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I wrote yesterday about immigration but Gadaffi’s words are worthy of a post. I read in DOCE DOCE -I translate it- that the Lybian dictator

is surprised of the “reactions” European countries are showing regarding illegal immigration. But he added that they were ready to solve that problem if European countries payed them 10.000 millions of euros (1 euro is nearly $1.30).

He also stated that “Coca-Cola, Pepsi-Cola and Kiti-Cola are made with essences that come from Africa, and as a result, multinationals must compensate us accordingly“.

Marvellous, eh? And I figure they are not letting us, in case we were so idiot as to pay that sum for a problem they are creating in their own countries, any control over those funds. What happens, Gadaffi? Is your Swiss account not great enough? Or are you spending more than you thought?

But I fear that European bureaucrats will end by giving them some funds for something -controlling illegal immigration- which should be an obligation of these countries. Just because of the differences between both sides of the Gibraltar strait.

What are the citizens of these countries witing to ask their own Governments a compensation for lacking justice, freedom and equality?

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