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These last days, we have been living here the “Debate on the State of the Nation”, although no one has told us which Nation they are referring to. One of the things everyone was very anxious to see is what does Zapatero wants to do about ETA. But nothing was spoken about it in the 1st day of the Debate.

Of course, the second day it was considered, but just because the PP had no possibility of contradicting and critisize the Zapatero Administration.

ETA terrorists have been appearing in TV in an Ossama bin Laden style. But the PM said he wanted, nevertheless, to begin talks with them.

He said: “Just as I announced, next month I will communicate to the political forces the start of the process of dialogue to achieve the end of violence with Eta.”

BBC is biased as ever: they titled a special about ETA “The end of an era”. That is curious: there is no end, really. There are a lot of people, ETA victims, which are there, suffering the pain of having lost parents, wifes, husbands, sons, daughters, etc. Or being themselves severely wounded.

With ETA terrorists happens just the same as with Islamic terrorists. If I criticize the terrorists, I am only critisizing people who are using terror and force to achieve political gains. But there are people who are confounding both the Islamic terrorists with all Muslims and Eta terrorists with all Basques, just as Barcepundit says here.

Of course, ETA victims have been organising peaceful demonstrations to show their reject to Zapatero’s program. This photo is from the one of June 4th 2005:

Anyway the Government has made everything posisble to diminish the importance of these protests. Here you can read what one of the victims’ association thoght about Zapatero in May 3rd 2005, just three months before this demonstration.

Another photo from Times On Line:


In this stage Rajoy asked in Parliament: are you going to negotiate the autodetermination right with Basque Country? And Zapatero said: No, what happens? don’t you listen to the PM? See this video:

(video in Spanish). Found here.

So, now the President of PSE (Basque Socialists) Patxi López, has said they are going to have talks with Batasuna, the political wing of the terrorist organization. Then José Blanco, the Secretary of Organization from PSOE, also said they were supporting that, but only “if Batasuna respects the law”. Well, it’s curious but the Antiterrorist Agreement between PSOE and PP, and the subsequent Political Parties Law, said political parties who were interested in violence or defended it were going to be illegalised. This is the case of Batasuna, which has not condemned any of the terrorist attacks ETA has made along these years. Zapatero has also added he will negotiate even if there is no peace, even if ETA is not for an end of violence. What people here believe is that they are going to be legalised again without any consideration to those Agreement and Law. PP has just said that any possible meeting will be illegal.


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