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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced on Sunday that he will visit Iran and North Korea, two nations at odds with Washington over nuclear development, at a time when Chavez is seeking to distance Venezuela from the United States.Chavez, who has promised a socialist revolution to end poverty in the world’s fifth-largest oil exporter, has drawn fire from the State Department for building alliances with U.S. foes like Cuba and Iran.”
We will soon be in North Korea, we will soon be in Tehran, deepening our … strategic alliances,” Chavez said during his weekly Sunday broadcast.He said the tour will also include stops in China and Russia, where Venezuela will sign military cooperation agreements with the Russian government, following U.S. moves to block Chavez’s arms purchases from other countries.He did not provide dates for the trip, which he said will include a stop in “North Vietnam.”
The State Department last month added Venezuela to a list of nations not cooperating in the fight on terrorism and has repeatedly accused Chavez of supporting leftist guerrillas in neighboring Colombia, though there has been no clear evidence to support this claim.The U.S. government in January blocked sales of Spanish military planes and ships to Venezuela by refusing Spain an export license for the U.S. technology used in the vessels.Chavez has aggressively supported Iran’s efforts to develop nuclear technology, and has helped undermine the U.S. embargo of Cuba by increasing trade and providing oil on favorable terms.

Top News Article | Reuters.com

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The Ertzaintza Agents are going to treat Batasuna as a mere "security" threat not a "terrorist threat.

The agents from Ertzaintza, the Autonomous police from Basque country, have received and order from their director, Jon Uriarte, to treat from now on, the illegalised Batasuna as a mere question of security.

According to this new order, the demonstrations from Batasuna will only lead to a report due to administrative sanction, in fulfillment of the Citizen's Security Act. As a result, these acts will continue to be taking place if they do not threat the physic integrity of the people or of the goods, reports Europa Press.

The line underlined by the National Court Judge, Fernando Grande Marlaska, is broken: he had dictated an order, this Jan, to forbid any of these demonstrations which were considered as criminal acts.

This order was issued as a result of the demonstrations of last June 2nd, which had as slogan "No to political repression, now for the democratic path", and in it, it's explained that it's done in prevision of future communications or to underline how they should be understood.

In the order, it's forbidden to use slogans which refer directly to organizations, institutions or people which belong to them or represent them and pose a threat or intimidation for them. It also won't be allowed to refer to any "terrorist organizations as praise, nor to join the demonstration with signs or texts from organizations declared illegal".

La Razon | Digital

Moraleda, State Secretary of Communications, said yesterday, "The Government should be supported by PP in its negotiation with the terrorists". So Acebes has answered that they are not supporting this negotiation and in the case they won the next elections, they will not be fulfilling whatever the Agreement is. He added PP will use all the resources of the law to defend the State of Law and to forbid them have any negotiation with the terrorists.

But the most worrying news is that looks like an Antiterrorism operation has NOT being thwarted in France thanks to some tips from Spain (HT:Ajopringue) .

The special Antiterrorist Judge, Le Vert, prepared, in cooperation with French police, 48 hours before the strike, an operative directed to the detention and dismanteling of ETA direction. But, when the agents build the operative, no one arrived.

The judge, who had informed the Spanish authorities, knew afterwards that there had been a from Spain, and that ETA chiefs had received a message telling them not to go to the pre-arranged meeting.

The informations […] add that the indignation of Le Vert was so great that the Spanish Interior Secretary, had to maintain a personal conversation to calm her down, something he fulfilled with a lot of difficulties.

The Government has denied the truth of this information. Also, today the Spanish newspaper La Gaceta de los Negocios has reported that the first step in the negotiation Zapatero-ETA will be the transfer from France of the aprox. 500 ETA prisoners held there, to Spanish prisons. Afterwards, the Spanish authorities would adopt with them the same measures they are going to adopt in Spanish prisons. This agreement was nearly closed, but the break-up with PP could have been delayed till the end of this year.

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Original image

Nunca mais = Never more.

Original image

Who is negotiating in the name of the victims?

Original image

I do not forget nor forgive.

Original image

Panoramic view of Recoletos

Original image

other panoramic view of Recoletos

Original image

Spanish journalist Isabel San Sebastián, who presented the people who make the speeches.

Original image

Original image

Is this going to be seen on bitch TV?

This is for the international community (Monclovitas is the Anti-ZP community).

Astarloa, PP Secretary for Public Freedoms, Security and Justice said that Zapatero was unilaterally acting in anti-terrorism matters and had broken the working methodology of the democrats. He also asked Zapatero not to remain deaf to what the victims were asking him and to return to the principles with which ETA was surrounded, referring himself to the transparency, the respect for the law, and the consideration of the terrorism victims as tha base of the process.

José Blanco, Secretary of Organisation of PSOE has accused PP of not wanting the peace. The reason is that they went to Iraq to fight an unjust war and now do not want to have peace with ETA. The slogan is "PP wanted the war and now they do not want peace".

Suso de Toro, a Galician writer very much admired by Zapatero, comments that Madrid has converted into a far-right citadel. The culprit? Let me guess…. PP. Etimologías and Fernando Díaz Villanueva also comment about this.

The Terrorism Victims Association's President has also stated that they will make as many demosntrations as are necessary to stop the peace process.

Sources: El MUNDO, Libertad digital, La Razón,

Zetapolleces has a video of the demonstration. It quotes the Prophet Isaias who said: "the effect of justice will be peace".(Is, 9, 7).

See also Photos of the demonstration (UPDATED).

