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I wrote yesterday about US giving misile to North Korea. Noisy Room.Net has a link to Captain’s Quarters Blog about the same topic:

The Japanese have spent the post-war period trying to live down their militaristic past. That past includes some quite a history on the Korean Peninsula, where their actions still reverberate to this day. Make no mistake; Kim Jong-Il’s threat against the Japanese comes not just from ideological motivations but also from a strong sense of vengeance for Japanese atrocities in the not-so-distant past. While Japan has changed tremendously since those final days of empire, they have yet to live down their actions in that region.

Now Japan may have to face the irony of re-militarization as a consequence of the atrocities of their grandfathers. It appears they have little choice, with North Korea wanting to make a habit out of launching missiles as “tests” over their territory. They agreed to send a small but significant force to Iraq, a singular event for a nation that had resolved to keep its military for strictly home defense. Now, with Pyongyang threatening their security, they may have to consider nuclearization as at least a negotiating tactic and possibly as a MAD strategy. Without doubt, they will need to make themselves part of the American umbrella against missile attacks, a defense that had been so controversial just a few years ago.

Japanese will start to produce their Patriot missiles according to Defense Industry Daily.


Well, really we must not worry about Kim Song Il, but about USA, Murtha dixit:

American presence in Iraq is more dangerous to world peace than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran, U.S. Rep. John Murtha, D-Pa., said to a crowd of more than 200 in North Miami Saturday afternoon.

Read at Tangled Web.

The Big Picture comments about this:

What does the average person make of a headline like this, from the Arizona Daily Star?

Murtha says US poses top threat to world peace.

La Russofobe points to a possible visit of Kim Song Il to Russia:

South Korean newspaper Choson ilbo yesterday reported that Kim Jong-il’s special armored train crossed the border of Russia. Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and frontier and railway administration said they don’t know anything about Kim Jong-il’s arrival. Experts believe the visit is quite likely, especially because North Korean leader has urgent problems to discuss with the Kremlin.

Choson ilbo informed that several witnesses saw Kim Jong-il’s special armored train cross Russian border. The date was not specified. Foreign Affairs Ministries of Russia and South Korea said they have no information concerning Kim Jong-il’s visit to Russia.

Foreign Affairs Ministry of China and US Department of State refrained from giving comments. Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe said that Japanese government is now clearing up the situation. Press Secretary of Far East Railroad’s Vladivostok branch Alexander Artamonov stated that his “department does not have any information on North Korean leader’s trips to Russia.”

Also DNA India has published this.

Regime Change Iran quotes a NYT article about the similar strategy Iran and North Korea are pursuing:

it has become clear that the two countries are also pursuing similar diplomatic strategies. North Korea’s threat to launch a long-range ballistic missile seems a clear echo of Iran’s recent strategy of resuming production of nuclear fuel. Iran was aiming to extract concessions from the Bush administration, and it has already won some modest diplomatic gains.

[By the way, the photo is marvellous, eh?]

If finally North Korea launches the missile, Japan could impose sanctions.

And it’s possible than the missile test could take place. Enzo Reale, from 1972, have sent me by email his article in Italian newspaper L’Opinione, in which he says that the presence of fuel in the surroundings of the missile-launcher. I translate the most important ideas -from my point of view-:

in 1998, a Taepodong I flied over Japan causing alarm and the reaction of the US Senate. It was next year when the moratory over the missile testing was signed. Pyongyang [as in that momment] does not confirm or deny anything, a tactical movement which is revelled as triomphant over Western diplomacy.

[…] Pyongyand has been succesful, because he has come again to the first place of the international scene and can then suppose that he is going to be granted more concessions in the new multilateral talks about the nuclear question. Assuming the nature of Him’s Goulag, no one can even imagine that he does not know the consequences of this king of movements.

[…] The test of the Taepodong 2 is in the end the last proof to consider that North Korea possess the know-how to develop the following version of the missile, the Taepodong 3, with power to fire into the interior of the US territory.

