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There was some time since I post the last time with Qumana. And it has now new possibilites with the new beta 4, that is now available for download in Qumana's website. You can change the size, change the font, and you can also cross out things. There is also a new image feature that lets you align correctly the photos.

With it I can also post to both of my blogs, without any problem.

But what it has not have is the possibility to change the colors.

I will post more about it when I have used it more…

UPDATE: As you can see, here you cannot change the size, change the font and the upload feature does not function.

Well, I am going to upload the image:


It is from Ironic Catholic

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Jabier Arzaluz was during a lot of time, president of the Basque Nationalist Party. In his youth he prepared to be a Catholic priest, but very little of what he learned was after used when he was a politician. Once, referring to ETA, he said “Some people are moving the tree and we will take the walnuts“. That is, he was saying that while ETA was doing the dirty work, Basque Nationalist Party was going to get the benefits.

Today Spanish Judge Grande Marlaska, in the process referring to the extorsion of businessmen in Basque Country and Navarra (EL MUNDO, ABC, La Razón, Libertad Digital -HT Ajopringue-, Yahoo España -HT: DOCE DOCE) is interviewing Javier Arzalluz and Gorka Aguirre, this latter being one of the detained in the French-Spanish operation against ETA financial net.

Socialist Party is very nervous and has voiced that they are pretty sure Basque Nationalist Party does not have any relationship with ETA terrorists. The BNP speaker, Íñigo Urkullu, has expressed the support of the party to the “work to find paths to peace” and has called these acts, “practices of judicial-show policy“. “We do not know if this is just the ending acts of the National Court or if this is a storm cloud which menaces the peace process”.

They are not worried about the people who had been living menaced by the extorsionists, but of the consequences of this judicial process for the “walnuts” of ETA acts. I must say this people are, for me, more responsible for ETA crimes because they are the ones who had applauded the terrorists. I remember the face of Ibarreche, lehendakari -president- of Basque Country, when Miguel Ángel Blanco was killed. His face was white, pale. They thought the social movement Blanco’s death generated was going to end ETA, and so people were not going to be scared and to vote to whom they really wanted. I am not saying they were goint to vote to non-nationalist parties, but they really thought that Basque Nationalist Party was going to me not more than a vulgar party as Koldo San Sebastián said in the Nationalist newspaper Deia on July 24th, 2001. But no real unity happened for a long time. Power is a very good thing to be wasted on good principles.

But if this critics to Grande-Marlaska are NOT striking, there are others who are NOT either. Gaspar Llamazares, leader of IU -United Left- and fervient admirer of Cuban Dictator Castro, has said that “no one has any right to boycott the peace process with military pronunciations nor judicial over-actings“. “These are interferences of a State of Right more that of a State of Law“.

So now for this anti-war “activist”, pro-Islamic and anti-Catholic moonbat, the judicial processes are “interferences“. The State of Law has some requirements and one of them is the separation of powers. So the Judges examine people’s acts to see if they are culprits and responsible for them and the MPs shut up and work on their area. And for work, I am referring myself to laws that are needed NOW: inmigration, crime, economy, corruption, etc. Not the kind of “we are defending the Second Republic, regime with no defects”, as they have done just this same week naming 2006 “Year of Historical Memory”.

[Among others declarations from Llamazares is this one: “The actual Government was born with the support of the left with a change process which was originated on March 11 and that includes the social forces and political organizations which want world peace and also progress and change in our country” HT: Socialista Honrado. Amazing, eh?]

Meanwhile, the police has said ETA has sent 30 letters of extortion this june. The terrorists, in an “affable way“, tell the adressees that “they are inviting them to take part in the construction of our people“. “The fight for Euskal Herría is very expensive and thanks to the help of the citizenry we can come face to face with Spanish and French states“. “We would be very grateful if your financial help will be done in notes of 20, 50 and 100 euros“.

But the violence menaces in yet another part of Spain: Galicia. Radical Galician independentists reappear with 3 explosives in highways. This was one of the fears some Galician have expressed some time ago: that as Mr. Zapatero was going to fulfill ETA’s wishes, and had only killed nearly 1.000 people, Galician independentists -who also had some time ago a terrorist organization called Exercito Guerrilleiro do Pobo Galego Ceibe– were going to begin a similar campaign. As a result of the explosions, a truck, worth 400.000 euros, was violently burned out and a excavator worth 200.000 exploded. The Special Forces of Civil Guard for Explosives Devices have concluded the people who did them have “technical knowledge“. (bloggers commenting this: Intelestual, el último patriota, Druida AntiZP, El Paraíso Perdido, Galicia Liberal).

To all this “panorama”, we have to add that most of these processes are going to be transferred to Mr Garzón, who has been this last year in New York .

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