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You remember that recently Google acquired YouTube. Well, now Google is urged to cleanup YouTube’s Copyright Troubles.

Google could make big money on advertising in the purchase of YouTube, but that potential won’t be realized unless the search engine giant cleans up the copyright violations on the online video site, an analyst firm says.

Right Voices has more.

You also remember that Google has made a special censored version of the search engine for Chinese users. Well, looks like that is making the giant firm lose market share:

When Google decided to offer a censored Chinese search engine it caused an outcry among the free-speech movement in the US who wondered what the company who had “Do no evil” as a motto was up to. Chinese internet users were equally puzzled, as they saw no reason to visit the censored Google, since they preferred the uncensored one. smile_wink [Chinese people are more intelligent that is clear…]

Two recent surveys indicated the US search engine has lost about one third of its market. While the domestic search engine Baidu was already a market leader in eyeballs, those were perceived less valuable than the group of relatively older, better educated and better-earning users of Google. The new research indicates that Google has been wiped away in its key markets in Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.

Como ya sabreis Google ha comprado YouTube. De lo que no se ha hablado mucho, sin embargo, es de los problemas de copyright que va a tener Google. YouTube aloja muchos videos piratas por los que algunas empresas ya habían iniciado acciones contra ella. Ahora, al convertirse en una parte del “imperio Google”, las van a dirigir contra ella.

Pero ese no es el único problema: Google había sacado una versión censurada de su motor de búsqueda y al parecer esa es la causa de una fuerte caída en su uso en China. Los usuarios chinos de Internet prefieren la versión no censuradá así que se han pasado en masa al motor de la competencia Baidu. El motor censurado ha sido echado del mercado en mercados principales como Shanghai, Pekín o Guangzhou y ha perdido más de la tercera parte de su cuota anterior.

Google se lo tiene muy merecido.

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I was not going to write about this but I think it is necessary to point out some things that foreign bloggers have not taken into acount. They have all insisted a lot about how moron is Mr. Zapatero or about his distateful (even hateful) views of USA because he did not look straight to US flag.

Publius Pundit, one of the best group blogs, does not mention the loud protests the public made to Zapatero. He writes:

He really, really, really hates the U.S. He hates it with a loathing that would challenge Hugo Chavez. He kicked the U.S. out of the Columbus Day parade in Spain a few years ago and invited in Cuba instead. Columbus Day – which in Spain is National Day – is a big deal there. Then in another incident, Zapatero pointedly refused to stand for the passage of the U.S. flag at a parade. “Why should I stand? It’s not my flag,” he petulantly whined.

This is true, of course. BUT the post does not mention in a single line about the behaviour of the people there.

The same happens with one of my preferred bloggers, Gateway Pundit, who also just do not look at the obvious reaction of the people who were there supporting Spanish troops.

Well, for that we have El Monclovita [link in Spanish]:

One of the most shocking things who were created as a result of the kill-the-freedom policy of Spanish President Zapateo is the very laughable sport of “Booing the President”. The tradition begun last year in the Army Forces Parade and this year the thing could not be less. When Zapatero’s car approached, the Spanish Public TV worked hard to conceal the loud reprimand to the president by accident. They did not show Zapatero where US flag was passing or when the people was booing him. The anchorman even had to end the program saying that this is “a proof of democracy in Spain“.

For example, Intelestual, el último patriota, writes in his blog, ironically:

Shouts of “Out, out”, Zapatero, dimission” or “Zapatero, go with your grandfather” were heard from the main stands and the street in Colon Sq., nothing compared to what we could live in case that “Zetamongus Imperator” [that is, Zapaterosmile_wink] were in the Parade. A little bit farther from Colon, thousands of fascists from Popular Party [that is how Socialists call supporters of center-right party smile_whatchutalkingabout, even if you do not believe it] were concentrated praising the parade and insulting the legitimate representatives of the Spanish and of the Islamic terrorists.smile_teeth

Ajopringue also jokes about the coverage made by MSM. El Mundo titled their report: “Zapatero booed in the beginning of the National Day Parade“. So the booes were much more important: they even are the title of report!

