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This was the panoramic view of the demonstration:

elmundo.es – Fotografía – Concentración de la AVT en Madrid

[foto de la noticia]

"Why do you hate Spain, Zapatero?"

"Spain does not deserve a ZP Government"

WE want all the truth of March 11th now!"

We want all the truth about your agreement with ETA.

[foto de la noticia]

Genova St. panoramic view

[foto de la noticia]

"The terrorist and the president… both of them laugh. All tyrans hugged as brothers. There you have them".

[foto de la noticia]

Miguel Angle Blanco's sister during her speech. This lady below carries the portrait of M. A. Blanco, PP councilman in Ermua, a village in the Basque Country, whose kidnapping and murder -hancuffed, with a shot in the back of the head- raised a claim in Spain -and the rest of the world- to make ETA give up the weapons. Of course, this thing did not happen.

Protesters in Madrid on Saturday

[foto de la noticia]

An assistant wears a T-shirt with a portrait which mixes Osama bin Laden and Mr. Zapatero and has written in it: "No to war", in reference to the position of Zapatero about Iraqi war.

Protesters in Madrid on SaturdayLa droite espagnole a manifesté massivement samedi 10 juin à Madrid son opposition au processus de paix lancé au Pays basque. | AFP/PEDRO ARMESTRE

Two of the speeches were very important from my point of view:

Javier Gismero, a retired Army officer, hurt in the March 11th attacks, nearly deaf as a result, unable to continue his job and released from the service, who asked for an investigation of the attacks. He recalled the attacks and how the bad instructed summary was not letting all the victims of the attacks to go on their lives, as they do not know who were the culprits.

Teresa Giménez Becerril, the sister of Alberto Giménez Becerril, PP councilman killed by ETA, and his wife. In her speech, after claiming no one was going to silence her, said that her mother had taken care of the 3 sons of his brother, who were 9, 7 and 3 when the murder and shouted afterwards "Eta has not triumphed over my mother!". She also said: "Zapatero, explain those children why you are satisfying their parents' murderers!" and reminded about the three flowers, stained with the blood of her brother and sister-in-law, which were found below their dead bodies, comparing them with the flowers, some leftist artists have given people to reclaim the peace with ETA.

Alcaraz, the President of Terrorism Victims's Association, also gave a magnificent sppech, in which he expressed his gratitude (and of all the rest) with the Army and Police members for having done thier jobs, without complaining and with so many difficulties and deaths between them. He was very applauded during his speech, specially when he said "Not in my name, NOOOOOO!" This "NO" was like a hummer, who was echoed by a lot of the people who were in my surroundings. He also asked "What information ETA has that we, Spanish people, do not know, Mr Zapatero?". He was then ovationed. But the applause was even more important when he said "Zapatero has wasted more efforts in pursuing the AVT than in pursuing the terrorists".

We have to thank, ironically speaking, to the police helicopter, who was all the afternoon flying over our heads, with a monstrous noise, the lack of good sound we received.

The more shouted slogans were "Zapatero, resignation", "Zapatero, you're a liar", "Eta, murderers" and "We Want to know", in reference to the March 11th attacks.

Zapatero only said:

"The great majority of Spaniards know what it means tosubmit to the pain and horrors we have experienced and at what point itis worth making peace," he said.

Yes, we DO want peace, but not at ANY price, Mr Zapatero. You fled Iraq in one of the most unloyal and coward moves I have seen not only in Spanish history but in that of all the world, because "the Iraqi war was the cause of the attacks", when we know now that the attacks'preparation were at least began in August 2001, when even September 11 was not done. Now you are giving up with ETA. Do you know that the Canadian would-be terrorists wanted Canada to go from Afghanistan? Are you also going to run from there, making Spain -for twice- the fun of the world? -NOTE: I am not saying that he is actually going to do it, but that it would be the logical trend-.

Of course, he is now "regretting" that PP only insults him, and never has supported him. Look here, the political parties in a democracy do not have to support the other parties, but must be supporting their ideas and that of the citizens who have voted them. Or must we remind him about the dozens of demosntration in which people stole jams from the shops defending "pacifism" and against Iraqi war? Was that support for Aznar?

EL MUNDO, Libertad Digital.com, ABC.es, La Razon.es,El Pais.es (of course, leftist paper in favour of ETA dialogue…), Hispalibertas, Telemadrid,(it has a video of the demonstration), Tipically Spanish,

International media: BBC, Le Monde, Le Figaro,ABC News Online, Milenio,

Bloggers treating this issue: Miguel Barrachina, Crisis Hoy, Es la libertad de expresión, idiotas, Paraíso perdido, No hay ZP que cien años dure, Es por Madrid, Martha Colmenares, Un patio de locos, Prevost, Liberales irredentos, Maggie (has more photos of the demonstration), En Defensa de Occidente,

UPDATE: A commentor over at Un patio de locos writes this from sir Winston Churchill:
You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.

That's right…

Cadena Ser from EL PAIS group -leftist MSM-, made a poll the other day in which they asked: Do you think the position of Rajoy about the future interview between Batasuna and Zapatero is justified? This is the result:


Yes 83%. It has been a rushed action, but understandable: 2% Exaggerated 14%.

UPDATE: I have remembered that in a moment of the demonstration -I do not know which of the speakers- said Vice-President De La Vega had told the journalists she did not understood what the demonstration was for, as the terrorism has dissappeared from Spain. All the crowd booed and whistled.

UPDATE: I have posted more photos and recent statements here.

Thanks for all the people who has linked the story: Stephania (also in Publius Pundit), Gateway Pundit, The American Thinker, The Astute Blogger, Sonitus.org and some Internet forums which have linked here. It is very necessary for us that these facts are known abroad.

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