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– Since there is another person involved (id est the baby), it is incorrect to talk of abortion as a woman’s rights issue and trumpet legal abortion as an “achievement” such as women’s suffrage.

– Since there is another person involved, it’s incorrect to talk of abortion as something belonging to the right of privacy. (Having a mole removed would be a case of right of privacy)

– Arguing that it’s OK to kill a baby within the first trimester because it’s not very developed early on is ludicrous. The same argument could be made defending killing 2 year olds because they are not as far developed as 10 year olds.

– Arguing that it’s better to kill a baby than give birth to an unwanted child is the ultimate hubris. First of all, thousands of parents are waiting to adopt a baby. Secondly, who made you God? Deciding which life is worth living and which is not is something the Nazis did.

– Imagine if there were a society like NARAL that advocated the killing of 5 year olds. Same difference, 3 months, 5 years, entirely arbitrary. They’d be on death row.

– Calling it a fetus instead of a baby to make one feel better is disingenuous, shameful and indicative of a certain feeling of guilt. Dehumanizing human life in order to make killing less objectionable is exactly what the Nazis did.

The Cafeteria Is Closed:

I would not be able to sum up what I think in a better way.

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I only reproduce a part of it. But just click in the link below and read the rest. It is really marvellous:

In his offices a co-worker has hanging on his wall a print of a famous painting by Rembrandt, depicting the very scene described in today’s gospel.A small boat is being tossed in a sea of surging waves. The disciples are panicked. A couple of them are leaning over the side, throwing up. And Jesus is sound asleep in the back.
This co-worker told me he keeps the picture on his wall as a reminder. “That’s our industry,” he said. “It’s never smooth, and you never know when the next wave is coming. You just have to ride it out.”
Yes, that’s our industry, alright. And that’s life. It’s never smooth sailing. We are always facing squalls and surges, winds and rain. Sometimes, it seems we are on the verge of sinking. And, of course, part of the point behind today’s scripture readings is the importance – the necessity – of trusting in God.
Whether we realize it or not, He is as much a part of the storm as the wind and the waves.

The Anchoress » Holding Fast, and Having Faith

UPDATE: The Anchoress herself has been here commenting this post! I cannot believe it ;). Even if it’s for remarking me she is not the author of the reproduced text, but Greg Kandra. So I update the post for pointing this out.

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The United States sharply warnedNorth Korea against testing a ballistic missile, saying it would take steps to protect itself as speculation mounts about an imminent launch.
“Together, our diplomacy and that of our allies has made clear to NorthKorea that a missile launch would be a provocative act that is not intheir interests and will further isolate them from the world,” said US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack.
“We have a variety of national technical means that we could use to monitor the situation. We, of course, will take necessary preparatory steps to track any potential activities and to protect ourselves,” he told reporters.
North Korea on Friday accused a US reconnaissance plane of intruding over its territorial space to spy on strategic targets, amid jitters over the Stalinist country’s apparent preparations for a missile test.
South Korean and US officials have said that North Korea appears to be preparing to test-launch an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the mainland United States.
On Friday, South Korean officials and analysts said that North Korea had not yet begun fueling a long-range missile on its northeast coast, the final step before a possible launch.
“It will take at least two days to fill the rocket with liquid fuel and if they finish it, we can say they are ready to start the countdown,” Baek Seung-Joo from the government-backed Korean Institute for Defence Analyses told AFP.
Also on Friday, Japan warned North Korea against testing a ballistic missile, saying it would set back efforts to normalize diplomatic relations.
“If a ballistic missile is launched, it would directly affect our nation’s security and constitute a violation of the Pyongyang Declaration,” Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe, the government spokesman, told reporters.

– Yahoo! News

This is not good…

>UPDATE: N.Korea has denied it’s about to test missile.

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The EU is planning to stage a Eurovision-style song contest and organise cake-baking competitions, under a public relations offensive celebrating the 50th birthday of the EU next year.The celebrations are part of Brussels' drive to win the public's sympathy after French and Dutch citizens voted down the EU constitution last year, according to Reuters."We have big plans to make the EU more punter-friendly," one EU official told the agency.
The campaign begins this month with the launch of a competition to find a logo and slogan for the EU's 50th birthday.In 1957, the six founding member states of the EU established its predecessor, the European Economic Community, in the Treaty of Rome.The ultimate choice for the logo and slogan will be left to citizens in a popular vote, according to a document outlining the plans.
One highlight of next year's festivities will be an EU-wide song and dance party, proposed by Belgium, modelled along the Eurovision song contest, which enjoys huge popularity."We want to show the EU can dance," says the document, with live television coverage planned across the union.But new member states in particular are reportedly unhappy with the song and dance contest idea."They feel people are being forced to dance and sing, like they were by the communists," said one EU diplomat according to Reuters.


HT: Instinct de survie.

That is what the EU needs, of course. Another eurovision contest.Are they fool or just stupid? What we need is more investment, more competitivenes AND to clarify what is going to be our future. Not another idiotic Eurovision contest.

But all they are doing is asking for new subsidies. France are Italy are asking for it because of the "crisis distillation":

The stand-off is expected just before Mariann Fischer Boel, the EU’s agriculture commissioner, unveils her ideas for reform of EU wine subsidies. She said last month she would try to push through a “bold reform” to force the European wine sector to reduce capacity and help it regain market share from New World competitors such as Australia and Chile. The controversial system of crisis distillation, which cost the EU €180m ($233m, £123m) last year, will be one of the main reform targets.

A spokeswoman for Ms Fischer Boel said the high distillation demands made by France and Italy “merely reinforce why a radical reform is so important. It is a tool that was meant to be there for crisis but has become a depressingly regular feature of the regime over the last two years”.

Sent to 123 open trackback weekend.

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I opened the newspaper this morning and found Move over, Che: Chávez Is New Icon of Radical Chic. The article (by subscription) starts by saying "Venezuelan Populist Inspires Groups of U. S. Supporters; To Do: 'Boogie for Bolívar'"
To a slice of the American left, Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has become a revolutionary hero, nearly on a par with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro.

Fausta's blog:

Go over to Fausta's blog and read the rest.

So now, are we going to see exhibitions of him also? What a nightmare! What a frightening perspective!…

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Fraudsters are exploiting the flaw to harvest personal details, including PayPal logins, Social Security numbers and credit card details, according to staff at Netcraft Ltd., an Internet services company in Bath, England. The PayPal site, owned by eBay, allows users to make online payments to one another, charged to their credit cards, and login credentials for the service are a prized target of fraudsters.The attack works by tricking PayPal members into following a maliciously crafted link to a secure page on PayPal’s site. Anyone thinking to check the site’s security certificate at this point will see that it is a valid 256-bit certificate belonging to the site, Netcraft employee Paul Mutton wrote in the company’s blog on Friday.

More at: Blue Crab Boulevard

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