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Some days ago I wrote about an anti-terrorism operation against ETA which was not thwarted because someone tipped ETA. The Government denied the information.

Today Spanish newspaper EL MUNDO reports the Anti-Terrorism Judge Fernando Grande-Marlaska is investigating if Spanish Police was the one who tipped the ETA terrorists [I will translate it].

The judge coordinated the last new anti-terrorist operation with French Judge Le Vert against ETA financial net. 7 were detained in France, 5 in Spain.

But, acoording to Fernando Lázaro, this same operation could have been done on May 4th. But was not made till this Tuesday, because the day it was going to be done there were some unexpected developments.

According to Sources from National Court, that same day, when Joseba Elosúa (one of the detained in the last operation) was going out his house, someone approached him and told him he was been followed and controlled by police, also advising him not to realise the payment he was due to make that same day, because he was going to be detained. This same man also gave him a portable phone with which they maintained a conversation.

The State Police Forces knew these facts because of the police interventions of the phones of the suspected people. In the conversations, the detained Joseba Elosúa identifies a member of the Police Force as the one who informed him about the police plans.

This situation has arisen a great unrest between the Policemen working in the Central Office of Information because this “surprise” was not the only one.

The eve of the unrealised “meeting”, there was another meeting between Joseba Elosúa and a leader of Basque Nationalist Party. According to sources from National Court, this meeting was held on May 3rd in a cider bar in Rentería. Investigators are trying to proof that this leader of BNP (PNV, in Spanish) was giving them money from the ETA extortion of Basque businessmen. It looks like it’s the same quantity, 60.000 €, that the day after Elosúa was going to give to th French collector, Cau Aldanur, also detained this Tuesday.

Marvellous, eh?

If this is confirmed, I do not know what is going to happen.

Batiburrillo also reports that there were some home-made explosives (here called cóctel molótov) thrown against a car shop in Vitoria and “unkown people” made some red paintings in Bilbao in the Office of the Socialists.

They also link to EL MUNDO were Maria del Mar Blanco, sister of Miguel Ángel, the PP councilman killed by ETA, says that “everything was prepared in advance. It is clear they do not repent of what they did. They were even proud of the kidnapping and murder of my brother“.

Blogs which are treating this issue: Anghara.

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