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Your Blogging Type is Logical and Principled

You like to voice your well thought out opinions on your blog.
And if someone doesn’t what you write, you really don’t care!
Serious and blunt, sometimes people take your blog the wrong way.
But you’re a true and loyal friend to those who truly get you.

Yes, it is right. 😉 I’m very serious…

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First go here to see the video called “The Odysee of life” -I cannot include it myself because wordpress.com does not let you include Daily Motion videos-.

When you finish play the button and see this video:

Founded here.

Impressive, ¿eh?



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Dan Rather is considering many different possibilities to pursue upon his retirement from CBS — including blogging. According to the NY Times:Dan Rather also said that in April, in anticipation of what seemed to be his imminent departure from CBS,he had formed a company — he named it News and Guts, in a nod to what
he considers the pillars of his professional life — through which he
plans to create several other journalism ventures, including, perhaps,
a blog. (Though he has not yet settled on a title, he says he has ruled
out one: "I'd Rather Say This.")

Hmmm, I will not comment anything ;).

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from FOXNews

President Hugo Chavez has plans to build a factory for manufacturing Russian AK-103 assault rifles, otherwise known as Kalashnikov rifles, sparking fears he may try to arm rebels in other South American nations.

Chavez denies such ambitions, saying his government bought 100,000 Russian-made AK-103 assault rifles and al icense from Moscow to make Kalashnikovs and ammunition, to defend the nation against “the most powerful empire in history” — the United States.

Political opponents and critics suspect the president and former paratrooper hasother intentions, such as providing foreign allies like Bolivia and communist-led Cuba with arms while forging a hemisphericanti-Washington military alliance.

“Our president has always had a warlike mentality, but now it appears this mentality is turning into a mission that could easily extend to other parts of Latin America,” said William Ojeda, a journalist and former Chavez ally who plans to challenge the president in Decemberpresidential elections.

Chavez has said “Venezuelan blood would run” if the United States were to invade Cuba or Bolivia, but has never said Venezuela would provide them with weapons.

Bolivian President, Evo Morales, has said just the same.

And the last paragraph quoted is a least rare at the most… Providing them with weapons is a much more “unknown” movement: you only have to transport the weapons, not the men. But even in that case, normally, those men go with weapons, with Venezuelan weapons. And by the way, Bolivia has received Venezuelan soldiers as I wrote in the post mentioned. I have not heard of any US invasion of Bolivia.

UPDATE: Occidentality comments about the deaths of several journalists, after the threats to the free Press made by Chávez:

More gruesome is the news that a journalist has been murdered in Caracas. At VCrisis, we learn the fates of several other journalists:

Juan Manuel Carmona, owner of El Impulso newspaper was killed in a ‘car accident;’ Filippo Sindoni, owner of El Aragueño, another provincial newspaper and a TV station, was kidnapped and killed; Salvador Termini, owner of La Prensa de Monagas, yet another regional newspaper also died in a ‘car accident;’ and nowJose Joaquin Tovar has been killed. All deaths have occurred recently

This is really a bad path. The first symptom of a bad democracy is the existence of a controlled press. If the press does not “control” itself, the Government will “control” the “uncontrolled”… any way they can. If the “uncontrolled” carry on their path of “insubordination” (that is, of controlling the power) they are going to be reeducated or eliminated. 4 journalists who are opposed to Chávez have died in “obscure” circumstances, very similar to Mafia murders -you know, “just make it look like an accident”-. Yet, there will be people who will be pointing him as a freedom lover or a freedom supporter.

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Today has ended the oral part of the criminal process against Txapote (above) in the National Court. Txapote, accused of several very cruel murders in Spain, as a member of ETA , is famous because he was the one who killed Miguel Ángel Blanco, the PP councilman of Ermua (below), on July 12th 1997. Txapote shot him twice in the neck. Mr. Blanco, 29, worked as an economist and played, as a hobby in a little rock group called Pocker. His parents went to Basque Country from Galicia in the 60’s and marry there. He had only one more sister, María del Mar. He was affiliated to Popular Party and was going to marry soon. Below, the photo the police showed on TV for citizens to call in case he was seen. But the help arrived late and died.

Just to make a little contrast, this were the girlfriend –not the mother as I had written – and the sister of Mr. Blanco, back in the days where he was killed.

We have known today that both his father and mother are in psychiatric treatment and that his sister is going to begin one. His family founded an association some years ago to fight for his memory and that of the rest of the terrorist victims, whaetever the terrorist association that has killed them.

Today another 12 ETA followers have been detained, 7 in France and 5 in Spain. They were collecting money for the organisation. Between the detained thugs, there is Julen Madariaga, the founder of the terrorist band -who is now in a Platform, Aralar, who is supporting the idea of ETA giving up the weapons [very coherent…]- and Ángel Iturbe Abásolo, chief of the financing net.


So if you have a net to finance your terrorist activities then you are NOT for peace and for giving up your weapons. But that does not matter for the Government: Interior Minister Rubalcaba and Justice Minister López-Aguilar have said that this does not alter “the peace process”. Just as the demonstrations.

Spanish Civil Guard is interested in a blog named “ETA” after one of the leaders of Basque Nationalist Party adviced the “organization” that instead of killing they could begin blogging. And Ertzaintza, the Autonomus Basque Police, has informed that there is ahead a very hot summer, with lots of riots in the streets of Basque Country, that is of “kale Borroka” (literally street violence). They have added this is the pressure the people next to ETA are going to use to force -even more- the peace process.

[NOTE: all links in Spanish, except the links to this blog]

HT: Chesk in Prevost’s Blog.

UPDATE: There has been a lot of people outside the Court to support the Blanco’s family. Some images:

They even crossed Genova st, which is where the National Court is situated.

Ibarreche, the President -lehendakari- of the Basque Government has asked for forgiveness to the ETA victims. But normal people are against him, because of jhis lack of action against terrorists and his complacency with them. So Alcaraz, the president of the Terrorism’s Victims’ Association, considers his declarations as an insult.

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