Disculpen las molestias continues with the critic to Spanish Public TV:

Yesterday, in the program about the military parade of October 12th, anyone could appreciate a new example of the Socialist manipulative art. While a part of the public was booing the President, the camercamen were filming the King. Also when the soldiers carrying the US flag were passing in front of the Presidencial stand, no one could see a capture in which appeared Zapatero and US flag. Other TV channels have offered them, though. Antena3 even showed that images from the past in which Zapatero was sitting when US flag was passing in front of him.

You can also read Yahoo, El Confidencial Digital, Abc.es, Terra, El Semanal Digital, El Diario Exterior, La Opinión de Murcia, Periodista Digital, and Libertad Digital. Note that in the TV images the sound was coming from all sites, while the majority of the news network tells that the booes were from a “minority”, “reduced groups”, etc.

Other blogs who treated this issue: Es por Madrid, Prevost, El Zapatazo,

Other cause of distress is the new Army Corps, which is going to be directed by Zapatero, when is Spain, being a Monarchy, all of the Army is under the (moral) commandment of the King -I say moral because the King can’t command it really, he cannot send them to war or something-. But people was not booing this new batallion (named Batallón ZP = Zapatero’s batallion)

Also the people jokes about the fact that there were no chairs in the stand where Zapatero was. smile_devil

The best is that Zapatero said he was “respecting freedom of expression” when people booed him.

And now for some photos, taken from Libertad Digital:

Spanish Air Army soldiers

Spanish Mountain Army

Spanish Army Legion and the “Goat”: the affable note of the parade (yeah, I know, this Spanish are so ….. . Well, no, the Goat is very praised and we all love this moment 😉 )

Perhaps this flag, symbol of freedom, was hard to look with his fascistoids eyes. (yes, this was written by a Spanish blogger smile_wink)

There were also representatives of another countries:

French soldiers

Portuguese soldiers

US and German soldiers

Pues eso, que en principio no iba a escribir una crónica sobre el Desfile de la FIesta Nacional, Pero viendo que los bloggers internacionales han incidido todos en la bandera americana -que tiene importancia desde luego- y ninguno mencionó ni de paso a los abucheos, he escrito este post.

Ya subiré las fotos que pudimos hacer, aunque no os hagais muchas ilusiones 😉

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I have added this blog to two campaigns that are so necessary nowadays.

The first is about denouncing the present state of Human Rights’ abuses in China. Human Rights Watch has launched a campaign denouncing that, whatever the Chinese political elite wants the rest of the world to know, they are even harrassing more the freedom activists and the overall state of Human Rights is even worse than some years before. So if you agree with this campaign, go to this page and insert the logo in your blog. For more information, go here.

The second one is promoting a campaign to boycott Indonesian products, after the persecution Chrsitians are suffering there. I found it in a blog called “Persecuted Christians in Indonesia” (Thanks to Ajopringue for pointing to this blog). In a country were 1 out of ten muslims are supporters of Jihad (approx. 18.7 millions), this is really necessary. So:

Hay dos nuevas campañas importantes en la blogosfera internacional: la primera se refiere a China. La ONG Human Rights Watch está denunciando que, a pesar de las promesas realizadas por la élite política china, todavía están amenazando a los activistas pro-libertad y derechos humanos y que el estado general de los Derechos Humanos es peor ahora que hace unos años. Así que, si estás de acuerdo en dar la voz sobre lo que está pasando en China, ve aquí y pon el logo en tu blog.

La segunda es sobre Indonesia, país mayoritariamente musulmán que ahora está llevando a cabo una campaña de persecución de los infieles, en su mayoría cristianos. Ajopringue, en el link de arriba, enlaza al blog “los infieles persguidos en Indonesia“, en el que la encontré. Este último es un blog de obligada lectura sobre lo que está pasando en Indonesia.

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