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because their label was in Spanish.

This great success of the Catalan nationalist folly took place in an extraordianry reunion of the Executive Council of Catalan Republican Left (ERC, in Spanish). When they noticed the bottles of water the hotel had served them had the labels in Spanish, they rejected it and asked to be served others whose labels were in Catalan.

Found in Spanish Catalan blog Criterio.

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Quick links

From Le Monde:

  1. Slovak left (SMER), winner of last elections, forms a coalition with far-right extremists (SNS) and with nationalistic party (HZDS). They are excluding the Christian-democrats and the SMK (center-right) and they are going to fulfill a “leftist agenda”. SMER, affiliated to European Socialist Party, won thanks to a campaign against liberal reforms: its leader, Robert Fico, is going to increase taxes for individuals and for firms, especially for Banks and great societies and he only has promised to lower the taxes for the most necessary goods.
  2. The negotiations of Turkey’s adhesion to European Union can be in danger. And everything because of the customs duty, if Ankara does not apply it to all 25 countries and especially to Cyprus.

“This is not a menace”, has said the Finnish FM, Erkki Toumioja -wow, he is just trembling…-.

Ankara has refused to recognise the authotity of Cyprus (Nicosia) and does not authorise ships or airplanes from that country in its ports and airports.

“The end of the year is the end of the time for this”, he has added. But he has not said if that end-time is about the text’s ratification, the momment in which it should be applied or simply the end to the restriction to the ports and airports.


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We will maintain the principle of resolving political decisions with the legitmate representants of the popular sovereignty.

The Government will respect the decisions that the Basque citizens adopt freely, respecting the democratic methods, the rights and freedoms of the citizens in a climate of absence of violence and coaction”.

The future of Euskadi demands a great agreement of political co-existence, but I do not rely on PP for that.

These are the words pronounced by Mr. Zapatero in a conference to MSM in the building of Parliament but not to the Parliament. The journalists had not made any questions -it was forbidden…-. ZP has said it is the Government the one who has to choose the way of the announcement.

The Terrorism Victims Association has made an official communiqué (del blog de Anghara):

Not taking into account the lament of the terrorism victims and of the society in general, who had 4 times asked Rodríguez Zapatero with several demonstrations, not to negotiate with the people who despise our State of Law, the President has preferred not to consider the popular lament and he is going to consider as speaker the most bloody assassins of the history of our country “.

“So our Government is going to give into the demands of Arnaldo Otegi, Josu Ternera, Txapote or Idoia López Riaño “The Tigress”, not considering the sacrifices of the people who died for the defense of freedom in this country”.

“For the terrorism victims it is tremendously discouraging to see how our government gives continously into the ETA blackmail, and lets that the people who had caused so much pain and suffering to the Spanish society are called “defenders of peace”, while the victims are insulted continuosly, even accusing them, miserably and vilely of not wanting peace”.

[…] If ETA has killed phisically to nearly 1000 Spanish citizens and injured more than 8000, José Luis has killed their memory, leaving without sense their death and their injures“.

People has been summoned to go to the Congress to tell Zapatero what we think of the Process.


  1. Adam Selene: From now on, 1000 murders give more legitimacy than 10.000.000 votes.
  2. Batiburrillo: Without the Official Secrets’ Commision being summoned, without the Anti-terrorist Agreement being summoned, but in front of the journalists, Zapatero has fulfilled the calendar ETA gave him about announcing this in June.
  3. Cambiemos el mundo: The treason to Spain is carried out: the dialogue with ETA begins.
  4. El Liberal Vascongado: Zapatero has surrendered to ETA.
  5. El Paraíso Perdido: Article 472 Spanish Penal Code: The crime of treason is commited: (d) by declaring the independence of a part of the national territory”.
  6. En Defensa de Occidente: Eta has won, it’s official.
  7. Etimologías: I hope ETA is not given a prize for not killing people.
  8. Ferblog: The political negotiation with ETA is an error, because it is inconvienient to the goals of the State. Because there were efficient ways to eliminate terror and it has been the result of a change in the antiterrorist policy that Zapatero has not really explained.
  9. Incompetencia.com: Have they really checked all they have to check? I am of the opinion that ETA could have been finished with judicial and policial measures. The own members of the Band wrote each other saying the situation was very bad. But that was 2 years ago. Now the hydra has grown and has a lot of heads to cut.
  10. Labore Solis: Negotiation in my name: NO!
  11. Óptica libre: Game over.
  12. Prevost: Today is very unhappy day: Long live to Spain! and even if it sounds strange: Long life to freedom!
  13. ZP no es bueno: We have to ask: Has ETA ended their killings? Yes. Has ETA leave the extorsion? NO. Has the killers been sent to prison by Justice? NO. Has condemned the illegal Batasuna the hundreds of murders of Eta? NO.


  1. BBC: Spain PM ready to open Eta talks.
  2. Corriere della Sera: The announcement of Zapatero: “I dialogue with ETA”.
  3. El Confidencial Digital: Zapatero winks at ETA: The Government will respect the decisions that the Basque citizens adopt freely.
  4. El Mundo: Zapatero anounces the beginning of the dialogue with ETA, “without paying any political price”. [This title sound like he hasn’t paid a political price yet].
  5. FOX News: Spain: Formal peace talks with ETA to begin soon.
  6. GEES: Rendition process: the announcement. According to the conditions stated by the Parliament, for that announcement it was required that the terrorists have shown unequivocally their will of abandonning theit criminal activitiy. It has been made without debate or a votation that really would show the support the Government has for this risky adventure. It is also irrelevant because the Government has been negotiating with ETA for long. If he had been honest, he would have said “the contacts continue”. But now he has worn off his mask to recognise openly that he is treating with terror.
  7. La Razón: Zapatero informs about the beginning of the dialogue with ETA.
  8. Libertad Digital: “The Government will respect the decisions that the Basques will take“.
  9. Rajoy has answered: If there is a political negotiation, ETA would have won. With ETA or Batasuna no one can talk about Spain, Navarra or the Basque Country“.

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Light blogging

I am going to be somewhat busy these days, so I apologise in advance for the lack of posting. If I have some free time, though I would post something.

Yesterday, Mr. Zapatero did not announce the “beginning” of the conversations ETA-Government because Spain lose on soccer with France. BUt he will announce them today.


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