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Today there were elections in Austria and Brazil.

In Austria, with all but absentee ballots counted, the centre-left Social Democrats won 35.7% of the vote, narrowly beating the the People’s Party at 34.2%.

Even as results were being counted, Mr Schuessel said it would take “a small miracle” for his party to win.

The Social Democrat’s Alfred Gusenbauer is likely to become the new chancellor. 

The far right Freedom Party, which ran an anti-immigrant campaign, came in at third place with 11%, followed by the Greens at 10%.

The far-right party founded by Joerg Haider, the Alliance for the Future of Austria, seems just to have made it into parliament with 4% – this, despite its split from the Freedom Party last year.

Before the vote, opinion polls had suggested a narrow victory for Mr Schuessel’s party. 

Coalition negotiations are likely to be time-consuming and difficult, reports the BBC’s Bethany Bell in Vienna.

The most obvious alliance is a grand coalition between the People’s Party and the Social Democrats, an option preferred by many Austrians.

Otherwise, the conservatives could in theory try to form a coalition with the two far-right parties. But so far, Austria’s leading politicians are refusing to commit themselves.

Mr Schuessel took office in 2000 in a controversial alliance with the far-right Freedom Party, then led by Mr Haider. He won re-election in 2002.

More than six million Austrian voters were eligible to vote for the 183-seat parliament.

UPDATE: his result will be important in the near future, especially with the negotiations with Turkey about their entry in the UE. Pajamas Media links to a post by Michael Stickings: Austria’s electoral uncertainty, where he writes:

(Austria uses a List-Proportional Representation electoral system for federal partliamentary elections. In simple terms, this means that seats in the National Council are allocated to parties in proportion to their shares of the popular vote.)


Millions of Brazilians are voting in presidential elections with Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva seeking a second term.

Lula, as the president is known, is seeking the 50% of votes needed to win outright victory in the first round.

But his lead in opinion polls narrowed ahead of the vote, amid allegations of corruption and dirty tricks involving his Workers’ Party.

His main rival is Geraldo Alckmin, the centre-left, business-friendly former governor of Sao Paulo state.

Since Lula, the first left-winger to hold the country’s highest office in 50 years, was elected in a landslide victory in 2001, his welfare programmes have helped him gain strong support among the country’s poor.

But his once-commanding lead in the polls has been dented by a series of corruption scandals involving his Workers’ Party.

Final pre-election opinion polls showed Lula dipping a little below the 50% of the vote required to avoid a second-round run-off, while Mr Alckmin’s scores had risen a few percentage points to about 35%.

This same day Brazil was mourning the victims of a plane crash with 155 people on board.  More about Brazilian elections on IHT.

UPDATE: You can read about Brazil’s elections in Publius Pundit.

Los socialdemócratas han ganado en Austria por un estrecho margen. Se convierten en el partido más votado, con 37% de los votos, frente al Partido del Pueblo (derecha), con 34,2%. El partido de extrema derecha, Partido de la Libertad, ha obtenido un 11% y la Alianza por el Futuro de Austria, de Jörg Häider, un 4%. Se prevé un período de negociaciones duro y difícil, pero la mayoría de los austríacos quieren un gobierno de coalición entre los social-demócratas y los conervadores.

En cuanto a  Brasil, se está llevando a cabo la votación en estos momentos. El favorito es Lula da Silva, a quien las encuestas dan un poco menos del 50% de los votos, a pesar de los últimos escándalos, lo que le obligará a someterse a la segunda ronda. El día de la votación en Brasil ha sido triste por causa del accidente de avión en el que han perecido 155 pasajeros.

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Two tech news

Yahoo! Search is going to be pre-installed as the default search engine in all HP computers. This comes after Yahoo! has also signed a similar agreement with Acer. HP computers has an approx. share of 15% (19% on the US market and 16% in Europe), while Acer is now the 4th producer of computers, with a market share of 5%. Yahoo! will be offered in a fortnight to nearly 20% computers in the world.

These two agreements come as an answer to the one that Google and Dell made last May. Dell has 17% of the world market and more than 20% of US market.

The third in this war is Microsoft and its search engine MSN Search, which sees, with each of these agreements, how its market share vanishes a little more.

The second tech news is about Google Reader, Google’s web RSS reader, being launched with a new design and with new characteristics. If you are a Gmail user, you can launch it, pressing at the top left of your screen, “all my services” and then Reader. [Comment: I have encountered a problem. GR makes it easy to send each news with Gmail… Well, er… no. When you press the appropriate button, the program encounters an error and just stops.]

Yahoo! ha llegado a un acuerdo con HP para preinstalar su motor de búsqueda en todos los ordenadores como el preferido por el usuario, lo mismo que ya hizo con la marca Dell. Estos acuerdos se enmarcan en la lucha por la cuota de mercado con Google, que llegó a un acuerdo parecido el pasado mayo con Dell, y Microsoft, que ve como disminuye la cuota de mercado de su propio buscador MSN Search.

Para los que teneis Gmail, ha llegado la nueva generación del Google Reader, su lector de RSS, con nuevo diseño y características. Podeis iniciarlo pinchando -una vez en Gmail- a la izquierda arriba en donde pone “todos mis servicios” y luego en Reader.

