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The strategy of Chavez’s anti-Americanism (he even said US should be destroyed) looks like a bit contradicted by the facts: Venezuela is now the 6th commercial associate with US (tip: Spanish blog Escepticismo y libertad).

US Exports to Venezuela were $4,888.4 millions between January and July, 2006, which is more than all the US exports to Venezuela in 2004 and a 140% more than the US exports in the first semester of 2005.

According to a statistical report of US Census, made public yesterday by US Commerce Department in Washington, Venezuela is the 10th US oil supplier in the world, mainly of petrol.

Venezuela also is in the group of the 10 more important commercial associates of US, only after China (the first in the list), Japan, Canada, Germany and Mexico and before France, Brazil and Russia.

These numbers will increase at the end of 2006, because during September, October and November the commercial activity is usually much more important than in the first 6 months of the year, explained Joe Tafchinski, US Commerce Department’s speaker in Washington, who made the statistical analysis.

The balance of trade with USA benefited Venezuela, who obtained a superavit of about $15,000 millions, which at the end of 2006 could increase more than $30,000 millions.

What would be the impact of the boycott some US people are doing of CITGO, the Venezuelan oil company? There are even bloggers united for that purpose. Don’t know how much effective this campaign will be, but US Energy Department is going to accept the discounted fuel from CITGO (tip: Blue Star Chronicles), although CITGO has conducted anti-American rallies in Haarlem. At the same time, Alaskans have rejected oil coming from Chávez.

And this extreme generosity from Chávez is angering Venezuelan blogosphere:

Today in the Venezuelan blogosphere, writer after writer, some of whom do not even know each other, reach the same conclusion: Venezuela’ s state oil company, under the regime of Hugo Chavez, is being systematically looted by Chavez’s cronies so badly it’s affected production. And hundreds of billions of dollars have been lost. These sums are like Argentina’s default numbers, triple digit billions. […] And Venezuelans are very angry, angry to the point that Chavez is trying to distract them.

Some moths ago Chávez also offered EU some cheap oil. I do not know what has happened afterwards…

This piece of news appears the same day that Guatemala has obtained more votes than Venezuela (110-77) in the race to a UN Security Council seat, although Guatemala did not obtain the required majority (125 votes). This is major blow for “Hugo Chávez of Venezuela”, as NYT titles their report. (Read THE ASTUTE BLOGGERS)

So afterwards, Cárdenas, Venezuelan ambassador to UN, has said that they represent countries who are rejecting any impositions from UN [link in Spanish, thanks to Kate]:

The Venezuelan diplomat underlined that, following indications from Hugo Chávez, he will ask the Latinoamerican and Caribbean Group in UN (GRULAC) to reject this agression [he is refering himself to the UN vote] and “if it’s possible to call the US representative to excuse himself for his abuses towards each of the Latinoamerican countries, the pressures made to every one and for the way they have directed this campaign“.

He will make this application based on the Venezuelan condition as member of GRULAC and on the basis that “other countries from the region cannot be part of a comedy, as they have to defend one who has promoted Mercosur and Caricom”.

[…] He also said that very soon some videos will arrive at VTV in which they show how US representatives were positioned behind the smaller countries, during the first vote, to verify it, and also other actions who contradict the democratic attitude of some of the civil servants from US, British and other European countries.

He added that the Venezuelan purpose is not to quarrel with Guatemala but to show an inappropriate action for democracy in UN, by US, and the need to change this.

AS he has lost two things in less than a week [the other is Ecuador, as his friend Correa lose the elections against the Conservative Candidate Noboa, and they will have to go to a second round], Chávez is getting nrervous. Sandmonkey also notes the litle time between the two losses (as me smile_teeth).

The best thing without doubt is that this same Cárdenas called “assasin stained with the bloog of innocentsi” …to Chávez (link in Spanish).

Venezuela se ha convertido en el 6º socio comercial y el 10º exportador de petróleo a USA. A finales de año se calcula que la relación comercial Venezuela-USA será beneficiosa para Venezuela en aproximadamente 30.000 millones de dólares.

Desde la intervención de Chávez en la ONU, hay diferentes campañas de boicot a CITGO, empresa dependiente del Gobierno Venezolano. NO se sabe la efectividad que tendrá la medida sobre todo cuando hasta el Departamento de Comercio de EEUU no se ha negado a aceptar petróleo barato de Chávez. Sin embargo, los habitantes de Alaska sí lo han rechazado.

La extrema “generosidad” de Chávez ha hecho enfadar a los bloggers venezolanos que consideran que incluso está llegando a afectar a la producción.

Esta noticia llega en fechas próximas a la derrota de Venezuela para obtener un sitio en el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU frente a Guatemala, que tampoco consiguió los 125 voos necesarios. El embajador venezolano en la ONU, Cárdenas,  ha dicho que quiere que EEUU pida perdón por intervenir en la negociación y por conductas antidemocráticas que favorecieron a Guatemala. Amenaza con hacer llegar a las televisiones un vídeo en el que se ve a funcionarios norteamericanos situados detrás de los representantes de países pequeños para saber a quién votaban.

También el candidato ecuatoriano preferido de Chávez, Correa, perdió en las elecciones frente al conservador Noboa.

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So Andalucia and Catalonia are national realities, but unemployment, terrorism, insecurity and massive immigration are all a product of our imagination“.


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