UPDATE: More bloggers treating this: Etimologías, Diarios de las Estrellas, Batiburrillo,

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'Etat major de l'aviation nord-coréenne a menacé dimanche de "punir" les Etats-Unis accusés d'avoir mené des vols d'espionnage sur son territoire, selon l'agence officielle nord-coréenne KCNA."L'aviation (nord-coréenne) lance un avertissement sérieux aux impérialistes américains qu'elle punira sévèrement les agresseurs si leurs avions continuent leurs incursions illégales dans notre espace aérien… pour des missions d'espionnage", indique le communiqué.

Le Monde.fr : La Corée du Nord menace de "punir" les Etats-Unis accusés d'espionnage

"North Korean Air Force announce seriously to the US imperialists that she will punish severely the aggresors if their planes continue to make illegal raids into our air space… for spy missions".

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UPDATE: China, North Korea Ink Oil Deal, Discuss Nukes (HT: Cina e dintorni).

After China is drilling oil with Cuban permission near the US coast of Florida, now is going to have a partnership with North Korea. This is not good…


An overseas-based RC-135 plane flew above waters claimed by the North on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to spy on strategic targets, the North's official Korean Central News Agency quoted the country's air force command as saying in a report.

It called the flights "a wanton infringement" of North Korea's sovereignty and a violation of international law.

"The reality goes to clearly show how frantically the U.S. imperialist warmongers are working to ignite a war of aggression, openly crying out for a pre-emptive attack" on North Korea, the report said.

The North routinely accuses the U.S. of conducting spy flights. The U.S. military doesn't comment, although it acknowledges monitoring North
Korean military activity.

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Rebels from the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc) have declared war on the smaller guerrilla group, the National Liberation Army (ELN).A statement posted on the Farc’s website accuses the ELN of “attacks that we only expected from the enemy”.The flashpoint is in the province of Arauca, near the Venezuelan border, where the Farc have been trying to take over ELN sources of income.
Analysts say the conflict is likely to play into the hands of the government.The BBC’s Jeremy McDermott in Bogota says that although the Farc are supposedly allied with the ELN, in practice the groups have never worked closely together.

BBC NEWS | Americas | Colombian rebels turn on allies

Venezuela, why is that I am not surprise that the problems are near the Venezuelan frontier? I think Uribe is going to have more tough time with his neighbour.

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At least one soldier has been killed and three civilians wounded in a mine explosion in northern Sri Lanka, the police says.The mine attack targeted a group of soldiers on foot patrol near the town of Vavuniya early on Monday, police official Gamini Silva said.
A bus carrying civilians was also hit by the blast, hurting three passengers.Police said the attack was similar to ones carried out by separatist Tamil Tiger rebels.The rebels have not commented on the incident.There have been a series of mine attacks in Sri Lanka in recent weeks.Last week, at least 10 Tamils were killed in a mine explosion in the rebel-held territory near the town of Batticaloa in eastern Sri Lanka.

BBC NEWS | South Asia |

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An international dispute over a wireless computing standard took a bitter turn this past week with the Chinese delegation walking out of a global meeting to discuss the technology.
The delegation's walkout from Wednesday's opening of a two-day meeting in the Czech Republic escalated an already rancorous struggle by China to gain international acceptance for its homegrown encryption technology known as WAPI. It follows Chinese accusations that a U.S.-based standards body used underhanded tactics to prevent global approval of WAPI.
"In this extremely unfair atmosphere, it is meaningless for the Chinese delegation to continue attending the meeting," the Standardization Administration of China delegation said in a statement carried by the official Xinhua News Agency.
The U.S.-based group, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, denies any impropriety and says China isn't playing by the established rules.At stake is a leg-up in technology research and billions of dollars in licensing fees and component sales for laptops, mobile phones, handheld computers and other wireless devices that connect to wireless networks around the world, including hotels, coffee shops and universities.
These gadgets run on networks based on the IEEE's 802.11 standards. The original standards, however, have security holes that allow digital snoops to steal data from those who are logged on to the networks.
Members of the IEEE, an open international professional organization, and a Chinese government-backed group of engineers with military backgrounds, have developed competing technologies to plug the security holes: for China, WAPI, for the IEEE, 802.11i.
China had earlier tried to compel Intel and other tech companies to adopt its WAPI standard domestically, leading to a showdown with Washington that ended with Beijing backing down last year.But the push for the Chinese standard persisted and Beijing decided to follow Washington's advice and put the Chinese standard before the International Organization for Standardization, or ISO, a world body made up of representatives from national standardization groups.

ABC News: China Walks Out of Encryption Meeting


human rights organisation Amnesty International has accused China of
being of the world's most secretive and irresponsible arms exporters.In
a report, it says Chinese weapons have helped to fuel conflicts such as
those in Sudan, Nepal and Burma.
Amnesty is urging China to publish information on its arms exports. The authorities in Beijing have long insisted that they have strict safeguards in place to prevent any unethical arms sales. Amnesty International challenges this idea in the report. "China describes its approach to arms export licensing as'cautious and responsible', yet the reality couldn't be further from the truth," the author's report, Helen Hughes, said in a statement. China is the only major arms exporting power that has not signed up to any multilateral agreements with criteria to prevent arms exports likely to be used for serious human rights violations," she added.The report alleges that Beijing shipped
200 Chinese military trucks to Sudan and supplying the ruling junta in Burma with weapons.

BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | China arms sales 'fuel conflicts'

This is not a major surprise, is it? As I posted in Chinese new arsenal, Chinese interests in Sudan has been enormous and in this case they have been helped by Russia to block the Human Rights of the Sudanese.

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