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South Korean Foreign Minister Ban Ki-moon has been formally elected the next United Nations secretary general, in a vote in the General Assembly.

The election follows Mr Ban’s nomination to succeed Kofi Annan by the UN Security Council on Monday. 

Mr Annan is due to step down on 31 December after heading the UN for two five-year terms.

Mr Ban, 62, will be the first Asian to head the UN since Burma’s U Thant, who held the post from 1961 to 1971.

More on CNN, Pajamas Media.

Plus dans Le Monde,

Ban Ki-Moon ha sido elegido nuevo Secretario General de Naciones Unidas. Yo no tengo mucha confianza en que lo haga aceptablemente -ya lo he dicho en otras ocasiones e incluso me han tachado de ser demasiado dura con él), pero Koffi Annan no ha dejado muy alto el listón que se diga ūüė¶  


There was not very much information about the other candidates: in All About Latvia we can read something about the Latvian candidate, Vaira Vike-Freiberga.

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Here is his “message of love to the people of my Venezuela“. I do not know if this is to cry or to laugh…

This, for English-speaking readers, is what Chavez says in the video:

Always, I have done everything out of love.
For the love of trees and rivers, I became a painter (a painter? what? canvas or brick walls? did he exhibit somewhere?)
For the love of knowledge, studies, I left my dearest village, to study
For the love of sports I became a ball player
For the love of the fatherland I became a soldier
For the love of the people I became President, you made me President (who comes up with these lines? Besides, note the capital P in President which in Spanish is not required and which is a way to increase the symbolism of the job)
I have ruled these years out of love (Please!)
For love we did Barrio Adentro
For love we did Mision Robinson
For love we did Mercal
We have done everything for love (note that these 4 last lines are grouped together and represent the only three social programs that have found wide acceptance and some measure of real success even if the efficacy and real reach is more and more questioned)
There is a lot left to do. I need more time. (observe two important implications, Chavez implicitly acknowledges that this is all he has to show for, and that whomever wrote this should be fired: justifying 8 years on three ‚Äúachievements‚ÄĚ is rather lame, actually demeaning for the reader that is able of second thought process)

Found at Fausta’s blog, translated by Daniel from Venezuela News and Views. He remarks probably is a measure to encourage females’ votes, because in his rallies there are not a lot of women…

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Para los que entiendan espa√Īol: simplemente presionen el play… No s√© si re√≠r o llorar… Seg√ļn algunos esto puede ser una estrategia para hacer que las mujeres le voten ūüė¶

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