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Blogging probably will be light as these days I have a lot of things to do. I will post somethings though about the Satursay demonstration. You can see this video I have found here :

The cartoon of the demonstration, which is not only about the negotiation (Negotiation, not in my name), but also about the March 11 bombings, whose authors are not very clear, after false proofs and a very disastrous summary -the judge has bad health and the General Council of the Judicial Power is now studying if they are going to suspend him from the judicial career-. So the cartoon also runs "We want to know the truth!" -I will write something about this when I have some time in the future-.

Last news about the "peace process" are that Rajoy has broken all relations with the Government in Anti-terrorism matters, yesterday in Spanish Congress. He also reminded that ETA has not asked for forgiveness and that it's hoping for political gainings as a result of the so-called "Peace process", like the "self-determination, the Navarra's annexation, the amnesty for all the convicts, and before that, the suspension of the Antiterrorist Agreement, of the policial activity, of the functions of the National Court -the maximum Court dealing with terrorism- and the inmediate transfer of all the convicts to the Basque Country". " I have maintained my support even when I have been very critisized for that, because I thought I was serving to a superior principle, the possibility of ETA giving up their weapons. We were promised a communication. But we have got nothing. But without any changes, without ETA giving up the weapons, we know, just because we are not deaf, that the Socialist Party, fulfilling acquired compromises, is going to begin its conversations with Batasuna".

This is the cartoon published by Gara, the Batasuna's newspaper today:

In it, the rose who symbolises PSOE -with a hand in it-, is surrounded by a snake that is the symbol of ETA. No more comments are needed.

Gotzone Mora, a Socialist who lives in Basque Country and is against the process, shouts at the Congress, "In the name of who are you doing this? I am also a Socialist!" and has to leave the Congress. So all the people who was with her at the stalls, also leaves them, showing their hands, and with a long ovationby PP MPs, who rose and applauded them.

Europe critisizes Zapatero for dialoging with ETA without giving up their weapons and consider illegal their dialogue. The EU wants Zapatero to be coherent and to apply the same politics that are applied to Hamas.

The IRA's victims association, FAIR, are one of the groups which are supporting the demonstration. William Frazer, FAIR's director, has also stated that "in Northern Ireland the situation is that the terrorists have not given up violence, just the same that now ETA is doing in Basque Country. Spanish people have to prepare themselves to see this people enter the Government, because that is what they want". Their page is here. [By the way, one of the things that has struck me of their website is the similarity with Spanish pocess -even if the conflict causes are very different- and that they are running out of funds, while Blair is pressing Bush to lift a fundraising ban on IRA. This is shameful. How on earth can he do that? Is Bush more worried about the average British than the British Government?]

This is the full list of Associations that are supporting the demonstration.

Other anti-terrorist measures are:

-The police has interrupted an act of Batasuna in which they were going to speak about Navarra's annexation.

-In France, Justice is prosecuting ETA terrorists Merodio (left) and Gil de Vicente for belonging to a criminal gang.

Other news from Spain include:

Another 226 inmigrants have arrived to Canary Islands.

4.000 dosis of cocaine have been aprehended in Cordoba.

Ciutadans de Catalunya, a leftist Catalan party, who defends Spanish unity, probably will denounce the agression which made against one of their leaders, Arcadi Espada, by a "gruop of menacing Catalan nationalists. They are also studying if they are going to denounce the Autonomous Catalan Police, the Mossos d'Esquadra, because they did nothing to prevent them for attacking him. They also called him "pintoresque" insults like "immigrants or intelectuals" and other less pintoresque like "son of bitch" or "fascists".

Spain is one of the countries which aided CIA in the "rendition planes", according to a study of EU Council. Poland and Romania have rejected the claims by now. Fausta wrote about this topic here.
Gibraltar announces in UN a referendum to the "right of selfdetermination".

-The Government is funding with Public Funds, the act "I shit in G-d", in Lisbon (Portugal) but Mr Zapatero insists in having a meeting with the Pope, who arrives in July for the International Day of the Family.

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Ask’s new search Engine

From Search Engine Watch:

Ask’s new blog and feed search offers a high-quality alternative for finding information in the blogosphere, with a number of unique tools not found on competing services.

Although Ask acquired the popular Bloglines feed reader and blog search site in February 2005, it has run Bloglines as a separate service. Today, the company is rolling out a new blog and feed search capability on both Ask.com and Bloglines.com that combines some of the best features of both services.

“It’s almost like an eBay for information,” said Daniel Read, Vice President, Product Management, Ask.com.

The new blog & feed search shows up as a new menu item on Ask’s search toolbox on the right side of the home page, as a “search” tab on the top of the Bloglines search interface.


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