More as ever, in Occidentality. It contains the demand by US Senators to demand the White House to speak directly with N.Korea -I do not know how they are going to convince the other 4 negotiatiors- and Bush statement.

Also in: The Astute Blogger, Blue Star Chronicles -from which I have taken the cartoon, hehe-, Hyscience, Hyscience, Gateway Pundit, JunkyardBlog,

UDPATE: Hugo Chávez has announced he will visit Pyongyang to finish agreements on technology and scientific matters, but he did not give more details. Sean McCormack, Speaker of the US State Department, has said that he is not sure of what Chávez wants, but that “giving N. Korea’s aim, it is somewhat worrying“.

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Global Warming

The other day I saw this video in Ajopringue:

I have founded this post -marvellous one- about Global Warming from Darwin Catholic. Enjoy.


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ONe of the things that stroke more the investigators of the March 11th bombings in Madrid was how they were carried out. The fact that the bombs were detonated with mobiles was a “new” way of causing death. EL MUNDO has been making a very important journalist investigation about the “black holes” of the political and judicial investigation. Today they have published that ETA had made temporisers with mobiles back in 2002:

ETA had used mobile phones for terrorist attacks, but as a radio-command, But, the members of the Special Group for Deactivation of Explosives (GEDEX) of the Civil Guard localised in the apartment of the Piamonte St. some notes in esukera in which they described the proofs made by the Txirrita command to use the mobiles as temporizers, as the terrorists did in March 11th bombings.

The difference beetween the two classes is very easy to explain, although, it has several important consequences. When the mobiles is used as radio-command, what the terrorist want is that the bomb explodes after he makes a call. That means he has to be very near the place where it has to explode, because what he wants is to cause the maximum damage possible when the objective is near it. ETA has used them a lot against members of the Spanish Security Forces.

But if you use the mobile as temporizer, it is not necessary for the terrorist to be near the bomb. What the terrorist wants is to activate it without any interference (for example, the ones caused by machines used for inhibit frequency) in a pre-arranged momment. In this case, what it’s programmed is the alarm-clock (which it’s activated even when the mobile is off). So when the alarm goes on, it trasmit all the necessary energy to make the detonator explode. That is the way the culprits of Madrid bombings used the mobiles.

Several modified mobiles were found on 2002 and even a book with notes written in euskara, possibly by ETA terrorist Balbino Sánchez Olarra, who was electronic engineer. In the same register, Spanish Police found nearly 100 kilos of sodic clorate; 14 kilos of sulfur to make cloratite; 88 kilos of Tytadine Dynamite; 10 meters of detoning cable; 64 detonators and several temporisers. AND 3 MOBILE PHONES ALCATEL ONE TOUCH.

Even when they founded that, this information was kept hidden from the Judge. Even the Socialist Interior Minister, Rubalcaba, supported this idea in the Parliament, when was asked about the bombings.

Everything was discovered, though, by a report issued by Sánchez Manzano, from the Central Unity of Explosives’ Deactivation, who was sent last april to Judge Del Olmo.

This is the photo of the temporisers of ETA:

It’s written “Segurtasun Temporizadorea”, mark normally used by ETA in their temporisers.

Ex-Interior Minister Acebes has said that he was not informed about these facts.

Today we have been informed that the police found other temporiser, manipulated just teh way ETA did it. This time was in the house of Mohammed Almallah, one of the accused for the March 11th bombings who belonged to PSOE after the first time he was detained. In the summary of the March 11th bombings there are no mentions to this temporiser. In the same appartment was also obtained a notification from the Courts of Madrid issued to Maussili Kalaji, the policemen who freed the mobile phones of March 11th bombings, in a shop of his own.

Blogs treating this issue: Anghara, DOCE DOCE, zetapolleces, Apolo, Kickjor.


UPDATE: More photos:

The photo says: “the first image shows the manipulation on the mobile phone’s vibrator, for being able to weld the cables, while the second shows the perforation in the outer part to extract them and join them to the explosive. Both photos were taken by the Civil Guard“.

Mobil phone found in the Piamonte St. to Txirrita Command, prepared to be used as temporiser for bombs.

