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Judge Grande Marlaska (right) has interviewed today 4 of the people detained yesterday on charges of collaborating with the extortion net of ETA terrorists. The interviewed are Joseba Imanol Elosúa Urbieta (aged 72), José Carmelo Luquín Vergara (aged 31), Ramón Sagarzazu Olazaguirre (aged 69) e Ignacio Aristizábal Iriarte (aged 59).

Apparently they had been operating since 20 years ago. Their commitment was the management and collecting the “revolutionary tax” from businessmen of Basque Country and Navarra.

Rajoy (right) asked yesterday to the Government if they really had any compromises with ETA. He described the situation saying that “ETA is scolding the Government and telling them what they must do“. “The Government has my support to tell ETA we are going to win over you, we are going after you and we are not going to pay any political price“.

Mr Rodríguez Zapatero has answered that “we have to be quiet and have perspective“. “I ask for calm because the decisive phase has no begun yet“.

But Diego López Garrido, PSOE MP, denies there is terrorism right now. Nevertheless, very near midnight, the PSOE Offices at Burlada (Navarra) were attacked by “unknown people“. They threw red and yellow paintings. The Socialist Councilman, Silvio Lozano has said that this attack is repeated for long now.

Today “unkown peoplealso have attacked a Mail Office in San Sebastian and a cash dispenser in Vizcaya (right). This last one was put to fire and threw 2 cócteles Molotov. The Mail Office was also burned but the firemen arrived on time and no one was hurt.

Basques Socialists have also denied condemnation of these acts, when asked about them by PP. Socialist José Antonio Pastor has said that if the “peace process is going OK between Government and ETA, we would have to think about some movements in the world of detained“.

Batasuna has said that the attacks “are just a reflection of the present situation“, that, according to Barrena (left), should be much more advanced. “These actions are a pity but are going to disappear when the measures of repression of Spanish state ” –translation: the detention of ETA terrorists-. “They are just “clear answers to some actions that are been carried on daily by the Government“. “Unfortunately, the three month-time ETA gave is nearly finished and the Government is carrying on a sketch relationed with the past of our people, like detentions, provisional measures, and national courts “.

This guy is clearly against the ETA murderers being tried, right? This is as Bush would negotiate with Bin Laden not more detentions and coffee and muffins for terrorists outside the prisons…

Garrido also said about the ETA’s communiqué that “what is important is what ETA does and not what ETA says“. He also denied any compromises between the Government and ETA, something that was procalimed by the terrorists in their communiqué. He also said that if “the Government says there is no terrorist activity, people should believe them“.

Of course, after detaining the financial net which was extortioning NOW, we SHOULD believe the Government.

Judge Grande-Marlaska has also forbidden Otegi’s -president of Batasuna, political wing of ETA- participation in Barcelona’s Tribune, because he was going to act as “Batasuna’s speaker“, not as an individual. The judge reminds that his participation is one of the forbidden actions included in the order issued last Jan. 17th, when the same judge determined the suspension of Batasuna’s activities. The Official Prosecutor did not see any crime in that –have not read the order I guess-. The act has been cancelled. Among the contributors of this act, were Barcelona City council and the province’s office and also the Generalitat. The Catalan MP from PP, Fernández Díaz has protested this act.

French police is also letting the ETA terrorists move freely. The terrorists are going on holidays “on shorts and with everything“. They are going to various quieter places, included Spain. “We have seen them and no one has prevented them for exiting the country“.

Judge Grande-Marlaska is following also the process of the agent who tipped ETA about the investigation. He has changed Telesforo Rubio, the General Chief of the Central Office of Information. Sources have said there has been a strong dispute between the Judge and the Mr. Rubio. This last one gained popularity because he wrote his declaration for the March 11th Bombings commision in the Offices of PSOE in Gobelas St. The investigation has been declared secret. (HT: Ajopringue).

If our own police is tipping the terrorists about the policial investigations, I cannot critisize French police for letting them exit the country.

Mr Zapatero has also eliminated the post of High Comissionate for the Terrorism’s Victims. For that job was appointed Mr. Peces-Barba -who said that Carrillo, the killer of Paracuellos, was one of the goods and the people who were not at his homage, were the bad-, and there will be no sucessor (HT: DOCE DOCE).


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I do not have much time today to post. But I have to post these photos of Venezuela. You can see more in the blog of Martha Colmenares (in Spanish).

And after that Zapatero is selling weapons to Chávez…

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