rest is correct.

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Tomorrow will be held on EU Parliament a session to the ZP’s dialogue with ETA terrorists.

Today ETA has robbed 350 pistols, ammunitions for them and other weapons in France after kidnapping the owner, his wife, theVista de la nave de la empresa Sidam donde se produjo el robo de armas. (Foto: EFE)ir son, their daughter in law and their grandson, a child aged 9 years of the factory where they were made (right, the factory), after telling the Government they were not going to get more weapons. PP has said that this is a political statement. In my view, it’s just the proof that they are just using the peace process to get weapons and prepare themselves to kill again, as in the past truces, even if the Basque Socialist Patxi [his name is plainly Francisco López, as you see very Spanish, but he has basquenated it to achieve more sympathies between independentists] considers that “we should admit some of the reasons of the other part“, the other part, being ETA -thanks to El Cerrajero-.

Spanish leftist media even said Catholic Church supported the ETA-Government talks. But this morning, the Madrid’s diocese delegate for the relationship with MSM, Manuel Bru, has declared (tip: El Cerrajero) that “they are attributing a real support of Benedict XVIth to the peace process that is entirely false”. He also added that the Church’s position has not changed since the Pastoral Instruction of 2002, in which it was rejected that ETA, “a terrorist organization incompatible with Catholic doctrine” could be considered as a valid part in the negotiations.

But Spanish Justice has acted well: Otegi, the leader of Batasuna, the ETA’s illegal political party, and the rest of the leadership (other 40 people) are going to be charged with the crime of belonging to terrorist organisation ETA. In the judicial resolution there are sufficient connections between herriko tabernas (sort of bars/pubs where they make money for the band, by i.e. receiving the “revolutionary tax“, that is the quantities people and firms are obliged to pay ETA to maintain it) and the terrorist thugs.

Lastly, as Spanish citizen, I have to thank Chilean Parliament and Government for their support for the autodetermination, that is, independence of the Basque Country (thanks to Espiando a mi vecina). Only Aznar asked for explanations, but Chilean Senator and Demochristian Adolfo Zaldívar, said “What Aznar or any other people thinks just does not matter to us at all. We are interested in this, and what moves us to support this democratic decision of sovereignty from the basqeu Country, is our aim to support any just process in any place and much more in the Basque Land“. Well, I would like this Christian to tell that to the victims who had been killed, to the people maimed, etc. Spanish people should take this into account for future relations with the South American country.

Bachelet, Socialist, who even promised Venezuelan President Chávez, to vote for him at UN -later she quarrelled with red gorilla because of the latter’s insults and did not vote for him-, makes another move in support of the revolutionary.

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There has been a new cause for uneasiness -one more- here in the criminal process about the Madrid bombings which happened on March 11th, 2004. A report by some of the best Spanish scientific policemen about March 11th bombings contained a reference to ETA. Basically, the report said that there was a relationship between El Haski, one of the Moroccans charged with the bombings (detained in Lanzarote, Canary Islands on December 17th, 2004), and ETA, because police found boric acid in the home of the Islamist terrorist and in an apartment of an ETA command in Salamanca in 2001. But the bosses of the scientific experts falsified the report, which had striking errors, such as the different number of pages (the original had three, while the falsified had only two, but insisted in having also 3) and also had some corrections made in the Central Registry of the Books of Proofs of the Scientific Police with Tipp-ex..

In it, the experts said:

As it has not very often intervened in terrorist acts and as we ignore the true way to apply it in connection with these deeds, there are a few possibilities: it was use to conserve explosives of organic type; to hide the explosive as a way to obstruct the labour of dogs specialized in the search of explosives, etc. makes as consider the possibility that the author/s are related between them or have had been trained the same way or are they themselves the author/s“.

When these news broke out, all the MSM in favor of the Government, laughed about the report, because boric acid can be found, for example, in products to control or diminish feet odour. Even the leftist star-anchorman Iñaki Gabilondo interviewed General Chief of National Police, Miguel Ángel Santano (left), who, dressed in his dark-blue uniform, said that “the scientific literature had never related it to any explosive“. But later it was discovered that US Patents certified that there were explosives which were made with boric acid.

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the Baracitol, an explosive which figures in its registry with number 3956039, is an explosive composed by ortoboric acid -a synonim of the boric acid- and the TNT, in which the boric acid, has a proportion of the 40% of the total product, and would be used to make it more stable.

But that is not the only explosive built with boric acid. There are, at least, 16 more. One of them is the Amonal, very used by ETA commands.