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Yesterday, Aznar was given the prize Jesús María Pedrosa (with video), who remembers the PP Councilman of that name murdered by ETA in June 4th 2000. The reason for it is “his support and compromise with terrorism’s victims in all his political life“.

He was insulted by some “abertzale” youths who were at the entrance of the hotel where the prize was given. Their shouts were mixed with the “freedom, freedom” that was shouted by PP militants who were also at the entrance. One of them even has intended to go near the “batasunos”.

In his speech, Aznar called Batasuna “ETA’s Trojan Horse for cheating the defenses of both the State of Law and the constitutional order”.”To negotiate politically with the illegalized party is a “mocking of legality and it means the submission of the political future of the Basque Country, in particular, and of Spain, in general, to the terrorists’ capacity of coertion”. He has called also for a rebelion, similar to the one who existed against nazism, fascism and communism. Mr Zapatero would answer he wants the Nobel Prize for the ending of ETA terrorism as the own terrorists were saying in a phone call, intervened by police, last March, 2005.

In the investigation of the payments to ETA, today is going to declare Javier Arzalluz and tomorrow will declare Gorka Aguirre. Judge Grande-Marlaska has freed the 2 businessmen detained because they paid ETA, because the prosecutor’s office has not accused them formally. The judge’s accusation was based in the declarations of the businessmen who put on the record at the payment they were doing it “because they wanted, that is was voluntarily made to benefit the “peace process”“.

PSOE is critisizing -as ever- Judge Grande-Marlaska and PP are critisizing them: yesterday was Rajoy, who said the Judge is only “doing his job”. But also Enrique Múgica, Socialist, whose brother was killed by ETA, told reporters yesterday “we cannot labeled this as a “peace process”, when the murderers, that is, ETA terrorists, do not show any repentance“. “We cannot compare this with Northern Ireland, there are no civil war here between bullies, here the bullies were only from a side and have killed more than 900 people“. And the Basque Government has asked the General Prosecutor of the State, to act against the Judge (HT: Apolo).

The businessmen from Basque Country and Navarra are going to unify their efforts to fight the terrorists by building an association. Its goal will be to denounce their defenceless state and speak aloud against ETA extorsion and the negotiation. But not all of them will stand out: they fear violence and attacks from the “abertzale leftists“.

Yesterday two ETA terrorists tried to be expelled from their trial by kicking the bullet-proof cristal which protects them from the public attending the process. They also said: “We are not going to answer any question, we are proud of belonging to ETA”. They are accused of killing a Civil Guard who intended to identify them (December 17th 2002), when they were going to Madrid for bombing several establishments of “El Corte Inglés”, a famous Spanish department store, on December 31th of that same year. They were carrying 130 kg of explosives.

As it’s presumed that tomorrow Mr. Zapatero will announce the beginning of the negotiation, the victims are going to give him their signatures against negotiation collected today in a vigil in Paseo del Prado (Madrid).

But the real problem is that we are going into a new State, without ANY vote -anything similar to Italy and its vote over the federalism is just a mere coincidence- and who consists in imposing a new social model, from the revision of the role of the Catholic Church -today PP MP, Mr Cuesta, has proposed to eliminate the public finance of the Church and last week to eliminate in Andalucía the crucifixes from public shools– and the historical memory, to the new Education Law or the gay marriage -yesterday was presented the first demand to obtain the divorce of a gay couple HT: Liberal Ripense-. In the new “social model“, the ETA negotiation is so important, because we do not know if the “aim of peace” justifies for him the methods for achieving it.

Bloggers writing about this: Etimologías, Prevost, Prevost,

NOTE: I am in favour of the Church’s self-financing: that way, this band of thugs peaceful-loving-respectful-caring-amiable people that we have for Government would not be one day and the next menacing with its financing. They have also said “the assistance activities of the Church will not be menaced by the new financing“. They are absolutely FEARFUL of what is going to happen, as the Catholic Church in Spain is the most important “holding” for assistance and help. I will post some day numbers of its labour.

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