Archive for October 5th, 2006

Yesterday, I wrote about Writely . Today I am going to blog from another Web application, WriteToMyBlog , about whose existence a reader informed me some days ago.

The interface is really impressive: it has even more features than Writely! You can insert tables, custom characters, even edit the CSS style. The processor even lets you split the post -in Blogger I think you are not able to do that-. Lastly, you can also use the fullscreen mode AND it also includes the possibility of inserting technorati tags.

Inconveniences: I have not seen any trackback feature -ERROR: IT HAS TRACKBACK FEATURE, so this is not an inconvenience no more, though I have to send the post and see if my suspicions 😉 are true. The program is not very quick though -my connection is not the fastest, so perhaps that’s the reason why the dialog boxes do not appear instantly ;)-. Lastly, if you use Mozilla or Firefox , you can’t copy and paste. 😦

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