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Read at La Razón:

The Council has 14 members -one of them is Aznar now- does not have executive powers and meets in any city of the world, although the central site is in New York. Its functions are mainly strategic, taking decisions on future perspectives.

Aznar is the first non-Anglo-saxon member and was proposed personally by Mr. Murdoch.

And Spanish people changed Mr Aznar for Mr Zapatero. There are days in which it’s better not to wake up…

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In a communiqué (PDF) sent by ETA, after yesterday’s detentions, ETA has also asked Spanish Government that “no legislation, Law order, or Consitution should be an obstacle for what the Basque country demands”. “ETA’s will and desire to reach, using dialogue and negotiation, a durable and just peace with Spanish State is total”, and “warns about the intents to mischief the Basque People”. Apàrt from the autodetermination, they are asking for Navarra’s annexation and the cease of the Judges acts against them, calling the measures taken against the ETA members as “exception and repressive” ones.

ETA has so much “will” and “desire” to reach a “durable and just peace” that ysterday 12 people were detained and can be acused of belonging to terrorist band and of catching funds for terrorist bands.

Rajoy has said that “a negotiation with Batasuna is against the EU rules”, as Batasuna is illegalised according to them. “Or is the President taking steps for it to be cleared from the list?”. Outside the Parliament, in the street, some hundreds of people have gone to protest against the President, in a march for the dignity of ETA vitims. They were gicing people white roses except to PSOE MPs that were given them stained with red ink. One has been given to Mr Zapatero, sating: “This is from Miguel Angel Blanco”. Prevost has told about it in his blog.

As a said yesterday, one of the detained is the founder of ETA, Julen Madariaga. If you read Spanish, just read this post by Spanish blogger, Fernando Díaz Villanueva. It’s worth it. Other detained is a journalist from Cadena SER (one of the MSM controlled by leftist holding PRISA), Jean Pierre Harocarene.

About the Catalonian Statute, both Aragón (ruled by PSOE) and the Balearic Islands (ruled by PP) are going to appeal it before the Constitutional Tribunal because of the appropiation Catalonia makes of the Archive of the Crown of Aragón, whose capital was never in Catalonia. (HT Librepensador racionalista).

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Where were CBS editors?

China plans to land on Moon… with a Japanese flag. 😉

Coutesy of CBS (and LGF).

HT: Barcepundit.

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Yesterday was the birthday of this women, the opposition leader to Burma’s military Junta.

Now 61, she is still on house arrest because she won the elections back in 1990 over the Burma’s military Junta. Lately she was let an interview with UN official. As I said there, US is right in their intention of referring the Military Junta to the UN Security Council, although the present state of UN does not make me have a good feeling about what they could do.

HT: The Bos’un in Causes of Interest who also speaks of the prayers from the Bhuddist monks all around the world.

Le Monde (FR) also refers to the fact that she was awarded the Peace Nobel Price in 1991. It also says that some years ago, the Junta promised to follow a path to democracy which involved 7 stages. The first one was to write a Constitution for the country, and it’s yet unfinished.

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From ABC News:

President Bush won solid European support Wednesday for his handling of escalating nuclear crises with North Korea and Iran but was challenged over the Iraq war, the U.S. prison camp in Cuba and rising anti-American sentiment.

“That’s absurd,” Bush snapped at a news conference in response to an assertion that the United States was regarded as the biggest threat to global security. “We’ll defend ourselves but at the same time we’re actively working with our partners to spread peace and democracy.

Unbidden, Austrian Chancellor Wolfgang Schuessel rose with an impassioned defense that seemed even to surprise the president.

I think it’s grotesque to say that America is a threat to the peace in the world compared with North Korea, Iran, a lot of countries,” Schuessel said. Europe would not enjoy peace and prosperity if not for U.S. help after World War II, he said.

That is true.

Roucaute says Gitmo is a necessity on the WoT. Bush has also agreed to talk about the World Trade Organization Agreement.

But the position of Europe -and of France in particular- is specially striking when our politicians are not attacking Chirac with the same violence as they are using with Bush. The difference is important because today some French have been condemned because of a coup d’état in Comores Islands, although NOT imprisoned because the sentence maintains they had the backing of Mr Chirac. You can go over and read Fausta’s blog or All Things Beautiful.

