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From FOXNews:

Yahoo Inc. (YHOO), the world’s largest provider of e-mail services, said on Monday that a software virus aimed at Yahoo Mail users had infected “a very small fraction” of its base of more than 200 million accounts.

The e-mail virus, or worm, has been dubbed Yamanner and landed in Yahoo mailboxes bearing the headline “New Graphic Site.”

Once opened, the message infects the computer and spreads to other users listed in Yahoo users’ e-mail address books, security experts said.

The e-mail containing the virus need only be opened – in contrast to most worms that are hidden in attachments and require users to take an additional step – to release the virus, according to computer security site Symantec Corp. (SYMC).

The Sunnyvale, California-based company advised users to update virus and firewall software on their computers and to block any e-mail sent from the address “av3@yahoo.com.”

“We have taken steps to resolve the issue and protect our users from further attacks of this worm,” Yahoo spokeswoman Kelley Podboy said in a statement.

Perfect… So please, do not open this new e-mail!

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After these days writing on politics, I feel I need to write about some other things. As a result I am going to write about Zoundry blog editor.


  • the possibility of inserting links automatically is a very good one. You just copy a link and it appears directly with any need of pasting it into the dialog box.
  • It has huge configuration for tags (including technorati, delicious or livejournal).
  • You can modify the date and time in which you publish the posts.
  • Sending trackbacks is enabled.
  • you can insert both predefined links (for example you can search for Spain in Google Spain, technorati Spain or Yahoo Spain. This is done very easily: you write the word or expression to which you want to search and you press the predefined links button.
  • you can edit past posts -something it did not have in earlier dispatches.
  • pinging several services -technorati or My Yahoo- is very easy.
  • You are reminded of the trackbacks you must send, their excerpt if you want it different, the service pinging and the tags you want to insert in a post.


  • the colours does not work. Even if I modify the HTML. The word “colours” is written in red -I am going to test it again-.
  • there is no justify link.

They are also promoting a Blog This! toolbar for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mozilla, but I have not used it yet. When I use it, I will post about it.

UPDATE: Zoundry has a blog, explaining its characteristics and updates.

And I have installed the toolbar on Firefox. But I have not used it yet.

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The only way he can do it: insulting him and all the Catholics:

The socialist government of Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero will be staging a homosexual conference on the day before the expected arrival of Pope Benedict XVI. The pope is to arrive in Spain July 8-9 to attend the 5th meeting of the World Family Forum in order to explore ways to bolster the integrity of the family, which the pope has said is under assault across the world.A consortium of homosexuals and leftist anti-Catholic groups, with the help of €17,000 from the Employment and Social Affairs ministry, and the University of Valencia, have organized the conference to counter the Family Forum meeting organized by Spanish family supporters and the Vatican.The Archbishop of Valencia condemned the homosexual conference – which will include a public “gay pride” demonstration – as “an offensive provocation” to Pope Benedict and the Church.

The Cafeteria Is Closed: Culture War in Spain

This is after we knew last week the Government had given money to a play called “I shit in G-d” (end of the link).

Zapatero has been insisting in having this meeting with the Pope, after denying he was going to meet him. Why? Because the calculations are that 2 million people are going to take part in the celebrations FROM ALL THE WORLD. And he does not want such a bad publicity. When asked if he were going to take part in the Mass and celebrations, he said “What I would do there?”. He wants to avoid a huge booing and whistling, that’s all.

What would say homosexuals if a Easter Procession was held in their quarters?

I think this is mainly a total lack of respect for other people’s beliefs.

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The visit of PP leader, Mariano Rajoy, and of PPC leader, Josep Piqué, to Granollers have ended in riots, because a hundred aprox. of young independent people have insulted the PP leaders and have obliged them to go protected by police after the event.

Duting it, both Rajoy and Piqué have accused the Secretary of PSC, José Montilla and the President of ICV, Joan Saura, of supporting these acts of boicot to PPC. IF some days ago Rajoy was booed in a market of L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, the visit yesterday to Granollers have been signalled out by the tension, because he had to leave the place in a party’s van as a gruop of young people, some of them were of “okupa” looks, insulted him and throw him some eggs.