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From BBC:

After 9/11, US authorities demanded that airlines should provide personal passenger data for all inbound flights.

But the subsequent US-EU agreement was ruled illegal by the highest European court in May of this year. Saturday was the deadline for a new deal.

A European Commission spokesman said that a legal black hole could be created by the lack of agreement.

“There is no agreement. There is a legal vacuum as of midnight tonight,” EU Transport Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd said on Saturday.

As a result, airlines refusing to provide passenger lists to the US may lose landing rights in the country, but those that do risk facing legal action under EU member states’ data protection legislation.

But Mr Todd told BBC television that attempts to resolve the deadlock would continue.

(…) However, US Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff told Reuters news agency that there was “absolutely no basis” to say that discussions had broken down.

“We are confident we can move forward to a mutually acceptable agreement,” he said.

He said he had been assured that European airlines would continue to provide the required passenger information and said he doubted European governments would penalise them for this.

No se ha llegado a un acuerdo entre Estados Unidos y la Unión Europea sobre la información que los vuelos deben remitir sobre los pasajeros a las autoridades de EEUU. El acuerdo previo al que habían llegado fue considerado por el Tribunal de Justicia de la UE como ilegal y ayer constituía el último día de plazo para llegar a otro.

El peligro que existe es que no se sabe si esto dificultará el transporte aéreo entre ambos, aunque el Secretario de Seguridad Nacional estadounidense ha señalado que todavía se puede llegar a un buen acuerdo y que las compañías europeas le habían afirmado que continuarían proveyendo dicha información. Tanto unos como otros dudan que los gobiernos europeos les penalicen por esto.

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Today there is a demonstration in Seville, supporting ETA terrorists’ victims and against the Government’s negotiation with ETA. Even if I cannot stay there with them in person, I support them with this post.

We will see how the demonstration goes after the Government has announced that they will control the noise demonstrators could make and suspend it if they are above a limit and and are asking them to predict how many people were going to asist to it. This same day there has been a demonstration of ETA supporters in Pamplona, where they were demanding the independence -autodetermination- and yelling there is no peace process without the Basque country’s annexation of Navarra. Of course no one has controlled their noise…

Pro-ETA terrorists have also accused the Government of being searching excuses in the “kale borroka” -street violence, last attacks were to a bank office and to a Peace Judge– and of failing in “stopping the repressive alternative” (that is, of not forbidding policemen and judges of detaining and investigating new terrorist attacks). Batasuna’s representant, Joseba Permach, also maintained that the ETA’s refusal to disarm [via Free thoughts and Gateway Pundit], some days ago in the day of the “gudari” or “Basque soldier” -it is more correct to speak about the Basque terrorist-, in which some unknown people with masks shot in the air and shouted they were not going to end the violence “till independence and socialism“, has to be interpreted as a way of “ETA expressing his final goals, that are independence and socialism“.

This same week we have also known that Chávez has employed Arturo Cubillas, ex-ETA terrorist, allegedly accused of 3 murders in Spain, and his wife. He has been named Director assigned to the Office of Administration and Services of the Agricultural and Lands of Venezuela Minister. His wife has been named General Director of the Venezuelan Presidency, as Spanish Embassy in Venezuela has confirmed. Links above are in Spanish, but are very interesting to know who this man was. In brief, he was one of the ETA-Terrorists looked for by Spanish police in the 80’s -where ETA’s bloody campaign was more active-, deported from Venezuela to Algeria, where talks between Socialist Government and ETA failed.

Anyway, Zapatero has answered to questions in Congress, he will go on with the negotiations with ETA terrorists, the same week the European Union’s Parliament has admitted to speak about ETA’s negotiation, something very protested by the victims.

UPDATE: Blogosphere has begun reacting to this: Anghara titles her post: Thousands of Andalusians march through Seville’s streets with a message: Surrender not in my name!:


More photos:



UPDATE 2: Italian blogger enzo, from 1972, writes about the “internationalisation of the conflict”, something largely dreamed by ETA, dream which has made truth thanks to European Socialists, who have carried the petition to the Euopean Parliament.

Also, two videos, which have specially treated, show a masked man with a pistol in his hand shooting to Spanish King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofia:


Both videos have been found in a web, from ETA’s simpathisers, with a very bad design, but with very strong and violent language. The web is located in server from USA and Canada. They have copied the text of the declaration that unknown people made just a few days ago in which they said “EUSKAL HERRIA ALA HIL!!! GERTURIK DAUKAGU ODOLA BERE ALDE EMATEKO! ¡We have our blood prepared to die for Basque Country!” Peaceful words…

UPDATE 3: More photos:


Hoy hay una manifestación en Sevilla de la AVT en contra de la negociación del Gobierno con ETA y a favor de las víctimas del terrorismo. Veremos cómo se desarrolla después de que el Gobierno haya anunciado que “controlará los decibelios de la manifestación“. Hoy mismo se ha producido también una manifestación en Pamplona de los pro-etarras, pidiendo -otra vez- la autodeterminación y la anexión de Navarra al País Vasco.

El momento es muy delicado porque se produce después de que tres desconocidos tiraran al aire varios tiros, clamando por la independencia y el socialismo, y de que se descubriera que Chávez ha dado empleo a un ex-terrorista de ETA acusado de 3 asesinatos y a su mujer.

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