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Uribe won the elections in Colombia last Sunday with a 62.2 per cent of all the votes. Those are good news, taking into account the consequences of elections in other parts of Latin-America.

But looks like there are also bad news from Colombia: from HazteOir.org:

La Corte Constitucional de Colombia ha determinado que “no se incurre en delito de aborto, cuando con la voluntad de la mujer, la interrupción del embarazo se produzca en los siguientes casos : a) Cuando la continuación del embarazo constituya peligro para la vida o la salud de la mujer, certificado por un médico; b) cuando exista grave malformación del feto que haga inviable su vida, certificada por un médico; c) cuando el embarazo sea resultado de una conducta, debidamente denunciada, constitutiva de acceso carnal o acto sexual sin consentimiento, abusivo, o de inseminación artificial o de transferencia de óvulo fecundado no consentidas, o de incesto”.

So the Colombian Constitutional Court has determined that “it is not abortion and therefore not a crime when with the woman’s consentment, the pregnancy interruption is produced in any of these cases: a) when the continuation of the pregnancy is a danger for the mother’s life or health, certificated by a doctor; b) when there is a grave malforming of the foetus that makes makes him/her impossible to die; c) when the pregnancy is the result of a conduct that rightly denounced, constitutes the result of a sexual act without consentment, abusive, or of artificial insemination or fertilized ovule with no consentment or derived from incest.

Those are the same -nearly a copy- of the 3 causes for abortion we have in Spain (link in Spanish). -And, unluckily, we are the country in which abortions grow quicker -.

Hazteoir.org brings everyone the possibility to sign a petition who will be sent to UN, Human Pro-Life International, and several Latin-American and European pro-life associations that are fighting for this cause. If you read this and you are a pro-lifer, please sign the petition, it’s free and it’s written in English and in Spanish.

This cames after the UN has declared they are supporters of abortion for Latin-America (link in Spanish).

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Blogging is a very curious experience. When I began blogging a long time ago, I confess I never thought I was going to have so many readers. Yes, this blog is not a very good example, but if you sum up, the visits from all my blogs (Las Noticias de Eurabia, Eurabian News, Eurabian News II, The Anti-Jihad Pundit and the last Anti-Jihad Pundit -the only one in which I really write lately-), you can see that in less than a year we (my companions at EN are also included) have been quite prolific.

There are sometimes in which blogging has been very good both to read different point of views and also to get to some conclusions about the subjects in which I have been reading and writing.

In Spain, though the right-wing blogosphere is somewhat developed, I cannot say that we have had so much importance as in US. Internet is not used in such proportions, although I really think the number of Internet reading and users is growing.

Anyway, whatever our importance is -at least, some are very important- we are not journalists. That is why I was so surprised when I read so much controversy about some news which were very shocking: the Iranian Dress Code. The news were that Iran was going to impose Badges on Non-Muslim people and it resulted in a hoax. As a result the Canadian National Post, the paper which published it, suffered severe critics.


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