When the meeting ended, the independent youngsters who had taken part in the act, have fought with aprox. twenty Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalan autonomous police) in the near-by streets people who afterwards provoked some incidents, have positioned in the doors of the theatre with whistles and pans and have broken a cristal.

When they have seen this youths, who were carrying cartoons with slogans like “For the peace in Euskadi, PP stop”, Rajoy, out of Granollers”, Rajoy and Piqué have entered the place by a side door. Once inside, the two of them have been applauded by the militants, who have shouted in favor of “Spain, Catalonia and PP”.

La visita de Rajoy y Piqué a Granollers acaba con altercados causados por jóvenes independentistas | elmundo.es

Of course, this people are “pacifist” -except if you do not think like them- and democratic -except when you think different from them.

The link also contains a video of the attack.

UPDATE: What Montilla said was that this attacks were just a clamour against PP in Catalonia (the same justification that was given when the PP offices where assaulted and PP militants were slapped and insulted when the anti-Iraqi war campaign. Hispalibertas has an important summary of the events (in Spanish).

The President of PPC, Piqué has critisized the position of PSC -Socialists of Catalonia- Secretary general, Montilla, and have recommended him to condemn and not to justify these attacks. MPs from ERC (Leftist Republicans of Catalonia) have said the position of PP has costed “a very low price in Catalonia“. Joan Tardá has continued saying that, even if it’s nothing personal, Rajoy summarises all the things that are repudiated by the good people of Catalonia” (ehem, I do not see those guys who slap and insult as the “good people”…). Artur Mas, from CIU, added that these acts have “a very relative importance“. Durán I Lleida told Onda Cero Radio that those acts cannot be the reason to consider Catalonia as an “intolerant region or that do not accept democracy or freedom”.We have to remember that Arcadi Espada, the speaker from the new-born party, Ciutadans de Catalunya, was also slapped because of his opposition to the Catalonian Statute.

We have also known today that the Catalonian Generalitat (Autonomus Community) is fining shops with 1.800 euros if their tickets are written in Spanish .IF they do not comply with it, in two months they fine the firm or shop. In total, the Catalonian Community has earned since Dec. 2003, 212.450 euros.

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Spanish Interior Ministry is paying around 300 euros to inmigrants when they are outed from Spain to Africa to prevent them from rioting when they are landed in their country of origin, according to El MUNDO’s police sources.That ws what happened in the flight to fly thtm to Guinea-Bissau that took place last Friday, in which 33 citizens were outed.

The policemen who went with them in the flight only were paid 120 euros for this service, less than half that was given to the illegal inmigrants, as denounces the Spanish Police Confederation (CEP) in Canary Islands.

The flight, with 33 citizens of Guinea-Bissau, 26 coming from Las Palmas and another 7 from Málaga, was early an odyssey. The agents found the airport shut, had to make a stop in Senegal and, after heavy negotiations, they succeeded and the authorities opened the airport to land the illegal inmigrants.

When they landed, each inmigrant was given 300 euros. Normally in these flights, inmigrants are not told about their destination and are lied telling them they are going to be flown to another Spanish city. To diminish their deception, Police give the inmigrants normally quantities between 100 and 300 euros.

Interior paga 300 euros a los subsaharianos que expulsa para evitar disturbios a su llegada | elmundo.es

The Government is carrying the inmigrants from Canary Islands, mostly to cities who voted for Popular Party in last elections mostly. Numbers are:

  • Madrid, 3.527 subsaharans.
  • Andalucía :Algeciras, 120; Málaga, 880
  • Catalonia 350
  • Murcia (282) y
  • Comunidad Valenciana (241)

Except Algeciras and Catalonia, the rest of Autonomous Communities and cities are ruled by Popular Party.

We have to take into account Canary Islands have received in six months more than 7.500 illegal inmigrants, 2.700 more than last year in full.

State Secretary of Inmigration Consuelo Rumí denied that there has been 3.527 inmigrants flown to Madrid and said this number refers to foreginers who have being flown by Madrid to another destination. But she failed to answer whn asked about their destination or the number of inmigrants which have being flown to other cities.

Submitted to Planck’s Constant Open Trackback Alliance and to White House Press Secretary Don Surber Midweek Open Trackbacks.

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