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But not ANY share: the ones which the Spanish Bilbao-Vizcaya Argentaria Bank manages, from the oil companies. Of course, he is not going to pay for it. The Bolivian VicePresident García Linera has announced it saying that “if in three days BBVA and Zurich Financial Service do not handle them the shares, their offices will be intervened, as clear as that“.

BBVA and Zurich Financial Service are not the owners but the institutions who are managing the funds who owns the shares. These shares are from the Argentinian Andina, owned by Spanish-Argentinian Repsol-YPF; Transredes, owned by US Enron and Anglo-Dutch Shell; and Chaco, owned by British Petroleum.

García Linera -left- is a very interesting fellow. Some days ago, he asked the social movements and the Indian communities to arm themselves and to defend with their lifes the nationalization policy“, remembering at the same time, his past as guerrilla fighter, “to defend the natural resources of Bolivia“.

From Wikipedia, this is his life:

He graduated from Colegio San Agustin. Then, he studied at the National Autonomous University of Mexico in Mexico City and became a mathematician. Returning to his native Bolivia, he attempted to put some of his long-held socialist ideals to practice and joined the Katarist “Ayllus Rojos”, a series of experimental, Marxist-inspired native communities in northwestern Bolivia. When this attempt at grass-roots politics failed to come to fruition, Garcia Linera opted for a more radical approach. Alongside Felipe Quispe, he organized and worked, mainly as an ideologist, in the insurgent Tupac Katari Guerrilla Army. After being caught destroying electrical distribution towers in rural La Paz, he was arrested and charged with insurrection and terrorism. While imprisoned without trial, he studied sociology. After his release he worked as a university professor, political analyst, and news commentator. He was a well known academic, known for his support of indigenous and left-wing political movements in South America (in spite of his upper-middle class upbringing). He was elected vice president as the running mate Evo Morales in the 2005 Bolivian presidential elections.

Very interesting: from Marxist to an “insurgent Army” in spite of his upper-middle class upbringing. But in the conflict lived between the members of the Government, he is the visible head of the “moderates”, who want a “multicultural Bolivia and to maintain the institutional model“, while Morales is more populist, radical and is patronising a much more hostile discours again the people who traditionally has been governing the country.

But the real situation of Bolivia is worsening: there is a serious collapse of the transport system, caused by demonstrations and blockings, which have caused severe problems to exports, especially to Chile and Peru. This has benefited the offensive by the opposition led by the rich regions of the country.

As I wrote some months ago, it won’t be the last.

UPDATE: Looks liks a civil war in Bolivia can be the result of this kind of politics. Bolivian bloggers are writing about it. MABB and Ciao! are writing about a report of Argentinian think-tank Stratfor in which they say there is a 50% chance that a civil war breaks out in Bolivia. More on Publius Pundit and Sonitus.org. BlogBis has an Argentinian perspective of this worrying news.

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These were the words that the German Interior Minister said at European Union Conference last week. This has come along with several very harsh critics also from Austrian Justice Minister.

The problem is getting worse each day: this same week ends the time for 5.000 illegal immigrants to be living at a temporal living center. Even when it’s calculated that it is needed approximately one month to send them back to Senegal, the Government has confirmed their policy is going to remain the same, that is, they are going to do anything.

The laboratory that is making analysis to the immigrants in those centers -naturally, the ones who are entering without being detained and taken to those centers are not controlled- has detected a rise of a 25% in the number of contagious illnesses. But its responsibles have also protested because they are only allowed to make them some analysis, as the ones who are needed for detecting malaria or typhoid fever. Experts say approximately 20% of illegal immigrants who enter Canary Islands have typhoid fever and there is a confirmed case of VIH who has been transferred to the Peninsula and nobody knows where he is. A policeman has been infected of typhoid fever at a Police Station, a fact that raised the alarms of the Police Unions who asked for more protection for Police operatives who are in direct contact with the illegal immigrants.

Anyway, Communists (United Left) are disgusted with Mr.Zapatero’s policies on immigration, because they are… tough. They want to make social policies to help the “without papers” immigrants. The problem, as I have mentioned before, is that those same immigrants are not helped in their countries of origin with policies that control the corruption and ensure they receive what it is sent for them.

