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This was the result of one of the massive terrorist attacks carried out by bloody terrorist De Juana Chaos (left) in the República Argentina Square in Madrid. 12 Civil Guards were killed in the attacks. He was condemned to more than 3.000 years in prison for 25 murders in 11 terrorist attacks.

He lately wrote “I love to see the dislocated faces of the families at the funerals. Here in prison, their tears are our smiles. We just end laughing heartily “, after the murder of the Sevilla’s Councillor Jiménez Becerril and his wife.

As phestar reasons, this man is going to be in prison only 9 months and 18 days per murder. But if someone just kills him [this is only an example, we are not calling anyone to kill him], with a rifle, the murder would be assasination, which has a punishment of prison between 15 and 20 years, and so, in this case, the assasin would stay in prison more or less 11 years!!!! This is a proof that the proportionality of the punishment is not really considered by Spanish Penal Code.

De Juana had begun a hunger strike last August 7th, which ended last Monday.

And now, in a trial for menaces to 5 Penitentiary Institutions’ civil servants and to the President of the National Court, the Prosecutor’s office is asking for a diminishing of his punishment. This is the second time that the prosecutor’s office has asked this year for the diminishing of an ETA terrorist punishment: the last time they asked for it, the petition benefited Bilbao, another bloody terrorist who menaced the judge in his trial, shouting (HT Dumshit of the week):

If you’re a man, come here … I’m going to skin you alive. Come here if you’ve got the balls… I look forward to shooting you seven times when I get my hands on you.

Rajoy has considered this an “intolerable scandal”.

Lastly, thanks to PM Blair for his support to Zapatero in the ETA’s peace process. I know that the Gibraltar’s affair has a price, hasn’t it? I also thank Clinton, if he ends by meddling in what it’s none of his business. He could do a major service if he convince Kim Jong-Il not to continue the nuclear path. But that’s a lot more difficult, isn’t it? Lastly, I have also to thank the European Parliament for the internationalization of the conflict, something that bloody ETA has long for since the moment it was created. If you want to help Spanish decent people, send the European MPs an email against this.

The Ermua’s Forum has denounced this possible measures of grace and considers the Government is giving up again in favour of ETA terrorists (HT EL Cerrajero).

Thanks to Es por Madrid Blog for the photo of the terrorist attack.

El rincón de la libertad also writes about this.

UPDATE: Nordish TV says they have confirmation of the contacts between ETA and Spanish Government… just in the same moments in which Spanish Interior Minister, Mr Rubalcaba, was saying there were non.

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In the path of resurrecting the “historical memory” of the Civil War -which consists in “how good are NOW the leftists and how bad are the right-wingers, just because of their political ancestors“, Spanish party, Extreme Left United Left, celebrated yesterday an event in which the Secretary General of the Coalition, Castro lover, Llamazares, praised the communist and anarquist values:

We want for your sons a Spain which shuts once and for all the harmful chapter of terrorism“, said Llamazares, after defining it as “a terrible heritage from the past“. [It’s curious: most of the terrorism’s victims were killed after Franco’s death…]

You came from all places, because of a common longing for the defense of democracy and socialism“. He added that they showed “of what side was the truth, the justice and the reason”: of the side of the Spanish Republic“. He also claimed for “a just Spain“, in which the “communist and anarquist values are really applied[a magnificent Spain then… Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh]. “Those same values that lit your path“, referring to the combatants who were present at the event. “Honor to the International Brigades“, he exclaimed afterwards.

We want a federal Republic“, he had said to the present people, and he has closed his statement with a “Hurra to the Republic“. [weren’t we a Kingdom with an alive King?]

For foreigners, United Left is one of the parties who are supporting Mr. Zapatero’s Government… 😦 He was one of the most strong supporters of the letany “the Iraqi war is illegal and unjust“. He also said that the “The actual Government was born with the support of the left with a change process which was originated on March 11” -now the quote is correct-, day of the terrible terrorist attacks to the Madrid’s station of Atocha, instead of the real day of elections: March 14th.

By the way, I do not know what he had said about the Nkorea’s atomics. A communist and so peaceful paradise.

Of course, leftist newspaper El Pais does not tell its readers ANYTHING about this statement by Llamazares.

Blogging about this issue: Cambiemos el mundo, En defensa de Occidente, El rincón de Lorenzo.

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With all this NKorea deeds, I have not posted about Spain for a while. Well, our truly uncultivated modern and very cultivated Minister of Culture, Mrs Carmen Calvo, is famous for her stupid expressions. After saying she was going to ask UNESCO to legislate for all the planets, and that she was going to ask Bill Gates for the ñ Internet domain, “because cassually it is in the word “español” [=Spanish] -as if Bill Gates owned the es, com, org, etc-, now she has not stated against a new initiative, copied from France. The idea consists in increasing the price of the foreign [*] films, DVDs and to the theatre exihibitions when the film is also a foreign one [approximately 90% of all the market share] to finance Spanish films The theatres’ proprietors have already declared that then people won’t go to the cinema…

Spanish bloggers protesting about this new idea:

  • Elentir [who adds that Spanish Government considers that the State cannot give money to the nuns who are helping the olds -there is a new agreement about the financial conditions of the Catholic Church, although I will write about them when I read the Budget at the end of the year…- but can give this money to millionaires such as Almodóvar :(]
  • Incompetencia.com.

Los links están en español (con “ñ” de dominio internetero 😉 ) así que no los traduzco.

[*] take it for “US” films in a very high percentage.

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