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Bush made me do it. Ehh, well, not literally, but let me explain.

I am a 42-year-old happily married mother of two elementary-schoolers. My husband and I both work, and like many couples, we're starved for time together. One Thursday evening this past March, we managed to snag some rare couple time and, in a sudden rush of passion, I failed to insert my diaphragm.

Bush was there and has hidden her diafragm, surely. Look here, you Mrs, Bush can be wrong sometimes, but I am sure he is not meddling in the sex life of the average US citizen!

We have to ask her where she got the degree, not to let anyone go there… It must be a very bad University for letting, someone like that, to have a degree!

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Note: Have changed the title, because the stupid thing is to justify an abortion, not having it.

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More on Spanish immigration

The situation of Spanish imnmigration is each day worsening. Acording to the numbers given by the State Secretary of Inmigration:

At May 2nd 2006 691.655 appliances were received for obtaining a legal documentation, of which we have resolved favourably 577.049. As at the beginning of this process, Febrary 7th 2005, the census indicated that in Spain there were circa 1.350.000 illegal foreigners, the quantity of illegals now is near 770.000. We would have to add the illegals which are not even shown in the census, that, according with NGO's are between 100.000 and 150.000 people.

According to the National Statistics Institute, from January to March, all of the jobs that Spanish Economy generated were for immigrants.

For me this is partly good: if they work, they are contributing to Spanish economy and are not driven to crime. Of course, the problem is that, if only the immigrants are given jobs, is it because Spanish people are not prepared enough? Or is it because the quality of employment has lowered recently?

But Spain is losing international market share since 2000. So how much time this situation will be sustainable?

Of course, nobody can speak about the relation beteween the lack of legal employment among the illegals and crime. If you do, you are just considered a racist, even if the 73% of all the criminals who were imprisoned during 2005 were foreigners and the number of foreigners in prison have grown a 126%. "All the penitentiary institutions have doubled or even tripled their ocupation and there is only 1 civil servant for each 150 imprisoned", says José Ramón López, the president of ACAIP, the first union of prison's civil servants.

Zapatero said in the Debate of the State of the Nation about inmigration that:

is a very recent phenomenon that is viewed in Spain with a high intensity. Spain has been a country of emigrants, That is why we know it. And we have to offer the same treatement as we were given when we were out of our frontiers.

What is stricking of this is that Spanish who went to work in Germany in the 60's were made a very exhaustive medical exam and, if they had even the least medical defect (bad teeth, for example) they were rejected, even having a job contract signed.

Even the left-biased BBC writes:

Police on the border between France and Spain have taken in hundreds of illegal immigrants for questioning as they try to take advantage of a Spanish amnesty.

The amnesty allowing illegal immigrants working in Spain to obtain permanent resident status was launched on 7 February and runs until 7 May.

It only applies to illegal immigrants who have lived in Spain since last August and hold a work contract there.

But it has encouraged young men to try to enter Spain from further afield.

French border police say most of those detained are from Pakistan and India.

Illegal immigrants are arriving from Paris, Germany and even Italy in the hope of obtaining Spanish residence permits so they can remain in Europe.

The Government of course, is denying any calling effect because of these policies. And public opinion is worried about Canary Island illegals but not about the people who are crossing Spanish-French border.

Zapatero also denied (May 24th) that there were problems of space in the inmigrant's refuges and he invited all people "to come there and see it for yourself". But the police said just the contrary, stating that for example, in the police station of Playa America in the south of Tenerife, there has been 800 immigrants sheltered. They also declared that the "subsaharians do not give very much problems as they know they are not going to be returned to their countries. But people form Maghreb, who can be, normally intend to escape".

But the problem is very far from finished. The Government sent FM Exterior Secretary Bernardino León to negotiate with several African countries about the inmigrants that have been arriving in Canary Islands There was an agreement to send back the illegal inmigrants to their homecountries.


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