But in a country in which you can present an un-executed expulsion order to be permitted to stay legally, anything can happen.

I do not know what would happen if someone would just defend here the new Swiss immigration law that includes some proposals considered as “racist and xenophobe” by UN. In fact, they are strengthening the possibilities of achieving refugee status or having approved an asylum claim, particularly to immigrants from outside EU. The objective of this law is to make general opinion consider Switzerland as an uncomfortable country for illegal immigrants. And as a result:

William Spindler, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, said he regretted the outcome of the referendum. “It will now be necessary to ensure that the rights of asylum-seekers and refugees remain protected and that the new laws meet international standards,” he said.

Well, the problem here is: does UN really work for people on these countries for international standards to be met, or not? Because considering their job in affairs such as the raping of Congo girls by UN peacekeepers or the silence about the Islamic countries not signing the international treaties which ensure a defense of the Human Rights, this remark cannot be considered as just or real. They are not fighting for the rights of immigrants but to demonize Europe as a racist and xenophobe corner of the world. If Europeans would began to enter illegally those countries with no control from authorities, we will see what would happen.

But Swiss people have approved this law with majorities of 72% in some cantons. This is democracy: citizens decide what is better for them as a country. Considering their principles, yes, but related first to their citizens. Countries are not sustained to be charity organizations but to defend their citizens from external and internal dangers. And if Governments are going to practice solidarity, as they are not giving their money but public money, which is given in most cases not gladly by the citizens, they must ensure that the money is going to the proper recipient, not dictators or corrupt bureaucrats or politicians. Are they doing so? Eehh, well,… NO.

A different question is if individual citizens want to help citizens from under-developed countries, through all the legal and admirable channels that reality offers. Often, these ones are much more transparent than the State-related ones. And in the time being it is necessary to ask for a reinforcement of the solidarity, but not of money -which is necessary but not the most necessary thing- but of facts and acts which help ensuring Human Rights and mutual respect. And this is something normally these same bureaucrats and politicians are not asking for in their countries of origin. They are not worried about this poor people been mistreated in their countries of origin but in Europe. It is very easy to call racist to mild Europeans but very hard to call corrupt to the already corrupt and misleading leaders of the “under-developed” nations.

Till the patience ends, and people prefer to be called racist than to hear propositions like Gadaffi’s come true.

UPDATE: The American Thinker reports Australia is planning a radical strengthening of immigration laws too.

UPDATE 2: Spanish newspaper El Pais published that “Political union declares that the Canary Islands’ policemen are buying their own vaccines. They also insist on the unhealthiness inside the temporal living centers“. And it continues:

Para custodiar a estos miles de personas hay menos de 12 agentes. En la isla de El Hierro permanecían ayer 282 subsaharianos en un polideportivo, en La Gomera otros 440 en un restaurante abandonado y en casetas de lona.

En Tenerife, sólo 10 policías custodian a 3.410 en los campamentos militares de Las Raíces, dos a 1.350 en el centro de internamiento Hoya Fría (con capacidad original para sólo 330 plazas) y dos policías a los 1.411 inmigrantes que había anoche en la comisaría del sur de la isla.


To guard all these thousands of people there are less than 12 agents. In El Hierro island there were yesterday 282 immigrants in an sports center, and in La Gomera there were another 440 in an abandoned restaurant in canvas’ tents.

In Tenerife, only 10 policemen are controlling 3.410 immigrants in the molitary camp at Las Raíces, 2 are controlling 1.350 at Hoya Fría (with an original capacity of only 330 immigrants) and 2 policemen to 1.411 immigrants at the police station in the south part of the Island.

The report also tells that the State Secretary of Security said that the internation camps where “crowded but we cannot speak of collapse“.

Via Alianza entre Mamones, who also quotes Spanish Health Minister saying “there are no problems of public health among immigrants“. Magnificent.

Information from:

Occidente Liberal, Occidente Liberal, GEES: La crisis de los cayucos o el naufragio de una política.

Related posts: The summer of illegal immigration.

For more information about the Swiss immigration law: Blue Star Chronicles, The American Thinker, Gates of Vienna, Instapundit (E), Adéntrate en el camino de las baldosas amarillas  and Maya (S). And of course, Le Mont de Sysiphe, from Switzerland.

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