The General Secretary of the Scientific police, Mélida told Judge Garzón, the Judge in charge of the investigation, that when Ramírez, boss of the three scientific policemen, presented him the report, he told him its authors should change it. That same day, Ramírez told him that the scientific policemen were not going to change it and so, he reasigned it to himself, study it and make another report.

Mélida assured also to Garzón that he told his decision to the General Chief of National POlice, Miguel Ángel Santano, and that the latter told him that there were no problem. According to this police boss, the order to erase the references in a scientific report is one of his competences and it is part of the “quality control” stablished by the General Commandment of the Police. This one, though, only lets the correction of reports in a technical or scientific level. Mélida also assured that if they should have sent the report of the three scientific experts, the Scientific Police would have been discredited. So they sent one who was falsified.

Juez Garzón then closed the case considering that “there was no criminal relevance” of this discovery. In its resolution, Garzón considered that the bosses had no responsibility.

But later the National Court declared Garzón incompetent to handle the case, so Garzón had to stand aside and the case was handed on to Gema Gállego. The latter, candidate for the Conservative Professional Association of the Judges to a seat in the General Council of the Judicial Power, was rejected by Garzón (Socialist) and begun to investigate this case after the denounces presented by the “the March 11 Victims Support Association” and the Platform “Spain and Freedom” against the bosses of the three scientific experts, whose lawyers asked for the annulment of the criminal process handled by Garzón. This petition was based on the facts that the three of them had been called to declare as witnesses -no lawyer and obligation to declare the truth- and lately, after several hours, were charged with a crime of falseness in public document, punished by Spanish Penal Code wth prison punishment between 3 and 6 years. Even the General Council for the Judicial Power investigated these facts.

So Judge Gállego has finally charged both Ramírez, the direct chief of the scientific polimen, and Pedro Luis Mélida, the chief who just erased all the references of ETA to the report of the boric acid. So we will wait the results of everything.

Conclusions: does this mean that March 11th attack bombings were made by ETA? In my view, and solely taking into account this proof, I would say that no, particularly because there is no evidences of what exploded on March 11th as police has said that, in some cases, there is no rest of the explosives that were in the trains. What it’s very clear now is that the Government does not want ETA to be in any of the documents of the investigation of the March 11th bombings. The so-called peace process must go on, whatever the consequences -and its causes-.

In the case that they collaborated, does this diminish the danger for Islamist terrorism? Not a cm / an inch. Islamic terrorism is a part of international terrorism and traditionally they have been allied, since the 60’s as a way to throw down the Capitalistic States and impose dictatorships, whether they be religious or communist ones. For example, ETA has had relations with Chávez’s Government, Colombian terrorists, Cuban Government, with IRA terrorists, the Palestinian Liberation Front, one of its branches is AlFatah -the well-known terrorist group founded by Nobel Peace Price Winner Yasir Arafat -since the 70’s has been training ETA terrorists-, Argelia, where ETA terrorists trained themselves with the Argelian police and talks were maintained between Spanish Government and ETA-, Lybian dictator Ghadafi -their relation was not very long though because of the international reject to the Lybian regime after Lockerbie- and, according to Socialist Spanish Congressman Estella, also with Islamic terrorism, back in 2001-. If a real alliance is created between these groups, it would be even worse, as they are going to have much more information and possibilities to commit terrorist attacks. Does this mean that they really collaborated? I repeat it again: no, it does not mean they actually collaborated, but that it’s wrong to say Islamic terrorists do not maintain relations with infidel terrorist groups.

But there is another question that we have to ask: if ETA had any part in them, whether as an author or as a merely organizational supportive organization, would also the Socialist Government be hiding Spanish people that information? The fact that Zapatero was negotiating with ETA (as confirmed by Basque Socialist Eguiguren to ETA founder Julen Madariaga and told by Batasuna leader Fernando Parrena) before the 2004 elections -in fact 5 years from now, that is since 2001– and the menace, on February 14th, 2004, of ETA terrorist leader Josu Ternera (accused of giving the order to commit the terrorist attack to a Civil Guards’ home in Zaragoza, which killed 11 people, 5 of them children of very little age) “Spanish people are going to know what we are able to do” do not help this of course. And the case of the boric acid report also has shown Garzón in his true nature: as a real supporter of Socialist Government as he was when he presented himself as No. 2 in the lists for being elected as Congressman for the Socialist Party, being the No. ex-President Felipe González.

There is also clear that some Police Chiefs has nothing to do but to correct reports that are not even binding to the Judges. Judges in Spain can appreciate all the presented proofs in general and reject one if the rest of the others do not make that relevant. So, why this correction to a non-binding report? That is what strikes me more of the case. If it’s not relevant, why so much revolt, corrections, etc?

Looks like there are more corrected reports related to March 11th bombings (thanks to Anghara).

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