This is a blow for France because as Captain’s Ed says:

Chirac used just that pose to protect Saddam Hussein from an American invasion in the early months of 2003, attempting to shield France from the revelations of the Oil-For-Food scam as well as protect its corporate interests in Iraq. The French made quite a show about their disavowal of violence in the service of regime change, skipping over the sixteen unenforced UN Security Council resolutions that Saddam defiantly ignored. Now we find out that the French have no problems with military intervention for regime change, and only differ in the level of honesty involved.

France and Chirac owe an explanation of this episode. They won’t give one, but they owe it nonetheless.

I do not think they are going to give one at all.

As Fausta says:

France2 news last evening was totally silent on the Comoros story; instead, they had a long feature on the opening of the new Jacques Chirac museum (“his legacy to the nation”), officially named the Musée du Quai Branly. No, the museum doesn’t have an Oil-For-Food wing, a Clearstream room, or a lunch money cafeteria, but it is a “focus of accusation” since apparently many of the new museum`s artifacts, which include a large commission of Australian Aboriginal art in addition to a large African art collection, were obtained inappropriately.

Well, that is normal in French press….

I have to say this reminds me of another facts: the Ivory Coast ones. I remember how I was surprised about France shooting unarmed civilians and no MSM in Spain published anything about it. Of course, French MSM did not say anything and I think that it was not a world-wide hit.

No one of the anti-war moonbats said the least to this day about them being warmongers, about the necessity of subject to anti-genocide tribunals or something. Or have congratulated Bush for being called to help Ivorians at that time. French General Poncet has been punished for not telling their superiors about the suffocation of an Ivory Coast Man. In Spain this thing has not been published at all by the MSM. Some time ago I saw a video that was simply astonishing about how the shootings were made: people were just normally protesting surrounded by tanks and then, as someone in the crowd makes a movement and is suspected to have a gun, the French military shoots (you can see it in the link to freewillblog above, in the commentary section). While Ivorians think France is the problem, it is considered worldwide as the good guy.

And now it happens again with Comores.

But Chirac is not the only nervous one. Yesterday’s episode in French parliament proofs it:

French PM Dominique de Villepin has apologised for an angry outburst directed at the opposition Socialist leader in parliament on Tuesday.

He “regretted” the outburst and said he would like to take back his words.

Mr de Villepin had repeatedly accused Francois Hollande of cowardice after he criticised the PM’s handling of several major issues.

Senior Socialists reacted furiously, with some calling for his resignation and others threatening a walkout.

You can see by yourself the video here (in French).

This outburst came as a result of the problems regarding EADS and Airbus. The president Noel Forgeard has sold shares and stock-options for 2.5 million of euros and his son has done the same. This happened when the company was losing value to 3/4. This is even worsened by the construction of the new A-380, that suffers from an important delay. No Pasarán has also a post about the scandal.

Nevertheless, the popularity level of both Chirac and De Villepin has come up 3 points and they have 29% and 26% of favourable opinions. According to CSA, both are profiting from the Soccer World Cup.

Spanish Press does not report these two news very much. El Mundo says Villepin publicy asks for excuses for his hard attacks on the opposition’s chief. And El Pais titles the information “Villepin asks for excuses to the opposition’s chief after calling him a coward“. As you can see, not a very important coverage. About the condemned people from Comoros Islands, nothing is said.

Related posts: The last French scandal.

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BBC NEWS | Middle East |

One of the main lawyers defending former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein at his trial has been shot dead. Khamis al-Obeidi’s body was found dumped in the capital, Baghdad, hours after he was abducted from his home.
Defence lawyers have frequently complained that they have not been given enough protection, calling the trial’s fairness into question.
Two other defence lawyers were murdered last year in the early stages of the trial, which is set to end next month. Chief defence lawyer Khalil al-Dulaimi said Mr Obeidi was abducted from his home in Baghdad’s southern Doura district at 0700 local time (0300 GMT) by men wearing police uniforms.
Police said Mr Obeidi’s body was found near the Shia district of Sadr City. Unlike Mr Dulaimi, who travels between Amman in Jordan and Baghdad, Mr Obeidi had chosen to continue living in the Iraqi capital despite tenuous security, Associated Press news agency reports
Mr Obeidi was in court on Monday to hear the prosecution team make its closing arguments. The prosecutors called for Saddam Hussein and two of his seven co-defendants to be put to death for war crimes. Saddam Hussein in court Prosecutors have called for Saddam Hussein’s execution The trial has now adjourned and judges will consider their verdict after final defence arguments on 10 July.
The defendants deny being responsible for the deaths of 148 Shia Muslim villagers in the 1980s. The men are accused of launching a crackdown in the village of Dujail after a failed assassination attempt on Saddam Hussein.

