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Spain has had a very turbulent history specially in the last centuries. Now, we were having the first 30 years with freedom and yet with peace. Are those two terms so impossible to stay compatible in Spain? Looks like that they are.

When the transition -so praised abroad- was made every man and woman were consciuos of the singularity and of the great aim of peace that was necessary. Of course, there was ETA, Grapo and several other terrorists groups but were regarded as somethign absolutely rare and condemned to end and to oblivion as peace and freedom had come to Spain.

So a lot of criminals of the two “Spains” were forgiven and could get on with their lives as any other Spanish citizen. [I do not agree with this by the way. All the people who had committed this kind of crimes, whatever the side, should have been judged]

But now it seems that this “utopic reality” is coming to an end. Carrillo -above in the Civil War-, the Secretary General of Communists in the Civil War, the author of the killings of Paracuellos -approx. 7.000 people killed and 7 common tombs made, something he has repeatedly denied, but aby of the cruel dictators that have existed have announced this to no one…-, has made in several consecutives days these statements:

  1. Whatever ETA crimes are, they are showing much more sense of responsibility that those leaders of the Popular Party that only want that in Spain people go on killing, murdering and with no peace“.
  2. The right now is just as the clerical right of 1936“. He also diminished the importance of the people who had injured PP militants and politicians in Catalonia but called “louts encouraged by known political parties the ones who insulted him when he presented his new book“.
  3. There are people inciting for the murder of Mr. Zapatero“, after being insulted by people before beginning his speech at the university of Seville. “Any idiot who listens from politic leaders that Mr. Zapatero is a traitor to the law or that he is serving ETA, can feel himself committed to kill him“. Oh, yes, right-wingers had been sooooooooooooooo barbaric and violent that, till today, no PSOE/IU/ERC, etc, offices had been attacked/thrown manure/drawn targets with their names on it,etc. or their leaders called assasins/murderers. But we all know what happened with Aznar, PP and Iraqi war, right? And then PSOE called that “spontaneous expressions of anger and pain“, right?

His own repentance is not very convincing. It is true that he collaborated with the dictatorship’s rulers puting the bases of the new regime. Even if he was living in exile, and everyone was very interested in obtaining peace from the process, he apparently had renounced violence. And there were people that believed him –I was not the exception-.

And I say apparently because in an interview with international journalist Oriana Fallaci published in L’Europeo, he told her (10/10/1975):

I do not condemn violence. I accept it when it is necessary. And if in the revolution that is going to take place in Spain -Franco died on Nov 20th 1975, ten days after- violence is needed, as it’s been needed in other countries, I will be quick to practise it.

Just as a remembrance of the all the people who was unjustly killed there, and who have had no recognition from any political regime or party, I post this photo:

Common burial number 2 from Paracuellos del Jarama

Some of my relatives were killed there. But I don’t hate this man, even when what he did and what he is doing is despicable. How on earth someone at his age (91) is thinking with such hate for other people?

También en: Ser Libre, Todo un hombre de Estado, Totum Revulutum.

Pope Benedict XVIth has authorised this Monday the order by which 148 consacred men and woman and 1 secular woman are recognised as martyrs after being killed by communists in 1936 and 1937.


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I have found through Spanish blog El Cerrajero that there are some huge Western Comparies who are sposoring a calendar in which “members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, government departments and leaders” are shown.

The firms are

Marvellous eh?

The author of the blog asks:

what are now doing these famous Western corporations in China?

The same that Google and Yahoo do. The calendar is for sale and costs between $45 and $70 .

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