So now it’s not only Spain who does not see reality, but also Germany. From the Transatlantic Intelligencer: declarations of Foreign Minister Steinmeier:


[…] Beyond the question whether these are more on the Left or more on the Right, what is decisive for us is that the governments come into being through free and democratic elections, that government policy is democratic and consistent with the rule of law, and, in particular, that human rights are respected. Considered with a certain detachment, we have also to note: nowhere in Latin America today are the results of elections called into question by the military or through the pressure of the street. In this sense, really decisive progress in the democratic consolidation of Latin America has been achieved.

As previously discussed here on Trans-Int, two successive Bolivian Presidents, prior to the election of Evo Morales, were driven from office precisely by the pressure of the street. Foreign Minister Steinmeier can hardly be unaware of this. As likewise discussed in the same article, Morales himself came to power by “quasi-legal” means: i.e. with the continuing menace of “the street” playing an obvious and decisive role.