This is very rare: he is abducted by men wearing police uniforms AND his body appears near Sadr City. Or very clear…

ABC News: Bodies of 2 Missing GIs Recovered in Iraq

The U.S. military recovered the bodies Tuesday of two missing soldiers from an area it said was rigged with explosives. An Iraqi official said the Americans were tortured and killed in a “barbaric” way.

An insurgent group claimed the new leader of al-Qaida in Iraq executed the men personally, but it offered no evidence. The U.S. military did not confirm whether the soldiers died from wounds suffered in an attack Friday or were kidnapped and later killed.

The discovery of the bodies dealt a new setback to U.S. efforts to seize the momentum against al-Qaida in Iraq after killing its leader, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, in a June 7 airstrike. Violence was unabated Tuesday, with at least 18 people killed in attacks nationwide, including a suicide bombing of a home for the elderly in the southern city of Basra.

Coalition forces spotted the American soldiers’ bodies late Monday, three days after the men disappeared following an attack on their checkpoint south of the capital, the military said. But troops delayed retrieving the remains until an explosives team cleared the area after an Iraqi civilian warned them to be alert for explosive devices.

“Coalition forces had to carefully maneuver their way through numerous improvised explosive devices leading up to and around the site,” the military said in a statement. “Insurgents attempting to inflict additional casualties had placed IEDs around the bodies.”

It is curious: it is an IRAQI civilian the one who points out the possibility of the existence of explosive devices.

Anyway, THEY WERE KILLED AND TORTURED IN A BARBARIC WAY. Ehh, well, Spanish press releases:

La Razón -right-: on front page, AlQaida tortures and murders two GIs in Bagdad.
El Mundo -center right- : it reports the murder of Saddam’s lawyer, and then in a link at the bottom right of the page it says “Related news: Founded dead 2 disappeared Us soldiers“. And in the news it mentions -then, after three clicks and because I was searching for it- that “they have found them with torture signs“. It says: These deaths are a great blow for the US Army after the death of Abu Musab Al-Zarqaui […] US forces which are searching for insurgents related with the higher chiefs of Al-Qaeda“. But it reports about the Meeting in Europe on first page, which is “centered on Guantánamo and Iran“. Oh and it has a special video about the Israeli attack on Gaza.
ABC -in transition-: does not comment on this subject on front page, but reports there that one of the Guantamano detainees who committed suicide was repatriated without some vital organs -brain heart, among others-. Inside International news comments in very second importance: US finds the bodies of the two dissapeared soldiers on Iraq. Inside the page they mention the signs of torture, “which are very clear”.
Libertad Digital -right-: mentions it on the page of International news “Signals of shots and torture on their bodies. Founded near Bagdad the corpses of the 2 disappeared US soldiers“.
Pais.es -left-: insists on the first page that the flights of CIA and Guantánamo are gliding over the summit in Viena. It has an animation of the “supposed” flights of CIA and a link with the title “US image, free fall”. And then in a very little title just not to consider it, in the lowest part of the International news it says “Founded ded in Iraq 2 soldiers with torture signals”. It is just a brief note. And below a great ad “Subscribe Now”. He, he, he, he…
Antena 3 TV: it also reports the death of one of the lawyers of Saddam Hussein -this is something all of them are reporting-. Here they say “Iran and Iraq are the central issues of the Austrian Summit between EU and US“. And then in a very low profile reports about the US soldiers.
Telecinco -Berlusconi TV in Spain and the most anti-US of all, it is called “Tele-ass” among other “affable names”- A thousand of students demonstrate against Bush in Vienna “armour-plated” for the Summit“. It also insists on Guantanamo and the prisoners, in the murder of the Saddam Hussein’s lawyers and in the murder of three Palestinian children in Gaza by the Israeli Army. The most recent news of the US GIs are from two days ago: Al-Qaida claims the kidnapping of 4 Russian diplomats and 2 Us soliders. Of the torture and death, there is nothing on the web.

Who is the surprised about the anti-US sentiment in Spain?

This was for the other blog, but as I have sent it here… here remains 😉

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