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From Solomonia:

Ten Saudi Arabian police armed with wooden clubs raided a private Christian worship meeting in the coastal city of Jeddah on June 9, arresting four East African citizens leading the service.
At press time the two Ethiopian and two Eritrean Christians remained in the city’s deportation jail.
More than 100 Eritreans, Ethiopians and Filipinos were gathered for worship in a home in Jeddah’s Al-Rowaise district at 11 o’clock last Friday morning when a group of Saudi police entered the meeting, wooden clubs in hand.
The startled worshippers brought chairs to seat the policemen, who sat and waited for the three-hour worship service to conclude. None used their clubs or physically mishandled the worshippers…
…But after the June 9 weekly praise and prayer service finished, police arrested four leaders of the group: Ethiopian Christians Mekbeb Telahun and Masai Wendewesen, together with Eritrean Christians Fekre Gebremedhin and Dawit Uqbay.
The four were jailed in the Jeddah Terhil (Deportation) Center, where guards have since permitted an acquaintance to bring them all a change of clothes. Three of the men are married; Wendewesen is single.

Marvellous: Has any NGO said something? I do not think so…
No, Spanish Government has not critisized Saudi Arabia. They are Christians, you know.

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Dan Rather out at CBS

After 44 years, Dan Rather will leave CBS by the end of the month, at the latest, industry sources said Friday. His departure could come as early as next week. Rather, 74, whose contract runs until late November, is working out the final details of his exit agreement, the sources say. Money is not an issue, they say. Among the sticking points: Whether Rather will have access to his archival CBS material.
Anchor of CBS Evening News for a record 24 years until being forced out in March ‘05 by the Memogate scanda, Rather was fighting to stay at the network in some “meaningful” capacity. It was clear that the network wanted him gone.

California Conservative » Rather out at CBS

Yes, I remember it. Spanish TV anchors were enchanted with his news. You see, the Anti-Americanism, teh Anti-Bush campaign and that… It was a pity for them that the news were finally FALSE.

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AS THE Maoist rebels moved closer to Kathmandu, circling the city with a vice-like grip, most residents believed that the first they would see of them would be marching through the streets, waving their weapons as they bore down on the palace to oust the King.Instead, the rebel leader flew out of the jungle on a private helicopter as an honoured guest of the Nepalese Prime Minister for tea and talks.
The man most people know simply as Prachanda — “the Fierce One” — then emerged to announce that within days his rebels would join an interim government that would seek to end a decade-long armed struggle that has killed 13,000 and divided the nation.
This is an historic decision and will move the country in a new direction,” he said yesterday.Unarmed and wearing plain clothes, Maoist guerrilla guards stood outside the Prime Minister’s residence, holding back the crowds that were hoping to catch a glimpse of Prachanda.Until this spring few Nepalese had ever even seen a photograph of the elusive Maoist leader, who slipped into the western jungle and across the border to India more than a decade ago, inspired by the Peruvian Shining Path rebels, to foment a people’s revolution against the god-kings of Kathmandu.Now he has ambitions to be their leader.
As he flew into the city, his royal opponent sat quaking in his palace, stripped of his powers by a popular uprising that Prachanda had not had to lift a finger to organise, wondering whether he would survive the new order promised by the revolutionaries.

Rebel chief flies in from the jungle for tea with the premier – World – Times Online

I do not really know. There has been a long struggle in Nepal (with the rare killing of a lot of the members of the royal family). And a Government with the Maoists… does not make me feel real confident about this country.

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After the deeds of the last days in Spain, this was predictable: two member of non-nationalist party Citizens of Catalonia end in the hospital after been hit by nationalists in a meeting.

A group of Catalan non-nationalists have tried to boycot ta meeting of the recently created party Citizens of Catalonia, that is campaining in favour of No in the referendum of next Sunday and that had suffered some incidents in these last weeks.

The meeting was scheduled for 20.00 in the civic center LA Sedeta of Barcelona. In that moment, there were approx. 60 people, when “some Maulets have tried to enter the place and have hit” some of the people entering the meeting, according to a witness.

“In that moment there were no Policemen and one of the Maulets have hit with a helmet to other man”, but lately they have succeded in closing the enter door. After 21.00 the Citizens have continued their meeting, in which were taking part Francesc de Carreras, Teresa Giménez Barbat y Simy Benarroch.

Two persons are hurt. They are in the Hospital Clínico de Barcelona, one with a light politraumatism, and the other with “skull tramatism but without losing conscience”. Both of them are out of danger.

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