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The Bolivian President, Evo Morales, has stated he is prepared to defend "with weapMorales durante el homenaje al 'Che' Guevara. (Foto: AFP)ons" an special attack of the US "empire"against his country, Cuba or Venezuela. Morales declared that in his speech of hommage to Ernesto Ché Guevara in the 78º anniversary of his birth, in a meeting in the Bolivian village of La Higuera, where the Argentinian-Cuban guerrilla man was executed in 1967."Now the people donot rise their weapons against the Empire", said referring tohisvictory last december and his different way of fighting than that of the Che. "What we are seeing now is that the Empire rises his weaponsagainst the people. If they did that to Cuba, Venezuela or Bolivia, weare ready to confront them and to defend it with weapons the countryand the natural resources and other social transformations", he warned..

Morales, dispuesto a defender 'con armas' un ataque del 'imperio' | elmundo.es

Well, I have only heard of a video-game which was about US intervention in a country similar to Venezuela…

Evo Morales will attend the Andean Bloc meeting, but Hugo Chávez won't. HT: Fausta, [who also writes in the same post about the new Caribbean market for drugs].

About Hugo Chávez, The American Thinker is publishing a review, about the Russian selling weapons to Venezuela. Publius Pundit also writes about this subject, who also reports about Chávez's ideas about free press:

“They hide behind a supposed freedom of speech,'’ said Chavez,who was wearing a green army uniform and red beret. “I don’t care what the oligarchs of the world say. We’veshown that we aren’t authoritarian or arbitrary.'

Also Chávez is sending troops to Bolivia, because of the rumours that Bolivian military was favourable to US and were having contact with US representatives. In the coming days,Venezuelan soliders will arrive in Bolivia. Some Bolivian civilservants have declared that they would not let any one stole theirsoverugnity and that this Venezuelan are only the fulfillment of somecooperation treaties between Bolivia and Venezuela. Chávez has also saidin a public meeting that "US has prepared special operations group topursue and finish the presidential time of the Bolivian leader". But USAmbassador has denied those rumours, assuring that those were "accusations with no base". Theoposition thinks Morales wants to build his own Civil militiamen,imitating Chávez.

Bolivian Catholic Church has accused Morales of reviving a war between poor and rich people after a policeman died in a riot caused by people who, belonging to the Movement of PeopleWithout Roof in Oruro, had invaded a private estate previously fromwhich they were been evicted. Last week a gruop of ayorero Indians, armed with sticks and arrows, evicted from their houses another Indigene community who had begun to install themselves illegally in a estate who belonged to a ex-civil servant near Guarayos. Cardinal Terrazas said the country is coming to a sort of fight between brothers that divides Bolivian people who are killing each other for just a piece of land. But Morales has reinforced his own attacks against the political and economical sectors of the prosperous region of Santa Cruz, who are reinforcing their proposal to obtain autonomy from the rest of the country. He has repeated "We do not want autonomy for the bourgeoisie". So the owners of the real estate are calling for "defense commitees" to protect their propriety from official expropriation.

So, does Bolivia belong to Fidel really as this cartoon says? HT: Babalu Blog. At least, looks like it's going to belong to Venezuela…


UPDATE: Ajopringue has more news about this.

Most of the owners of land who are in the 50 km area are little producers of Brazilian nationality. Bolivian Government is going to deprive them of their land BECAUSE the local legislation is against non-nationals having land there. So the crisis between Brazil and Bolivia can deepen even more after the nationalization of natural resources and Brazil has said that they does not trust La Paz. The Brazilian Government has asked Bolivia to start a billateral commission to analyse each Brazilian proprietor's case.

Sent trackback to Blue Star chronicles.

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At least 31 people are reported to have been killed after Tamil Tiger rebels launched a major attack against Sri Lankan government forces from the sea.The military says six naval personnel had been killed during the assault.
Eight rebel boats had been destroyed, killing at least 25 rebels, it added.The government had been making air and artillery strikes since a claymore mine killed 64 people on a bus on Thursday.The rebels have denied responsibility for the bus attack.
The military said navy and police came under attack from a Sea Tiger unit and responded with air and artillery strikes.”We destroyed eight of the 11 boats that came for the attack,” navy spokesman DLP Dassanayake is quoted as saying by the Associated Press.There was no immediate comment from the rebels on the attack.
Friday saw other violence in the region:

  • An attack on a Mannar church left one person dead and many injured, a bishop told the BBC
  • Three Tamil Tiger divers were reportedly captured after coming ashore, two of them after unsuccessfully trying to commit suicide

Thursday’s bus attack in Anuradhapura – an area with an ethnic Sinhalese majority near rebel territory – was the worst involving civilians since the truce was signed.

A mass funeral took place on Friday for victims.Grieving relatives and villagers all gathered to mourn the dead. The coffins of 11 children were laid out in a row.

BBC NEWS | South Asia


A renegade rebel commander in Sri Lanka has threatened to target Tamil Tiger rebels if his group is prevented from operating in the north and the east. Karuna (photo) was the former eastern commander of the Tamil Tigers and had left the group following serious disagreement with its leadership in 2004.His men haBreakaway Tamil Tiger leader Colonel Karunave claimed to have attacked a number of Tamil Tiger positions.The Tigers accuse the government of arming and protecting Karuna – an allegation both reject.

We are trying to develop a political organisation in the north and east,” Karuna told the BBC in a rare telephone interview from an undisclosed location.”If the LTTE [Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam] is going to prevent us then we are prepared to launch attacks in self-defence,” he said.

BBC NEWS | South Asia | Renegade rebel threatens Tigers

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The illegal Assembly to Promote Civil Society said in a statement that dozens of people have been fasting for different lengths of time in the provinces of Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Guantanamo, Holguin, Havana, Santa Clara and Camaguey.According to the note, the act of fasting is to expres "solidarity with Guillermo Fariñas, and to urge the government to give him an answer and provide him with access to the Internet." Fariñas announced on Jan. 31 that he would abstain from food and drink until the Internet would be made freely accessible to him.

Since March he has been in an intensive care unit of the provincial hospital of Santa Clara, some 280 kilometers (174 miles) east of Havana.

The president of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), Elizardo Sanchez, told EFE that he was continuing to fast in sympathy with the protest of dissident Juan Carlos Herrera, who last month began a hunger strike in solidarity with Fariñas.

Herrera, who is serving a 20-year sentence at a prison in Camaguey province, is one of 75 members of the Cuban opposition convicted in a Spring 2003 crackdown on dissent.

Fariñas, a psychologist and director of the independent agency Cubanacan Press, has been on 20 hunger strikes since 1995, with the longest in 2003 which went on for 14 months. EFE jlp/cd

From EFE (HT: Babalu Blog).

UPDATE: Of course, as La ventanita points out, Human Rights groups wold not say a word about this situation. 

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